Exceptionally Strong Garden Digger

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New Exceptionally Strong Garden Digger
Includes a USA made Leather Sheath
63A04.40 Exceptionally Strong Garden Digger

Available 12/28/2018


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Years ago, Japanese toolmakers pioneered this very popular “Hori-Hori” design (“Hori” means “to dig” in Japanese). A Digger is meant for gardeners, to use as a durable, everyday tool for weeding, loosening soil, and planting. With its one-side row of cutting teeth, it can even do light root-chopping. We have carried this style of Digger for decades because it functions really well.

Our new Garrett Wade one-hand Digger takes the classic design and ramps up the functionality and durability. We use an exceptionally strong Japanese stainless steel blade that's a full 1/8" thick. We also made the handle out of a tropical redwood for comfort and strength. To complete the Digger we designed a matching, USA-made leather belt sheath so the digger is always by your side. Beautifully made and a great value for your investment. Highly recommended!

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