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Half-Length Dutch Spiral Weeder
$ 45.6

This one will work on the tough stuff with a deep tap root. Simply place the spiral tip next to the stalk and screw the spiral all the way into the dirt around the stalk. Then pull it out. End of story for the weed. Works best with moist soil. Note: this is not a delicate process, so it may be better to use another type of weeder when working on a manicured lawn, but it really does the job - period. The length is 22" long overall.

Effective use of this tool will be accomplished by centering the spiral over the root of the weed to be removed, with the tool perpendicular to the ground. Thread the tool rotating clockwise all the way in until the entire spiral is just below the surface. Pull the tool (with the weed) straight out. Try to keep the tool as perpendicular to the ground as you can. Do NOT bend the tool or try to pry or leverage the weed out. In hard, compacted soil or clay, it may be necessary to screw the spiral in and out a few times before attempting to extract the weed.

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