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Sale Drop-Point Knife Special
A Sturdy, Very Handy, Small Personal Pocket Knife
07A01.77 Drop-Point Knife Special

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Most small knives have a "delicate" quality about them. This one is anything but. Although small (easy to always have with you) with a 2-1/8" single blade, it's aluminum body makes it light and the liner-lock blade control is simple. And the wider body (for its length) means that the blade can be unusually wide too - making it exceptionally sturdy. We love it. We are very confident you will too. It has the Garrett Wade logo on the side.

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Overall Rating
  • Drop point knife

    David, 8/9/2020 Liked everything about it except blade needed sharpening.
  • Razor Sharp Drop Point Knife

    Doug Brookins, 1/21/2020 Razor Sharp and right applicable for my modeling work. Although small in stature a perfect weight in the hand for cutting away excess wood in the modeling process. Recommend highly for any hobbyist whose canvas and brush artistry is in wood. Grrrrreat..! As Tony (Voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft) the Tiger used to say.
  • Impressive little blade

    Bob , 9/30/2019 WOW! Got this little gem as a free bonus! Impressive construction and function. Sharp blade and solid feel. Thanks Garrett Wade!
  • Perfect

    Carter, 6/22/2019 A great small knife to carry. Solid construction, perfect weight, excellent grind on the blade, good steel. Just put a drop of oil on the joint and it is as smooth as all
    my full sized flippers.
  • Quality Knife

    Barbara Alcorn, 6/21/2019 Great quality, handy knife. The size is perfect for a purse as well as a pocket.
  • Nice Little Knife

    Robert E. Bosso, 6/20/2019 I was a little skeptical because a lot of these knives are cheap and not durable. Not this one. Well put together, excellent blade and sold mechanism to insure it won't accidentally close.
  • Solid & Sharp

    Glenn, 6/20/2019 Quality feels like it was built 100 years ago, which is top notch. More solid than a rock because you can break a rock. Sharp as a razor. Solid, crisp, clean locking action. I will be buying more products from Garret Wade after this.

  • Great Service

    DAN LIPSCOMB, 6/16/2019 Great knife and should be very durable for any type of use.
  • Handy, sturdy, and sharp

    Jasmine, 6/9/2019 Handy knife. I used to carry a Gerber. Now this is the only knife carry in my pocket. Solid body sharp edge. Last pocket knife you will ever need.
  • Handy little knife

    John Messmer, 6/4/2019 A cute little knife. Action was stiff on arrival but a quarter turn on the screw fixed that. A bit thick but seems sturdy. Good for lots of every day jobs.
  • Great little knife

    HARRY TOMPKIN, 6/3/2019 Handy little knife. Great for boxes and trimming wood slots.
  • Nice Little Knife, I like it.

    William Bischoff, 6/1/2019 Nice little knife. It is well made and seems quite strong. I think I will buy some as gifts, even gifts for granddaughters.
  • Great pocket knife

    Greg, 5/30/2019 It’s a great little pocket knife. Pocket is key, I left it on the chain attached to my keys and luckily the chain opened/ broke. Great knife. Poor chain. But price was great
  • Love this knife!

    Tim McCarty, 5/28/2019 This knife is now my “go to” pocket knife. It’s a hefty little thing; sharp; and fits well in my hand.
  • Lives in my pocket every day.

    Asherah Cinnamon, 5/26/2019 I own three other very good pocket knives. Unlike this little beauty, none has been right for my pocket past the first day. I am a woodworker/sculptor. I love finding a great tool like this one. Perfect size/weight. The broad base of the very sharp blade makes it small yet mighty. Ergonomic shape feels great. It lives in my pocket and gets used constantly. Great for gifts too.
  • Heavy

    Jim Offerson, 5/20/2019 Good knife. Heavy.
  • Great knife

    GEORGE E REED, 5/18/2019 Great little knife. Handy and sharp.
  • Drop-Point Pocket Knife

    Ronald Eicher, 5/17/2019 This is the best pocket knife that I have ever owned. It is razor sharp and I like the adjustable lock very much. I would recommend it to anyone that wants a quality pocket knife.
  • Easy To Use

    Molly Whitebear, 5/16/2019 So easy to use even I can do it! Nice and sharp, too!
  • Drop Point Pocket Knife

    Zechariah L Peterson, 5/6/2019 Completely Blunt
    For a keychain pocket knife it seems more we’ll put together than other full size knives I have owned and it came razor sharp.
  • Best pocket knife you can get for the money

    Nick, 12/21/2018 This pocket knife is a must have. With a very sleek design and easy to flip open blade your day just got better with this little guy in your pocket. I really like the carved out section for your fingers that you only appreciate once you have the knife in your hands. It comes out of the box razor sharp. It passes the paper test and I put it immediately to work cutting open cardboard boxes which it cut through like butter. I also like the small design because you can legally carry it in your pocket at least in VA because the blade is under 3”. You will love the way this little knife looks hanging on your key ring and will look forward to getting it back in your hands every time you lay eyes on it’s beautiful and smooth handle. You can easily adjust the blade tension with a flat head screwdriver as I did to make it flip open as easy as you like. Pick up your Grinch defense today and place in the first stocking you see.
  • cute knife

    Anna, 12/15/2018 cute little knife haven't used it yet but looks like it will fit nice in pocket for mushrooming
  • Lightweight, Easily Carried

    Angie Quickstad, 12/14/2018 I like that this knife is small, lightweight and easy to fit into small places, such as my purse. I am always needed a knife for something and this one can be easily carried.
  • Nice size

    Liz (me), 12/14/2018 I needed a little pocket knife to carry with me that wouldn’t be too noticeable and this fits the bill. It didn’t hurt that it was a free gift with my order! Thanks!
  • Perfect stocking gifts for adults

    Glenn Bowman, 12/11/2018 All-around, handy-dandy pocket knives for every day use, and the interlock feature make these a no-brainer gift to stuff stockings.
  • Good prody

    Carol Del Favero, 12/10/2018 Very handsome, well made little knife
  • Happy Mom

    Teri Ashford, 12/10/2018 Love it! Super sharp, just the right pocket size and opens easily,
  • Great knive

    Richard Novak, 12/9/2018 Great pocket knife, well made and I collect good looking knives
  • Mr

    Paul casner, 12/9/2018 Great for mail and amazon boxes fits on a keychain
  • Small pocket Knife

    Edward Shields, 12/8/2018 Well made, excellent pocket knife, and razor sharp right out of the box. Great service, and fast shipping.
  • Great knife.

    Dennis Dieck, 12/5/2018 Great little knife!
  • Excellent pocket knife

    K. Kuhlmann, 12/5/2018 Excellent quality and a convenient size.
  • Drop-point pocket knife

    Robert, 12/5/2018 Very good , sturdy quality of a knife
  • Great little knife!

    Dan Stefanich, 12/3/2018 I'm giving them to my daughter and wife for their purses. Small and useful!
  • Excellent knife

    Paul, 12/3/2018 Great size and solid feel!
  • Good quality

    Allan Mojzisik , 11/19/2018 Excellent quality.
  • Small knife

    Jonathan, 11/12/2018 Got it as a freebie and was VERY surprised how solidly it's made. A great little knife!
  • Handy little knife

    Sandra, 11/12/2018 I wasn't expecting such a quality piece in a free item, but this knife truly is. Great weight, quality made. I appreciate the gift with purchase but I'd gladly had purchased this.
  • Great knife

    Walt Donaldson, 11/11/2018 This is an exceptionally well made knife for the money. Seems like it will be very durable. I love the feel of it. It has become my everyday carry pocket knife.
  • Garrett Wade Small Pocket Knife

    Richard L. Chastain, 11/11/2018 Very nice knife. Silver all over with some brass. Machine sharpened, fairly sharp. Short blade, approximately two inches. Locks out, thumb return. All metal. Sort of a keepsake more than a utility knife.
  • Great little knife

    Lawrence H Cramer, 11/9/2018 very nice quality, sharp and strong, I use it more than I thought I would.
  • Nice little Knife

    Don Gradin, 10/30/2018 Received as a promotional "free" item but it's so nice that I'm carrying it full time and retired my Boker knife.
  • Great little knife

    Bruce, 10/29/2018 Got it as a freebie and was VERY surprised how solidly it's made. A great little knife!
  • Nice knife

    Frances "Fran" Puckett, 10/29/2018 Made very well and is the perfect size.
  • Drop Point Pocket Knife

    Jerry, 10/28/2018 Great little knife. Comfortable to carry and holds its cutting edge.
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