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Electron Retro Robot
$ 128
This timeless Tin Robot is sure to conjure up warm feelings of nostalgia. With its distinctly boxy de-sign and blank features, its secrets can never truly be known—what do all those gauges and dials do? Who constructed this otherworldly terror machine?—but on this scale, it can be enjoyed safely by the entire family. Based on a classic Japanese toy design, the Electron Robot stands 12" tall and is 6" wide at the shoulders. Drawing power from two D batteries (not included), it marches grimly forward until, without warning, it stops and its chest bursts open to reveal hidden weaponry. Its torso spins as it unleashes a devastating blast (and awesome light show) before closing up and lumbering forward again in search of its next target. We were only able to secure a limited quantity of each color, so act quickly before these bionic baddies return to their home planet! (Please have an alternate color ready if your preference is already sold out). Collectible not intended as a toy.
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