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Essential Watering Kit
$ 114.9
After a summer using our Essential Watering Kit, you’ll wonder how you previously watered the yard and garden. This kit includes everything you need, except the hose. The pistol-grip Multi-Shower Watering Nozzle is German-made and features 10 individual settings, from jet to spray. A perimeter ring adjusts with solid, satisfying clicks, while helpful icons give quick-read setting info. All-metal construction (except for the trigger assembly), with a textured rubber grip.

For full lawn watering, the Sprinkler Sled on Wheels will move where you want it to, and will not flip over. The large, plastic wheels are rust-proof and help stabilize the sled, allowing you to reposition while standing far enough away to stay dry. The distinctive butterfly-shaped head and stainless steel bearings distribute a 27-foot spray diameter.

For timed watering, you don’t have to be a luddite to appreciate our throwback Analog Water Timer. It’s fully mechanical, requires no batteries. Simply turn the kitchen-timer style dial to your desired minutes and the mechanism will handle the shut off. Timer runs up to two hours, or utilize the manual setting for untimed watering. The Timer and Sled are naturals together. We include brass quick-connector couplings, so you can easily mix and match among the three items of the kit, and attach the items to your garden hose.
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