Electrical Multi-Tester

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Electrical Multi-Tester
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07S16.05 Electrical Multi-Tester

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With this tool, you can quickly diagnose problems with your circuits. First, it has a non-contact voltage detector. When just held near the wire or outlet it signals the presence of live circuit from 50 to 600V AC both visibly and audibly. Fully adjustable for surface to deep wall readings.

Second, you can also easily measure the exact voltage of AC or DC circuitry using its clever retractable probe in combination with its 30" long test lead. By combining one of the test probes in the body, this design uniquely allows you to manage the tester with two hands – a very big deal. Other functions include continuity testing, resistance measuring, and testing diodes. This tool should be your go-to for troubleshooting anything. And it comes with an alternate test lead for the accessory alligator clip. We think very highly of this tester.

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  • Great tester

    John Sergeant, 2/7/2017 Great tester. I especially like the ability to set the sensitivity for a non-contact voltage reading.
  • Electrical Multi-Tester

    Dean Ferres, 6/1/2015 This one tool does everything and more than my two decade old amp/voltage testers with the separate, plug leads and space taking storage boxes. Those leads had to actually touch both neg. & pos. outlets or wires before reading. This is much more convenient to use.
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