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Designed and made by people who know something about how to grow plants
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After looking at countless hand gardening tools here, and in Europe and in Asia, it's so nice to have finally found a design that is truly unique and that really works so well.

This Dutch maker produces three hand forged variations based on the same basic design (wood handle each 10 to 11" long) - with 3 and 5 forged steel tines. The two Handclaw tools are very different in size and are great for digging and pulling loose soil toward you. The 5-Tine Cultivator excels at pushing soil around - shaping and smoothing.

We're not suggesting that you've got to have all three, but each is sufficiently different that it's bound to be helpful to have access to all of them. But at least get one to enjoy it. These are all highly recommended.
About DeWit
DeWit tools are a direct connection to the time when the best tools often came from the village blacksmith. Innovated and evolved from experience and made to last forever, a DeWit-made tool represents the closest possible connection between the tool maker and the tool user to be found in today’s global market. Willem de Wit opened his blacksmith shop in Kornhorn, a small village in northern Holland, in 1898. He did all the things a country village blacksmith did back then – he was a farrier, repaired kettles and sold bicycles. When his sons joined him the business grew, making tools for agriculture. A DeWit tool came to be known to combine good design, skilled craftsmanship and the very best materials, and soon their spades and hoes were in demand all over Holland. The 4th generation of the de Wit family today runs the company by the same principles and standards. Skilled hand forging may be augmented with modern techniques and equipment where appropriate, but the essential connection between the designer/maker and the user endures – only now the de Wits listen to gardeners and farmers from all over the world. And their continued insistence on only the best materials can be readily appreciated in the use of FSC-certified ash handles and Swedish boron steel – the same steel used on a popular brand of bulldozer blades!

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Overall Rating
  • The Hercules of Hand Tools

    Marilyn E., 6/9/2020 Its still raining, so I haven't "dirt tested" this baby yet but if heft, balance, and construction are any indicator this 5-tine cultivator will make my work easier. It feels good in the hand, and looks like it can take on the toughest dirt. Yes, a little pricier than the "big box store" imports - but how many of those have you broken? I can hardly wait to put it to the test.

  • Dutch Hand Cultivators

    Anthony Ward, 6/5/2020 Great Quality! The balance and durability you can truly feel
  • Great Garden Tool

    M. Lessard, 5/23/2020 Excellent quality tool. Great balance and feel. Gift for my gardener wife. She loves it!
  • A claws for alarm

    Richard E Karas, 5/9/2020 Love it. Did some weeding and it really moves thr soil around vigorously.fun to play in the dirt with it. Well made nice balance a real deal of a time saver.
  • Hand cultivator

    Veronica Nurmi, 5/3/2020 I love the cultivator. It is easy on the hands and wrists. It moves the soil around fluidly and gently. I really enjoy working with quality tools. You are as good as the tool.
  • Smdgardener

    Karin, 5/3/2020 This cultivator is beautifully made.
  • Gorgeous gets the job done

    Andrea, 9/1/2018 These rakes are so beautiful I did not even want to use them but I do and they are well crafted! Thank you Garrett Wade you have SUPERB garden tools and they are all so beautiful!
  • Hand tools

  • Just get them all

    Marie Clark, 7/28/2017 Rather than kicking myself later, I bought all 3. Absolutely no regrets! These are great tools.
  • Great little tool

    Mary Somera, 7/8/2017 Love this product perfect for crab grass that is starting to grow in the garden bought 1 and them ordered the whole set. Excellent quality
  • each tool with its own purpose

    dave m., 6/27/2017 good set of tools. each tool has its own place in the garden. the 3 tine tool is good for tight places like between tomato plant and the tomato cage.
  • compact tool

    dave m., 6/27/2017 good tool
  • I'm a HAPPY GARDENER!!!!

    Jeanne Hannah, 6/10/2017 You get what you pay for...I never regret paying a little more for TOP OF THE LINE!
  • Can't wait for Spring.....

    Michael, 2/11/2017 Cultivator was on back order, but worth the wait. Given as a giftIt was much appreciated from a true gardener.
  • Glad I saw these!

    Happy Gardner, 12/7/2016 Each tool looks as if it will have a special job in my garden. It's winter now so I haven't tested any. These are incredibly well-made tools.
  • Tines

    Zapper, 9/27/2016 Great well-made product. But I do wish that the tines were longer by at least an inch.
  • Sturdy

    BJ SCHULTZ , 5/14/2016 Great products. Makes easy work of planting. Sturdy construction.
  • 3 Tine Handclaw

    Dilana Leslie, 8/11/2015 I have an very old handclaw with very thin tines and works perfectly. I have been looking for another to keep in my garden shed to use in the veggie garden. this one is the closest i have every seen. I have problems with arthritis in my hands and shoulder and the thin tines are the only ones i can use. thanks. My old tines are still better, being very thin, but yours work quite well.
  • Quality

    Daniel Kunsman, 8/23/2014 Great quality, great to have. Makes weeding a much simpler task.
  • A Serious Piece of Equipment

    Philip, 8/1/2013 The Cultivator is, like the trowels and other tools made by the same company, a well balanced, rock-solid tool that looks like it might last almost forever. I like the angled tines with V-shaped point pattern, but wish that the spikes were designed with a bit more length, to work granular plant foods a little deeper into the soil.
  • Better Than a Chicken

    Linda, 4/23/2012 This tool has a lovely feel in the hand and works much faster than a herd of chickens.
  • Great Quality

    Ben, 7/7/2011 I usually like to feel a gardening tool before I buy it, but I gave this one a shot. I'm glad I did. It is made exceptionally well. It's like a hand-held rototiller.
  • Surprisingly Effective

    Dean Mcdowell, 5/15/2011 3-tine hand claw agitates an amazing amount of soil around its tines.
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