Engineer's Squares

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Engineer's Squares
Available Individually or as a Box Set
Great for machine set up
39N04.40 Box Set Of 4 Engineer Squares

Available 10/10/2020


39N04.01 Engineers Square 6 in

Available 10/10/2020


39N04.04 Engineer Square 3 in

Available 10/10/2020


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These Engineer's Squares are guaranteed to meet, or exceed, the British Engineering Standard BS939 of ±0.0005" per linear inch for squareness. This is an extremely high standard for setting up industrial machines, which will be more than enough accuracy for your workshop.

The boxed set of four is a convenient way to acquire a range of the most useful sizes, and get a very nice fitted wood storage box at the same time. The set includes 2”, 3”, 4” and 6”. They come at a saving over the cost of the individual sizes.
However, you can buy the 3” and the 6” individually (the 2" & 4" sizes are not sold separately). Please review the price-line descriptions.

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Overall Rating
  • Works

    Lev, 3/12/2020 Very thin, alot better then the other one already owned
  • West Coast wannabe Fine Woodworker

    Peter Bricca, 3/10/2019 I rate this boxed set of Engineer's squares as excellent because they are precise, accurate, beautifully crafted and cover all the sizes I need. The convient wooden box should keep them that way. I further give, salesman Joe, an excellent rating for taking the time and consideration to search for and find perhaps the last of boxed set of its kind. Thank you Joe and Garrett Wade.
  • The 2 inch should still be sold separately

    EJ, 1/23/2019 It's a shame they don't sell the 2" square separately anymore. It's ideal for setting up saws and routers and whatnot. I have the 2" and the 6", the 6" mainly gets used for marking off cut lines. The other 2 sizes are probably useful but I've never felt the need for them. The box is nice I suppose and the price for the set is not bad.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Engineer's Squares Boxed Set. We apologize that we don't sell the 2" square separately but will pass on your excellent suggestion to our product development team for consideration.

  • Excellent squares

    Paul, 12/3/2018 Great squares! I use them all the time and love the different sizes!
  • Really great price for very precise squares

    Kent, 11/7/2018 I have a couple Groz squares and used them to check the precision of these, and they were spot on. And the box is great for storage instead of having them scattered around and toppling off my workbench.
  • You can't go wrong

    Jim, 12/19/2017 Excellent Product at a great price.. This is a second set that I've purchased, first set was a gift that I gave away. I liked them so much, I got a set for myself.
  • Engineers square box set

    Thomas lewis, 12/1/2017 Nice set of machinists squares great sale price
  • Very nice squares, very handy

    Jay Brooks, 11/28/2017 These are nice, precise squares at a reasonable cost. I acquired the whole set. It is very handy to have the entire range of sizes, especially the small ones. Sometimes one doesn't have room for a full size square. The wooden box with the padded, fitted interior for the set is a very nice feature. The edges will not get nicked up rattling around in a drawer or tool box.
  • Good value

    Leland, 11/24/2017 Very happy with these squares. Nice box too. Can't wait for my next build to use them on.
  • Well made!

    Daniel, 9/23/2017 Well made and extremely accurate worth the wait!
  • Nice set of squares

    Bruce Eshelman, 3/10/2017 well made and a nice box to keep them in. These will come in handy. the sale price is a DEAL.
  • Owner

    CWP, 3/6/2017 Great quality squares. Very nice box included. Extremely accurate. Good value.
  • You wont be disappointed with this set of squares!

    Don Gleaton, 3/5/2017 Really nice set of machinist squares, but obviously would come in handy for small stock and checking projects while gluing. Comes in a really nice box also, it's $10 cheaper than their competitor and that's for three squares, not four like this set!
  • Dependability and extraordinary value

    Daniel Alegria, 2/14/2017 We have bought these repeatedly for our custom metal fabrication shop over the last ten years. They are accurate, sturdy, convenient, and an excellent value for such a precise tool.
  • Mrs

    K. Bell, 12/25/2016 Gift to our son. He was very happy to receive it and says now his furniture will turn out to be better quality.
  • Model shop

    Joe, 12/20/2016 I have been looking for these for some time now. So happy to find them at Garrett. very helpfull in building Architectur models and around the shop. love it.
  • Engineering must

    Theresa , 12/19/2016 This will be useful for engineering classes and projects. The sturdy construction will help.. i wonder the use of oil on metal
  • I bought the small one

    Stan, 12/17/2016 I wanted the whole set, but when I thought about it, I didn't need the whole set, so I settled on the small one. I always wanted one, so I bought it. I love it. I'm wondering if I could have found it cheaper elsewhere.
  • Small engine squares

    Kevin McArdle, 9/5/2016 I build craftsman models and these allow me to check square, and their weight helps me hold things in place.
  • You may have a all purpose square, but these make a job so much easier.

    5ivestring, 12/16/2015 I watched so many people pull one of these out for small projects, and they looked to be so easy to use. Well, I bought a set. First one, and most used is the smallest square, then the rest. These are so handy, perfect for inside checking of square on small areas, checking for table saw set ups, and so much more. Absolutely great.
  • Layout

    Calvin, 7/25/2015 These squares make layout a pleasure. Very well made and laser square. I really did put a laser on these and all where dead square. Want a dead on table saw or band saw fence.... get these.
  • Good Square

    Don Osborne, 3/5/2015 Checked the squares against masters and they were very accurate. The only problem is the box. It needs more padding in the lid to keep the squares in place. They could fall out of place and get dinged up. I solved the problem with a shop towel.
  • These Will Do The Job

    Ben, 2/5/2015 These squares are what I expected. You get what you pay for and these are inexpensive. The finish is good. I can't tell if they are welded and then machined or cast and machined. Checking them with each other and with my Starrett combination square they are all the same and for my comparison are square. The box issue is a real issue and given previous complaints I expected it to be fixed. Simply put there is a gap in the foam filling between the fitted nesting foam and the lid foam which should hold them in their respective spaces. Adding a 1/4 foam sheet will do the trick although Garret Wade should request that the manufacturer fix it in the next batch they order.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Box Set of 4 Engineer's Squares. Your comments regarding the packaging are appreciated. We will pass this along to our product specialist. Thanks again."
  • Great Squares For The Price

    Rick, 1/30/2015 I have been searching for affordable engineers squares, and saw this in a catalog. I figured for the price, I would give them a shot. It turned out to be a good decision. The are heavy, well-made and very, very accurate. I use them to square up saw blades to the fence and/or table. They are dead on. I would highly recommend these over far more expensive ones.
  • Good Squares

    Paul, 1/10/2015 I received these squares for Christmas this year, they were an item I asked for use keeping my saws in tune. They won't sit out all the time so the storage box seemed like a great idea. Really the box is my only issue with the set, once placed in the storage case the set fails to remain in place when the box is manipulated to be put away. I'm afraid the squares are going to dinged up as they slide all over the place inside the storage box.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Boxed Set of 4 Engineer's Squares. We are sorry to hear about the box being unsuitable. Please call 1-800-221-2942. He will be able to discuss this issue with you.  Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Good Squares

    Jugnu Jethi, 8/25/2014 Good quality squares. I have a certified grade b bs939 square which I used to check these squares. These squares were found to be quite accurate. The box is also well made.
  • Square Deal For Squares

    George Kendall, 6/10/2014 The case and the squares are beautiful! Almost too pretty to use. These are the finest I have ever used. I take pride in owning them.
  • Squares

    Tis Himself, 5/8/2014 Beautifully made.
  • Great Set-Up Squares

    Jerry Helfrich, 3/23/2014 I build a lot of small jewelry boxes and these squares are great for checking the sides for square. I also bought the 12 combo square. I checked each against the others and they're all dead on. Great addition to my woodworking tool box."
  • Woodworker

    Bud W., 3/11/2014 Squares are just right for small woodworking projects and came in a very nicely made storage box.
  • Great for their intended usage

    L.P. Smith-Black, 2/13/2014 I worked in a machine shop for 17 years of my professional life and while I'm certain these squares would not stand up to tool crib" standards, the set I received will suffice any chore I'll ever put them to quite proudly including keeping my shop machinery well adjusted and in good working order, which is largely what I purchased them for to begin with."
  • Accurate & Well Finished

    Robert Seddon, 7/7/2013 Accurate ground surfaces are easy to work with and useful for many tasks in the machine shop or for woodworking - model makers. Box they come in is well made and protective, a pleasure to own and use.
  • Squares

    Paul Rottschaefer, 1/3/2013 All the squares were very good quality, except the smallest one. Poor grinding and burrs left on the blade, dents on the edge of the handle.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for taking the time to review this item. We are sorry to hear that you received, what we think, is a defective square. Please feel free to return the set for a replacement. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • GW Engineers Square Set

    Ron Alterman, 1/2/2013 Decent set. Not great quality, but seem to be accurate enough.
  • Engineers Squares

    John, 1/2/2013 Great tools, The only issue was that one of the squares didn't fit into the slot it had. Other than that very durable and dependable.
  • Quality Products

    Orville Lake, 1/2/2013 Many times while shopping online I have been disappointed in the quality of the product received. Dealing with Garrett Wade I am fully confident that the item I order will match the description exactly as written additionally all products offered by Garrett Wade will be of the highest quality and well worth the price.
  • Engineer Squares

    Sharon Conover, 12/30/2012 Nice heavy quality and the box keeps them organized and without damage
  • Good Buy

    ddweller, 12/15/2010 Good deal- the fit and finish are good- the box is fair- could be a touch more robust. The squares were all wrapped in plastic w/grease. Definitely worth it.
  • model construction

    Tom Kerr, 12/10/2010 I love these squares because of the precision and quality of construction. I have always wondered about how square" other squares actually where. Some that I have purchased in the past have proven to be not exactly square. I have a lot of confidence in the engineer's is critical when building r/c model airplanes that everything be built "true". These squares are one of my most prized possessions in my shop. "
  • Great accuracy and value

    Todd Forman, 12/8/2010 I bought a 6 machinist's square from G.W. several years ago, and was thrilled with the accuracy, until I stored it improperly and bent the blade. I searched for a replacement for several months, and kept coming back to this set. When I finally ordered it, I was really happy with the accuracy of these squares. I tested them all against my Starret, and all were dead on. Woodworking is my hobby, and I'm a stickler for accurate set up. (My time in the shop is limited, so I hate wasting it on mistakes). This set of squares is perfect for setting up my stationary and hand held power tools, as well as for checking stock. I've looked everywhere, and I couldn't find a comperable set at a better price. "
  • It's a Square Deal!

    KevinT., 4/16/2009 I purchased this set of squares a while back and I am glad I did. When they arrived I checked them for accuracy and was happy to find they were right on. For the price they are a good purchase for the budget minded woodworker. The only thing that would make them better is if they had measurements etched in the blades of each square. With that said they are still a square deal in my opinion and would recommend them other woodworkers who are looking for a basic set of engineer's squares but don't want to spend a bundle.
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