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Sale Tough Electrician Scissors
Designed to cut thick stuff more easily
11A01.01 Tough Electrician Scissors

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There's just nothing like the right tool. Try to use regular scissors to cut thick material (like rubber or vinyl) and it simply doesn't work. It's not that the steel isn't sharp enough, but that the design is wrong for the task. These have short 1-3/4" blades. You'll find them very useful, even if you're not an electrician.

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Overall Rating
  • Sharp and tough

    Bill , 5/7/2018 These are truly tough scissors. They are sharp! and cut through just about everything.
  • Not just for electricians!

    Barbara Muller, 11/7/2017 Great, functional pair of scissors
  • Great !

    William Hvozda, 2/1/2017 Good quality and work great. Very happy with purchase. The perfect tool for some materials.
  • Good tool.

    Richard D. Bell Ph.D., 3/4/2016 This is indeed the right tool for many cutting applications. It lives up to it's description. The finger holes are small and somewhat cramped, so they will not do for cutting tough material for very long. Otherwise, they work, and that's all I ask.
  • Nice

    Robert, 1/31/2015 These are pretty nice scissors. Seem like they're gonna last! :-D
  • EDC

    Robert Hofmann, 5/4/2014 NYC everything is illegal to carry so flashlights and small shears are the only EDC options and are top cutter 925 clauss electric are best way to carry....
  • One Tough Pair of Scissors!

    Charles Udell, 8/12/2013 These things can handle anything I throw at them - even the hard plastic packaging some materials arrive in.
  • Review

    Chris, 8/1/2013 While I am not an electrician (I have formal training and certification in telecom and electronics engineering), I found it irritating that you put quotation marks around the term as they are properly known as electricians scissors. Try to cut cabling with most knives and you will know why we used to carry these for doing cabling.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You are absolutely right. We have fixed this on our website.
  • Not Just Scissors

    Michael W Garner, 4/19/2013 I retired from electrical engineering; wish I'd known all these years why electricians carried these when they had knives & wire-strippers. Now I know! The only way to have a complete electrician's kit! Find more uses every day!
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