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23T01.10 Essential Model Tool Kit

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Includes a craft knife with 15 blades in three shapes, a mini-hammer, 10 rubber-tipped clamps, 6 tweezers, a brad pusher, 4 ½” needle nose pliers and a plank bender.

We have selected two groups of small-scale tools that we recommend highly. The Essential Tool Kit has those tools we simply think every ship modeler is going to need. Most (but not all) may be available locally, but we've pulled them together for you, for significant savings.

Note: The tools in the Essential Kit are not included in the Advanced Kit, as they each contain different items.

What comes in the Essential Tool Kit:

  • Plank Bender

  • 5" Needle Nose Pliers

  • Brad Pusher

  • Craft Knife

  • 5 Replacement Short Bevel Blades

  • 5 Replacement Long Bevel Blades

  • 5 Replacement Double Bevel Blades

  • Jewelers Hammer

  • 5 Small Special Clamps

  • 5 Large Special Clamps

  • Six Tweezers Set

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