European Sheath Knife

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Winter Sale European Sheath Knife
With grips of figured olivewood
From the maker of our European Hunting Knife
45T02.03 European Sheath Knife

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We love handsome sheath knives and this beauty is no exception. Italian in origin (overall length 11-1/2") with solid brass pins holding a heavy, wide 6-3/4" blade plus a sewn leather sheath for carry. It’s arguably as stylish as any we have seen in years. Full length tang. Very European.

The blade is 440 stainless steel.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:

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Overall Rating
  • Proud owner

    Mikee Maertz, 10/26/2018 Few words describe my European Sheath knife, strong, durable and
    DEPENDABLE, best buy ever at GW.
  • Just what I was looking for

    Darrell Mallory, 6/5/2017 I really love the knife. The blade is awesome and this is just what I was looking for. I must admit, I was a bit disappointed that the rivets in the handle are a bit rough. I did not expect that.

  • Beautiful knife

    Rob, 9/3/2016 Very well made and classic construction!
  • European Sheath Knife

    Robert Ferguson, 7/16/2016 Great size, not too big , not too small. Great balance along with a beautiful wood handle and a full tang. The sheath is very well made and they did not skimp on the leather. All in all a beautiful, useful knife.
  • This Knife Is Something Special!

    Garry, 10/15/2015 This European Sheath Knife is really something special! It is sturdy and perfectly balanced The extra wide blade, olivewood handle and overall design make it one of the most distinctive knives I have ever seen. I am a collector, and usually prefer darker wood finishes, but these olivewood grips have changed my mind. Along with the beautiful dark brown leather sheath, the combination is nothing short of spectacular. I am already planning my next purchase of the Short European Sheath Knife as a companion piece to display together with this one in my collection of over 60 knives. I also recently purchased the European Hunting Knife made by the same Spanish knife maker and consider the design and workmanship of both these knives top notch! Thank you again Garrett Wade for having such quality pieces available to those of us who value and appreciate fine workmanship.
  • Great Knife...Cheap Sheath.

    Colin Gerald, 12/26/2014 The knife is superb in all aspects, gorgeous olive wood handle, great design, very sharp..but like a previous reviewer said the sheath is cheap painted leather.
  • Useful Beauty

    H. Michael Simmons, 12/14/2014 Some knives are designed for display; others are meant for use. This one is both beautiful and practical, and I've worn and used it every day since it arrived. The olive wood handle scales are beautiful, The blade is sharp and well made. As the owner of scores of sheath knives, I can say that this is my favorite.
  • A Handsome Piece

    Nathan, 1/22/2014 A beautiful blade fit for the best of mountain men. It's construction is solid, and the edge is razor sharp strait from the box. If you're simply shaving firewood, or your face, or engage in the sport of wild pig hunting, you can depend on this hearty blade.
  • Best Ever

    Scott, 1/21/2014 Terrific quality and balance...and scary sharp!
  • Great Knife

    Alex , 8/9/2013 Wow. This is a beautiful knife. It comes extremely sharp out of the box. I like the heft of it and can't wait to use it on my next camping trip.
  • Heavy Reliable Hunter

    John H, 8/6/2013 I had been looking for a slightly larger than normal hunting knife that would be 100% dependable, which meant full tang, stainless steel and a comfortable grip--this knife is remarkable, the fit, finish and grind are perfect---I could find no fault at all with this blade, it was exactly as advertised and looks fantastic---very easy to give this one five stars---John H
  • Italian Sheath Knife

    Jens Petersen, 4/27/2013 Beautiful knife above my expectations. The grinding and polish is flawless and the fit to the olivewood handle is a beautiful finish. I shall treasure this knife. Thanks Jens
  • Italian Sheath Knife

    Russ, 2/28/2013 This knife is extremely well made. I like a chunky knife to grab onto and this one looks and feels surprisingly natural in the palm of your hand when gripped. The blade came with an almost mirror polish, and very sharp. Since it is made of 440 stainless steel sharpening may take a bit more effort, but it will hold the edge for much longer, so I guess it's a tradeoff. Sheath is also very well made. Over all I am considering this a good buy, very satisfied.
  • New Knife

    Ernest Bobbitt, 1/2/2013 When I saw this knife, I had to have it. Your Italian knives are the best in looks, design and strength. The edge stays sharp no matter.
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