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Bestseller Premium Watering Nozzles
European Made - The best we've ever seen
With free quick-change fittings
25W04.11 Pistol-Grip Nozzle

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25W04.12 Rainmaker-Aerator

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25W04.13 Versatile Spray Mister

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62K13.03 Male Adapter (#3)

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We have always gone to Europe for the best nozzles available. Recently, we discovered a maker in France that makes a series of nozzles at a quality level even higher than we had previously ever seen. Uniquely, near-zero plastic used. These are truly Best-in-Class. The nozzle body and moving parts are precision Zamak castings (an alloy of the purest Zinc with aluminum, copper and magnesium). Solid Brass is also used. And we have equipped each nozzle with a solid brass quick-change fitting so you can swap them out with a single simple motion.

Three familiar styles are available: Single-Stream Pistol Grip, a 2" diameter Rainfallmaker/Aerator, and a Versatile Spray with a shower plus two tighter streams. These are not inexpensive. But all you have to do is to pick one up to know that your grandchildren's children will be using them. Each is pressure tested before leaving the factory. The quality is outstanding.

Each French nozzle will come with the two Solid Brass Quick-Change fittings shown (a Male Adaptor and a Hose-end Water-stop Connector) at No additional Cost (a $12.45 value); These will allow instant change over from one nozzle to another without turning off the water at the source. Get additional Male Adaptors to convert all your nozzles over to Quick Change connections.

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Overall Rating
  • Premium Watering Nozzles EUROPEAN MADE - THE BEST WE'VE EVER SEEN..(not so much)

    Charles, 7/6/2020 This a tool that is beautiful looking and feels good and solid in your hand, it feels like it would last many years of use. .however, using it seems like it was designed by someone who never actually used a spray gun. The trigger is not progressive, it's either clicked on or off. The flow control knob is difficult to turn, especially with wet hands, forget adjusting it when hands are soapy. Furthermore there is no indicator on the adjustment knob to give you an idea of how much adjustment you have either way. If you're not using the gun horizontally like to rinse a bucket, the hook for holding the trigger, gets in the way when depressing the trigger. The nozzle spray when adjusted to fan out water doesn't provide a full coverage spray, the water only comes out in a 11 to 7 o'clock position. overall this was very disappointing, especially at its price point, I've found cheap hardware store guns perform better but don't last. My search for a decent spray gun continues.
  • Not for veggies or drinkable

    Maxine, 7/4/2020 Unfortunately the brass elements are leaded so this comes with a warning not to drink from it or use to water anything that will later be eaten. So I can’t use it for my large vegetable garden or fill buckets for my kids or dog. Honestly, I don’t want to be spraying leaded water on my non-edibles either. Seems sighted to make a non-potable spout these days. And frustrating to try to find quality one I can safely use everywhere
  • Aerator review

    Bruce Ross, 6/29/2020 The overall quality of this product is great, especially compared to what is generally on the market that comes from off-shore. However, please be aware that the quick connect uses European threads which are not compatible with US threads so if you have other watering tools with US quick connect you won't be able to switch back and forth conveniently. I really think this should be mentioned in the description.
  • Caveat Needed in Product Description.

    Nancy, 6/27/2020 Bought the Versatile Spray Mister to use at a mounted police horse stable. Wanted a nozzle that could stand up to heavy and rough daily use filling water troughs and buckets, washing horses and feed buckets, and general cleaning. This certainly could have been the answer except for the tag attached to it, which states it should NOT be used with drinking water, hand washing, food prep, dish washing, etc.. (Why??) Aside from not being able to use it for the intended purpose, it is sturdy and well-made. Just disappointed as I am back to looking for what we need.
  • Test of Time!

    Hope, 5/6/2020 In an age of disposable and plastics galore, it's so refreshing to find a product that you know will stand the test of time and out perform all others. If we as a society could learn to put our money into higher quality products there will be less waste. My grandfather would always say, “A Poor Man Can Afford Only The Very Best.”
  • If you want the best

    John Stegeman, 5/3/2020 My wife wants one for every hose around the house. The best quality Nozzle we have owned!
  • Buy this if you want the best of the best

    Robin Ricca, 4/27/2020 Absolutely love this nozzle. Totally, completely worth the price. Solid construction and reputable company. I bought this with the intention that it might outlive me!
  • Quality

    Colin Irwin , 4/12/2020 So far seems good, it outperforms the cheap ones from big box stores.
  • Worth the price

    James, 4/4/2020 The best I have ever used. Nice to use something not made of plastic. Should last many many years
  • Superior Quality Product.

    Raffeeq Bacchus, 4/3/2020 Superior quality pistol grip gardening nozzle, a breeze to use. I am so pleased with this product and the quick connect adapter. I am in my garden twice daily watering my vegetable garden with ease. Thank you Garrett Wade for carrying this Nozzle.
  • Mail quick connect fitting

    Art Dubus, 3/31/2019 Excellent quality machine work, like the use of the "O" ring, easy to replace when needed.
  • Quick connect fitting

    Art Dubus, 3/31/2019 Very good machine work, nice finish. Like the use of "O" rings , easy to replace when the need arises.
  • Good quality

    Allan W Mojzisik, 11/19/2018 Excellent quality.
  • A pleasure to use

    Patty Kessler, 11/18/2018 Art meets function. Well worth the price.
  • Worth every dime

    Jennifer Sandefer, 9/8/2018 This is by far the best nozzle I have ever laid eyes on. It is substantial and a smart timeless design.
  • When all else fails, buy this nozzle

    Jason Shaw , 9/1/2018 After my second store bought, plastic nozzle broke, I decided I would buy the pistol grip nozzle for my hose. This thing is a work of art, and works extremely well, going from a straight stream to a misting spray.
  • Heirloom quality nozzle.

    Jesta Jewel, 8/20/2018 Great high quality product. I can tell this nozzle will last forever.
  • Great

    roger kelly, 8/18/2018 It's for people who understand and appreciate a quality product
  • Lifetime nozzle

    Brian, 6/7/2018 I have the pistol grip nozzle. This will last until I am not on earth any longer. I have had at least 10 or more plastic, zinc, and other nozzles over the years. They all broke, leaked, or turned to junk. This is old school and the kind of item you would find your dad has that was from his dad. The many adjustments are great as well.
  • Better than ok.

    Jake, 5/31/2018 It's well made and of good quality my only gripe is that it's either on full or its off there is no in between.
  • It's OK

    Ryan, 5/31/2018 Was so excited to get this nozzle, my plastic Home Depot one broke and I finally felt like I should splurge on this. Weight is nice, but a little clumsy when adjusting from spray to full stream. Also, right away a few of the spray water lines are shooting out astray, Kinda disappointing for the price.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Premium Watering Nozzle. We're sorry to hear that this is happening, and will be in touch with your shortly to resolve this issue.
  • Don't bother

    CLementine, 4/28/2018 Versatile sprayer is heavy and gets quite hot in warm weather. Seems well constructed but not worth the price. Less expensive sprayers are lighter weight and take less pressure to operate and you can get 10 for what this costs.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Versatile Sprayer. We're sorry to hear you aren't satisfied with it. A return label is on its way to you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Hose nozzle

    Joe Abrams, 4/9/2018 I love this nozzle, very well made and u cant find this kinda quality anywhere else.
  • Can't get better then this!

    Sandra, 12/17/2017 This nozzles loves plants - especially baby ones and delicate ones. It really is like a gentle rain, but puts out the water at a good pace.
  • So far vary good....

    Sandra, 12/17/2017 So many years and so many cheap, broken nozzles. I'm impressed with this one, though. I hope it will last years - it's built to! The only issue is that it gets quite cold, so garden gloves are in order when handling it.
  • Broken after just 3 years

    Laurie, 12/9/2017 Over the years I, too, had purchased watering nozzles of lesser quality, and was hopeful the Versatile Spray Mister would last at least 10 years. However, after 3 years of light to moderate use, the brass cap at top/rear of handle (just above the hand in photo) completely sheared off, rendering nozzle useless. Extremely disappointing at this price, and of course there is just a one-year warranty.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Premium Watering Nozzle. We would like to assist you in this matter but can't seem to locate your order in our system. Please call 1-800-221-2942, and ask to speak to our product specialist. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Versatile nozzle

    Bill Hanehan, 12/7/2017 Ordered the Versatile spray nozzle and would have liked it to have some more adjustments for water flow. My fix, I ordered another German nozzle that has numerous spray pattern adjustments.
  • Good gift for gardening friends

    B Welsch, 11/13/2017 I bought this item as a gift for a gardening friend; it seems to be of the highest quality.
  • going strong after 3 years of weekly use

    Philip, 11/4/2017 I bought the Pistol Grip nozzle in 2014, and it looks and works like new despite a lot of use, occasionally knocked around, and not much thought given to cleaning. Since I live in CA where the water is notoriously hard, after a couple years the adjustment sleeve got hard to turn, the trigger occasionally got stuck, and the spray pattern got a bit irregular thanks to mineral deposits building up inside. Easy fix -- dry it out, remove the knurled brass sleeve by screwing it all the way off, and spray WD-40 on the threads, into the throat, and at the little spring-loaded plunger that is depressed by the trigger. If you see any remaining deposits, a small stiff-bristled brush should take care of it. Voila! Up and running again. Since WD-40 is a good penetrating cleaner but not a long-term lubricant, you can follow up by wiping off the excess and spritzing a more substantial moisture-resistant lube onto the contact areas -- silicone, or a heavy petroleum based penetrating product will work fine. This is the first nozzle I ever bought that was this durable and comfortable to hold. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat if I had another hose that needed it.
  • Heavy duty

    Jim, 10/29/2017 Heavy duty. Should hopefully last a few season, no stupid plastic parts to break.
  • Finally

    Christine Fischetti, 9/12/2017 Over the last few years I've bought at least three nozzles for my hose. They're great the first season or two then some part breaks and they're useless. I figured I'd take a chance on the Garret Wade versatile nozzle. It connected without a problem and has a gentle stream setting, a shower setting and a power stream setting. It's beautifully make, works well and feels sturdy in the hand. I think this could be the one I love and use forever.
  • Premium Watering Nozzle

    Ernest Broe, 9/10/2017 So far this nozzle is great. I bought this pistol grip nozzle because it shuts off the water automatically when the handle is released. Last year I was away for 14 days and came home to find a slow flow of water from the hose, good thing I have an excellent well. This nozzle would have spotted the leak.
  • Rainmaker Nozzle

    Kathleen, 8/4/2017 When I first used this nozzle I was disappointed in the water flow - very light. Then I used it on my deck planters and flower boxes. This is simply wonderful! No wasted water as there is better control and aim with this nozzle. It is just like rain. Buds, flowers and delicate leaves are neither crushed, torn, nor 'beheaded'. I plan on purchasing another for my front yard. NO LEAKS - no wet shoes from drips!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner August 2017 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Kathleen!!
  • Premium Watering Nozzle - love at first sight!

    Reade Adams, 8/1/2017 I'm giving the watering nozzle four stars because I just received it and haven't had a chance to use it more than twice. I love the weight, the gentle water stream, the quick-change coupling feature, the look, and the materials. I'm excited to use it on my gardens.
  • Quality products + customer service

    Edwin, 6/5/2017 We've been pleased with the quality of all the items we have ordered from Garrett Wade including the premium watering nozzles. We were especially pleased with the customer service we received when there was a minor problem.
  • Rainmaker

    GMeme, 5/20/2017 I love this! It is so worth the price with three different ways to water my patio and deck plants.
  • Rainmaker-Aerator

    Andrew, 3/31/2017 Truly a rainmaker. It produces a gentle, yet full stream of water. Great quality!
  • Something that really works.

    Edward, 3/14/2017 These last a long time with no leakage. I haven't found a better one on the market.
  • Too Expensive for the quality of 1 piece

    James McCann, 2/20/2017 I have now had 4 of the Versatile spraymasters. The box of these are rugged ad look great. But there is a cheap part on top that breaks easily. It is brass with a plastic insert. I do not understand why these continue to break off. I would like them replaced for the 2nd time.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the Premium Watering Nozzle. We're sorry about the repeated problems you have had with these. We did receive similar complaints from customers so we brought this to the maker's attention. We found the problem was with the washer being made with inferior materials that caused it to rust quickly. The maker made some adjustments by using a stainless steel washer which then solved the problem.

  • Very Nice!

    Mike, 1/10/2017 Commercial grade. Highest quality. Everything fits as expected.
  • Best ever.

    Chance, 1/2/2017 Everyone needs these connectors especially if you have more than one hose connection.
  • Not expensive big-box store plastic junk

    Jack F. Seward, 12/29/2016 Built like a tank. I expect to pass it on to my kids.
  • Feels substantial.

    Gina, 12/15/2016 This nozzle feels amazing. I live in Minnesota and it's December. I won't be able to use it till spring. Looks like it is very well made.
  • Home owner

    Jeff, 11/2/2016 Useful product
  • Best hose nozzle

    Guy D'Angelo, 8/15/2016 Sturdy well built functional nozzle!
  • Pretty, but ...

    Mark, 7/23/2016 Beautiful to look at, but grip pinches fingers, and spray is uneven and less strong than competitive models.
  • Water pressure in the nozzle

    Morten, 6/28/2016 Can you adjust the water pressure in the nozzle? Found it too strong or delicate watering. Am I wrong?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for stopping by to post a review on the Premium Watering Nozzle. The brass knob on the back side of the handle controls water flow. It only rotates about 90 degrees either left or right.
  • Incredible strudy and consistant water spray

    Christa, 6/21/2016 My husband is very picky about sprayers, well he absolutely loves the weight, the coupling system (no spray out and it swivels so no kinking the hose). The adjustments are perfect from a fine mist to a strong spray (used to clean paint brushes and pan). BEST sprayer we ever got. My husband brings it in every night so it doesn't get stolen since we live in the city.
  • Nozzles

    Thomas Hughes, 6/12/2016 Ordered all three spray nozzles. Got tired of the cheap plastic nozzles that break and leak. The quality of these nozzles is better than I thought they would be. Looking forward to non leaking results.
  • The best water nozzle - period

    Anthony, 6/11/2016 The best water nozzle - ever. All others should be trashed. The quality is worth the price!
  • Best Connectors Every

    Barbara Marshall, 6/7/2016 We love our new Quick Change hose fittings. It was so exciting to actually find these quality fittings in your catalog. Previous ones that we used were plastic and came apart easily. They work great with no leaks and stay connected!
  • expensive but worth it.

    William, 6/7/2016 Works very well, very versatile, and totally worth the price.
  • Great connectors

    Dennis Jones, 5/31/2016 These fittings are great. I have been looking for quality fittings like these for some time, all I could find were cheap ones that came apart, were hard to separate and made with cheap metal that would weld to hose and nossel fittings. These are quality made and work very well
  • Mixed feelings on the spray mister.

    Jean Melvin, 3/5/2016 SO FAR I love this mister sprayer. However, the water drizzles from the bottom of the spray head while using any spray pattern. Don't want to send it back, but I may call to discuss something similar that does not drizzle. Costs too much for anything less than perfection.
  • We love it!

    C and P, 3/4/2016 It is a thing of beauty and a joy, hopefully forever. This nozzle is the best we have ever had. We got the Versatile spray and it is great! The strong spray is strong enough to clean out the bird bath, the medium spray is strong but won't damage the growies, and the gentle spray is perfect for new plants and seedlings.
  • Leaked From The Onset

    Don, 7/16/2015 I thought for the price for the Versatile Mister ($79.95) that this would be a long-lasting nozzle, I was wrong. It leaked from day one. That said, my call to Garrett Wade resulted in them shipping a new one to me. The jury is still out till I receive the new one.
  • Got It Right

    Paul, 7/5/2015 Somehow a significant while gentle flow. Water the flora in a hurry, without squashing it flat. Comfortable and easy to use. Quick-change fitting works with the Italian hose reel. I'd buy a second only this one will last forever.
  • Great Nozzle

    Judson Roberts, 3/29/2015 I live on a small homestead-style farm in rural Oregon, and we use a lot of hoses and nozzles here, in the garden, greenhouse, and at the barn. They get frequent use and lots of exposure to the elements, and I've yet to have a plastic nozzle, even a well-made, seemingly sturdy one, last more than a single season. This is my second purchase of the versatile spray mister model, and I've also purchased three of the pistol grip model. They're very pricey--especially this spray mister one--but over time, not having to replace them, because of their sturdy all metal construction, makes them worth the premium cost to me. And it's an extremely versatile nozzle, especially due to the knob on the back which controls the volume of water flow, so you can have anything from the gentlest of spray mists for delicate or young plants to a hard focused stream for blasting off dirt. Highly recommended.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner March 2015 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Judson!!
  • What a Disapointment

    John Donaldson, 3/12/2015 The Pistol-Grip nozzle is described as near-zero plastic used" and "These are not inexpensive. But all you have to do is to pick one up to know that your grandchildren's children will be using them.". Guess what just broke? The plastic shaft attached to the adjusting knob! For $44.50 all parts should have metal, that would have cost only a few pennies more.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Pistol Grip Nozzle. We're sorry to hear you are disappointed. Please feel free to return it for a complete refund using the label which was included. We apologize for the inconvenience."
  • Nice Workmanship

    Steve Mulligan, 6/29/2014 This is a well crafted product that does everything it should well. Given its price, it performs as I would expect. The only issue I have with this nozzle is that it only works well with the quick attach accessory connected. It does not attach well to a standard hose and leaks without the accessory.
  • The New and Improved

    Philip, 6/27/2014 I ordered the latest iteration of the Pistol after using the previous version (still going strong) for over a year. Couldn't imagine how that one could be made better (considering the mass-market junk that doesn't even come close) but here it is. This one is even sturdier, and I like the addition of a flow adjuster knob. And the trigger sits much closer to the grip, making the unit more compact and making me less concerned about damage if the thing is dropped or knocked too hard sometime in the future. The quick release connection is great, I put it on my front-yard hose to keep the nozzle from walking away in a passerby's pocket when I'm not using it. Well worth the slight increase in price.
  • Best Nozzle I've Seen

    Judson Roberts, 6/23/2014 My wife and I live on a small farm in Oregon, and we use a lot of hoses and nozzles on it. Plastic ones, even supposedly high quality ones, just don't last for us more than a year or two. I purchased one each of the pistol grip and versatile spray mister nozzles. Both seem very solidly made and durable--I anticipate they'll last a very long time--and both have a great feature: the round brass knob on the back allows you to adjust the water pressure and volume. If I had it to do over again, I'd just buy two of the pistol grip nozzles. Between the pressure adjustment knob and the front spray adjustment, you can achieve any kind of spray pattern you want--it's infinitely variable. And getting the free quick-attach fitting with them is great, too--they not only allow you to quickly take the nozzle on and off, they also allow it to swivel freely on the end of the hose, which helps a lot with kinking issues.
  • A Pinch Hazard

    Peter, 5/30/2014 On my first use of the Pistol-Grip nozzle, I pinched my hand. Thank goodness that it wasn't a vise-grip. I was so pleased at the hefty quality of these nozzles, but found it disappointing that this design issue was overlooked. The same issue exists with the Rainmaker. Also, I wish the Rainmaker sprayed a little farther than it does on full power; you need to be within a foot or two of your target plant. But the shower stream is second to none. All other aspects are better than expected. So I could only withhold the 5th star.
  • OK Nozzle, Needs Better Packaging

    MikeyTNT, 5/26/2014
  • Worth The Price!

    Philip, 11/10/2013 Have been using the Stainless Pistol for several months now, this is the best-quality adjustable nozzle I've ever used, and it has spray settings that are ideal for garden irrigation. No-leak, feels as sturdy as a real pistol, easy to hold and control despite its weight. Pair it with a rotary flow-adjustment fitting on the end of your hose and you can duplicate the effect of gentle rainfall that won't beat up the foliage or cause unnecessary runoff. Or produce a robust flow to wash the driveway or do the lawn. The rotating sleeve that regulates spray pattern does not have fixed detents but will deliver the same spray each time you turn on the hose.
  • Nice Nozzle

    Jonathan Sachs, 8/14/2013 Works better made than most pistol grips - very nicely machined, does not leak and easy to control. Locks on with wire loop - flow adjusts smoothly from mist to stream.
  • Stainless Water Nozzle

    Joe Letterneau, 6/21/2013 We have bought many different nozzles over the years of various prices. This one - although a bit pricey is worth every cent. I'm actually very excited about this nozzle - how strange is this! First one with zero plastic - all metal - should last many years. Never had a bad product from Garrett Wade.
  • Built Like A Tank.

    Darin, 6/11/2013 After reading the first review about the mister" being made with cheap plastic, I just had to share my thoughts about the Versatile sprayer. Back when I was growing up, everything was made out of metal. It's been a while since I was able to buy a spray nozzle that didn't have any plastic in the design. This French made spray nozzle weighs over 1lb, and is all metal construction except for the molded rubber handle. The outer ring adjustment is brass. My kids have dropped and thrown these around and they still perform like they were new. I don't have the "mister", but the Versatile sprayer is top of the line. "
  • Great Find

    Jimmy, 5/3/2013 Just got the pistol and love it. Thinking about getting the versatile. Also took the suggestion and bought another set of adapters. Worth it.
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