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Extra Capacity Hose Reel
$ 270
Wall mounted or fully portable free standing on its base, this large capacity all-steel Hose Reel is in a class by itself. It’s unusually high capacity (180ft of 5/8" hose) gives a homeowner or garden manager the ability to cover an exceptionally large area. No longer do you have to manually gather up endless feet of long hose spread all over the place. Just wind it up with the sturdy steel handle. The hose will be compact and secure. Using the heavy-duty steel wall bracket, the reel can be mounted to swing left or right 90 degrees with two locking positions. A quick-release pin allows easy dismount for free-standing operation.

Using Garrett Wade’s all-brass quick-change fittings (included to accommodate USA garden hose thread), connect the reel to a supply hose (not included). Internal piping feeds water to the hose you have wound on the reel. This design extends your watering range significantly. Simply run a garden hose from the bib to attach to the free-standing reel, then pull out up to 180 feet of wound hose. Watering the new saplings out by the road just got a whole lot easier! Unloaded weight is 25 lbs. so you can tell it is well made and will not tip over on its extra wide and sturdy base.

Whether the Long-Length Hose Reel, or the equally well-made Automatic Hose Reel are best for your needs will depend on your circumstances. But you can be confident that whichever you choose, you will be working with the very best available. Air shipping is not available.
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