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Economical "Banker's" Scissors
In the old days, people in a bank needed to cut a lot of paper, so they used special long, thin scissors to make quick work of the job. Hence the name "Banker's Scissors."

Today, the long size of these tough, old-fashioned cutters can be really handy in the shop, for cutting paper patterns, or for tasks around the house.

We found a pile of these (at an outrageously reasonable price) at an old, family-owned Taiwanese scissor maker, so we bought them. Get a set of three at a tremendous savings-one each for the shop, office, and kitchen. Mind you, these are a bit crude, but the price is incredible so you wont hesitate to throw a pair in the tool box or the desk drawer just in case. The overall length of the scissors is 10"; the cutting edges are about 5". Made in Taiwan.

Shown with the Thread Snips.
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