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Sale Extra-Bright Brass Oil Lamps
Bright enough to read by
78A05.01 Small Extra-Bright Lamp

Available 10/01/2019

Regular Price: $57.50

Special Price $50.00

78A05.02 Large Extra-Bright Lamp

Available 10/01/2019

Regular Price: $64.45

Special Price $50.00

78A05.05 Replacement Wicks for Small Lamps (5)

In stock


78A05.06 Replacement Wicks for Large Lamps (5)

In stock


78A05.03 Repl. Glass for Small Lamp

In stock


78A05.04 Repl. Glass for Large Lamp

In stock


56A02.05 Copper Funnel - Large

In stock


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These Brass Oil Lamps are both 4" wide, but the Small Lamp is only 9" high, whereas the Large Lamp is 13". The fuel reservoir of the large lamp is larger as well, at two times the capacity of the small. What makes these particular lamps exceptional is their tall, narrow glass chimney, along with the special design of the wick and its unique elevation mechanism. The result is a much bigger flame that can actually extend smoke-free all the way up the chimney, if desired, producing a surprising amount of light.

We are delighted by them because, although a modern design, they have the inherent charm of a 19th Century lamp but throw a lot more light. The solid Copper Filling Funnel is a helpful addition when adding fuel. Both will burn either standard lamp oil or kerosene (easily available locally).

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Overall Rating
  • A great little lamp!

    Greg, 5/2/2019 I've been collecting oil lamps for years. Most are antiques, but I have some new, too. I bought the smaller of the 2 lamps offered. The quality of this lamp is immediately to be seen. Small, yet it puts out much more light than I expected. The wick adjuster works like a piece of precision machinery. And finally, it just LOOKS good.
  • Thank you sir may I have another

    Nick Benoit, 12/17/2018 For starters that guy that gave this item one star and admits it works great but than says he is spoiled is right about one thing and it's not the one star rating. This lamp works great I got the larger of the two and couldn't be happier it's super bright and a great value at the price and I may get one more.
  • It works as advertised BUT...

    Gregory, 11/2/2018 I must first say that this lamp holds oil, the wick adjusts, it produces ample light , all as advertised. BUT, I guess I'm a little spoiled because I have a French made Gaudard oil lamp and I thought this would be a good substitute for an actual Gaudard oil lamp but the difference is too great to even describe. This is a perfect example of the old saying "you get what you pay for" because the real thing costs twice as much but its twice as good.
  • Pretty good lamp

    Tim Nyhus, 11/2/2018 Overall, this should be a nice looking, functional lamp. Being a handyman, I'm straightening up the chimney holder, which was not exactly vertical. I've owned larger versions of these tubular wick lamps before, and I like the compact size of this one.
  • You Light Up my life!!!

    Nancy Wilson, 7/6/2018 It was the perfect gift for a former boat captain and a friend who lights up the world of those around him.
  • :OLd Time Class"

    One Thumb, 5/7/2018 This lamp is what I call "Old Time Class"! Very well made, and puts out much more illumination than the straight wick lamps. I am totally pleased and recommend it highly.
  • Function and charm is 5 stars

    Bets, 1/28/2018 I bought the smallest lamp. I actually like it and think it is pretty charming. For a small lamp, it does let off a good amount of light and the wick will actually sit even or 2mm above the seat...the latter sending the flame to the top of the glass cover. The only reason I gave it three stars is because mine was not in perfect condition when I got it. It has a hairline fracture in the very top of the glass, running horizontally. Its barely noticeable but it is likely I'll have to buy a replacement glass chimney at some point. It also had a couple of small dings in the body. Overall, it looks well made, its nice and solid and, despite the imperfections, it looks good. Fortunately, I bought this to use, so I'm not too upset that it isn't in perfect condition as long as it is very well made and will last. I'm pretty sure, even if I do have to replace the chimney, I will be using this lamp in 20 years, so its worth the money for use but if you are buying it strictly because you are looking for something beautiful to fill a space, you will get a pretty lamp but it might not be in perfect condition.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Extra Bright Brass Oil Lamp. We're happy to hear that you are satisfied with it but by all means, please return it for one which has been carefully looked over by our technician. You shouldn't have to settle for one that is less than perfect. We'll be sending you an email about the process shortly.

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