Exceptional Vintage Kitchen Knife Set

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Exceptional Vintage Kitchen Knife Set
02B20.05 Exceptional Vintage Kitchen Knife Set

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These vintage kitchen knives have variations that make each one unique and were hand-forged decades ago in Thiers, France, one of the world's greatest cutlery centers. The Classic Chef’s Knife has the traditional “Cuisine Ideale” silhouette with a long, 9¾” stainless steel blade. It has a lovely 4¾" Rosewood handle with three brass rivets. The Carver is an intriguing Turkish-style Kitchen Knife. Featuring a trail-ing-point blade profile, the long, 9" blade curves slightly down in the middle, and then rises sharply at the tip, above the high-line of the handle. Excel-lent for carving roasts and skinning chicken. Has a 4" hardwood handle, with three brass rivets. Hand wash only, no dish-washer. These twoVintage knives are decades old, have never been used, and with proper care, will last you decades more. Quantities are limited. Sold as a set of three only.

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