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Made in Spain from Italian design
45T02.01 European Hunting Knife

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With molded grip, wide brass guard, and long, dagger-like blade, our Italian-inspired Hunting Knife (from one of Spain's finest knife makers), seems like the sort of elegant blade one could find tucked in the waistband of a musketeer. It has ample heft, perfect balance and great style. Made of 440 stainless steel, the 7-1/8" blade is nearly 3/16" thick at the spine and shank, with a remarkably graceful grind. The black covered handle has a very comfortable yet secure grip. 12-1/2" length; 13 oz. Leather belt sheath. A beautiful tool, and a real bargain.<
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Stainless Steel
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Overall Rating
  • Nice knife

    John Martin, 10/12/2019 A really nice looking knife. The edge is acceptable. Iā€™m 6ā€™2ā€ and the handle is s touch small for my hand. Overall, a very nice knife.
  • Great hunting knife

    KPK, 7/12/2017 Great knife, well balanced and attention to detail well done. Well worth the price.
  • Great Companion

    Timothy Kinney, 5/18/2017 It's a beautiful knife, weight and size are perfect in the hand. I would recommend this knife to anyone that collecting knives.
  • European hunting knife

    Lloyd, 4/30/2017 This knife is a great buy. It is beautiful, has great weight and feels good in your hand.
  • European Hunting Knife

    David Green, 5/13/2016 Just exactly what I thought I would receive when I orderd. I have ordered several times.
    All knives & have been extremely satisfied with my purchase. I reccomend buying from GW any knife.
  • This Is One Beautiful Knife!

    Garry Wilson, 8/25/2015 This is one beautiful knife! The Italian inspired Spanish workmanship is nothing short of outstanding! It has perfect balance and the feel of it in my hand is like it was designed especially for me! I was very pleased to receive it with a beautiful BLACK sheath, instead of the brown one pictured on the web site. The well constructed black sheath perfectly matches the black handle, and sets it off just right. This was my fourth recent order from Garrett Wade. I ordered two sets of the "Two Handsome Folding Knives" (one set for me and one set for my twin brother's Sep 11 birthday), and the "Bowie Sheath Knive" which I have not yet received. I am a knife collector, with over 60 special pieces proudly displayed on a table on my patio, and this European Hunting Knife will be displayed prominently as one of my very best knives! Thank you again Garrett Wade for having such a great selection of quality knives in your inventory. I will be a regular returning customer from here on out!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner August 2015 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Garry!!
  • Hunting

    Jim Harris, 7/1/2015 I love it wound. Tell anybody to get one.
  • A Very Well-Crafted Made Knife

    Corey Gallaty, 4/4/2015 First off let me just say WOW!!!! This knife has more then exceeded my expectations. A gorgeous hunting knife that has been Italian inspired, but made from the heart of Spain. If you are looking for a well crafted knife for either display or every-day use for whatever your craft is then this is knife for you! I guarantee it will put a big smile on your face. I truly would like to thank the company of Garrett Wade for making such an amazing well made knife! Your friend Corey :)
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner April 2015 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Corey!!
  • Great Knife!

    J. D., 12/30/2014 Very nice, heavy knife. Exactly like the picture. Sharpens nicely.
  • Top of the Line

    Dave, 11/20/2014 Rock solid, great fit and balance. A bayonet with a grip. Sharp and sturdy. This is one of the best knives I have ever purchased. The sheath is a bit flimsy, but I can fix that. No disappointment here.
  • Great Knife

    Russell Hudson, 1/7/2014 I already own 3 folding pocket knives from Italy, and the quality and workmanship is unsurpassed. I have a collection of Gerbers,Cold Steel,Bucks,Spyderco, and multiple Randalls. I count this knife among those because the Italian craftsmen turn out such well made blades, I am shocked at the prices. I will not hesitate to purchase more.
  • Well Made. Hi Quality

    Chop, 2/11/2012 Very nice high quality knife. Very satisfied, although, I felt it was priced a little high. At least it is made in Italy instead of China.
  • Great Knive

    Ted Brewster, 12/20/2011 Beautiful design, excellent construction.
  • Fits Like a Glove

    Tim, 3/30/2011 I have had a lot of knives, but this one really feels right" in your hand. It is like an extension of your arm. Excellent balance. You won't be disappointed by getting this one."
  • Excellent Purchase

    Terry, 12/21/2010 Extremely well made knife. The balance is at the perfect point in the knife & the sheath is of very good quality as well.
  • Deserves Better Than A Five!

    John S, 12/4/2010 One of the nicest knives for the money...highly recommended!
  • The Tiramisu of Knives

    George, 11/24/2010 This knife is simply sweet. It's beautiful and, I'm sure, functional. I'll never use it for it's stated purpose though. I love the feel of the grip and the balance of the knife. It almost disappears in your hand. Gotta go, I got some salami I need to cut hunks off of.
  • Gorgeous

    BILL D, 10/21/2010 Beautiful craftsmanship...has a great feel" in the hand; it is weighty yet well balanced. The blade takes and holds an edge that can shave the hair off your arm after you've used it for camp duty or dressing an animal. It is very beautiful and you will hesitate putting the knife to work; it belongs mounted in a frame and placed on the wall."
  • A Masterpiece

    Dennis Hamilton, 8/19/2010 I won't use it as a hunting knife. I will use it as a Showpiece. Maybe use it as a birthday cake cutter for the grand children's birthdays. Beautiful piece of workmanship.
  • Fine Craftsmanship

    Jon, 5/12/2010 I purchased this knife with the intention of giving it to one of my brothers. It is a very good knife and the quality was far above what the picture on the web site displays. Nice blade and in the hands of my brother (who hunts) will serve him well.
  • An Excellent Knife

    Guldenman, 9/17/2009 Just got this knife today and it's a well made tool. The build quality is excellent. It feels good in the hand and is well balanced. It rivals another great knife i bought in Cordoba, Spain. If you're thinking about buying this knife, just do it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  • Bargain? More Like A GIFT!

    Rho Fehrdohfer, 8/15/2009 Unbelievable bargain, destined to be a classic. Almost too nice to use --and that's fine, too-- this is one sturdy knife. Great non-slip handle, very nice leather sheath (NOT a 'pouch'), perfectly balanced... and that 7 1/2 blade: wake up, Rambo!! The only thing missing (for me, anyway) would be a hole so a wrist-lanyard could be attached, if desired. Other than that, this gets 5 stars easily. Buy it!"
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