Ebony Mortise/Marking Gauge

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Ebony Mortise/Marking Gauge
Ebony & Brass
Traditional English-style scratch point markers
96T01.21 Ebony Mortise/Marking Gauge

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For woodworkers and other lovers of fine traditional woodworking tools, not much is more iconic than this Ebony and Brass Thumbscrew Mortise Marking Gauge used by generations of English, American and Canadian craftsmen as they laid out joints and cut lines on boards and posts. Thumbscrew control to set precise mortise cut lines. With traditional scratch-awl pin markers. A first class traditional tool, not seen as often these days.

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Overall Rating
  • Beautiful tool that needs a modification to be truly useful

    David, 10/11/2020 This is indeed a beautiful tool patterned after a long used tool. It does have one issue that makes is better looking than is it as working. The screw knob that holds the fence in place isn't really long enough. As a result the fence slips easily after it is set. A slightly longer screw or slightly shorter fence (between the top of the fence and the bar) would greatly enhance the reliability of this tool.
  • Almost Perfect

    Terry Gale, 9/2/2020 beautiful craftsmanship, stellar finish, almost perfect except the pins needed to be sharpened and polished. Almost my favorite tool for mapping out mortise and tenon joints.
  • Beautiful finish

    Pete Hofmann, 11/9/2018 Very nice workmanship and finish. Smooth adjustment allows you to set pins accurately. A fine tool.
  • Combination Gauge

    James Michael Grove, 4/28/2017 This is a beautiful tool. I can't wait to use it on a lamp project coming up.
  • Handy Tool

    Tom, 4/16/2014 It seems to be a great addition to my tool box.
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