Drop-Point Pocket Knife Special

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Drop-Point Pocket Knife Special
A Sturdy, Very Handy, Small Personal Pocket Knife
07A01.77 Drop-Point Pocket Knife Special

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Most small knives have a "delicate" quality about them. This one is anything but. Although small (easy to always have with you) with a 2-1/8" single blade, it's aluminum body makes it light and the liner-lock blade control is simple. And the wider body (for its length) means that the blade can be unusually wide too - making it exceptionally sturdy. We love it. We are very confident you will too. It has the Garrett Wade logo on the side.

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Overall Rating
  • cute knife

    Anna, 12/15/2018 cute little knife haven't used it yet but looks like it will fit nice in pocket for mushrooming
  • Lightweight, Easily Carried

    Angie Quickstad, 12/14/2018 I like that this knife is small, lightweight and easy to fit into small places, such as my purse. I am always needed a knife for something and this one can be easily carried.
  • Nice size

    Liz (me), 12/14/2018 I needed a little pocket knife to carry with me that wouldn’t be too noticeable and this fits the bill. It didn’t hurt that it was a free gift with my order! Thanks!
  • Perfect stocking gifts for adults

    Glenn Bowman, 12/11/2018 All-around, handy-dandy pocket knives for every day use, and the interlock feature make these a no-brainer gift to stuff stockings.
  • Good prody

    Carol Del Favero, 12/10/2018 Very handsome, well made little knife
  • Happy Mom

    Teri Ashford, 12/10/2018 Love it! Super sharp, just the right pocket size and opens easily,
  • Great knive

    Richard Novak, 12/9/2018 Great pocket knife, well made and I collect good looking knives
  • Mr

    Paul casner, 12/9/2018 Great for mail and amazon boxes fits on a keychain
  • Small pocket Knife

    Edward Shields, 12/8/2018 Well made, excellent pocket knife, and razor sharp right out of the box. Great service, and fast shipping.
  • Great knife.

    Dennis Dieck, 12/5/2018 Great little knife!
  • Excellent pocket knife

    K. Kuhlmann, 12/5/2018 Excellent quality and a convenient size.
  • Drop-point pocket knife

    Robert, 12/5/2018 Very good , sturdy quality of a knife
  • Great little knife!

    Dan Stefanich, 12/3/2018 I'm giving them to my daughter and wife for their purses. Small and useful!
  • Excellent knife

    Paul, 12/3/2018 Great size and solid feel!
  • Good quality

    Allan Mojzisik , 11/19/2018 Excellent quality.
  • Small knife

    Jonathan, 11/12/2018 Got it as a freebie and was VERY surprised how solidly it's made. A great little knife!
  • Handy little knife

    Sandra, 11/12/2018 I wasn't expecting such a quality piece in a free item, but this knife truly is. Great weight, quality made. I appreciate the gift with purchase but I'd gladly had purchased this.
  • Great knife

    Walt Donaldson, 11/11/2018 This is an exceptionally well made knife for the money. Seems like it will be very durable. I love the feel of it. It has become my everyday carry pocket knife.
  • Garrett Wade Small Pocket Knife

    Richard L. Chastain, 11/11/2018 Very nice knife. Silver all over with some brass. Machine sharpened, fairly sharp. Short blade, approximately two inches. Locks out, thumb return. All metal. Sort of a keepsake more than a utility knife.
  • Great little knife

    Lawrence H Cramer, 11/9/2018 very nice quality, sharp and strong, I use it more than I thought I would.
  • Nice little Knife

    Don Gradin, 10/30/2018 Received as a promotional "free" item but it's so nice that I'm carrying it full time and retired my Boker knife.
  • Great little knife

    Bruce, 10/29/2018 Got it as a freebie and was VERY surprised how solidly it's made. A great little knife!
  • Nice knife

    Frances "Fran" Puckett, 10/29/2018 Made very well and is the perfect size.
  • Drop Point Pocket Knife

    Jerry, 10/28/2018 Great little knife. Comfortable to carry and holds its cutting edge.
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