Explorer’s Rugged Field Flashlight

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New Explorer’s Rugged Field Flashlight
12B01.04 Explorers Camp LED Flashlight

Available 07/25/2019


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This Explorer’s Rugged Field Flashlight features three settings (high, low, strobe) and a sliding head that widens or narrows the beam as needed. Use a low light for reading in your camp bed after lights-out and the wide max lumen beam for walking at night. For a 6" long package, it packs a big wallop: max lumen output of 320, a beam range of 800 feet, and a run time of 3-24 hours (depending on beam setting). The tough polymer make this hard to break when dropped. Comes with an internal rechargeable 3.6V lithium ion battery, and a USB charging cable that plugs into any USB power source. Waterproof for rain, but not fully submersible. This is a great all-around flashlight to have around the house, the campsite, or as an emergency item in your car. Because of our special purchase this is a very substantial value at this price.

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