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Bestseller Extra-Capacity X.H.D. Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner
11G13.03 Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner

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From the same maker who produces our highly regarded H.D. Pole Saw and Bypass Pruner, with double the capacity at 2". The heavy-duty Anvil Lopper is great for cutting all types of wood, but excels at cutting hard dry wood. The secret is that using the 20X mechanical advantage pulley and gear combination, the blade rises vertically to cut, instead of pivoting - thus avoiding any twisting. This X.H.D. tool also includes a 14" high-carbon 6tpi stainless steel saw blade that attaches to the end of the pole.

It extends from 4 to 8 ft in length, using an exclusive snap-lock (not common twist-lock) system. Like the 1" capacity Pole Pruner (mentioned above), this tool surpasses all others that we have seen in construction and thoughtful design.

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Overall Rating
  • Excellent tree trimmer.

    Dan Wells, 7/20/2020 Very easy to use and very effective. Cuts small limbs very easily. Haven't used the saw yet.
  • An essential tool for multiple tree lot

    Paul Mathis,Jr.,Esq., 6/6/2020 I purchased this tool last week and it is everything I expected. It’s well made, easy to use and the saw and pruner can be changed with little effort. The most important thing is it is safe To use and when used properly, you will be able to safely do this work yourself.
  • Impressed

    Greg Martens, 5/30/2020 Great tool! I am very impressed with what it can cut through.
  • A good pruner

    Mary Meyer, 5/27/2020 I'm updating a previous negative review. Customer service finally got back to me and helped me figure out why the pruner blade was not closing properly and how the cord adjusts. I'm still find this pruner a bit heavier than I would like and somewhat difficult to maneuver around small branches. One of my main uses is to clean out dead branches from the canopies of some of my trees and this isn't ideal. Still the quality is generally good. Could have saved a lot of grief by sending diagrams and trouble shooting tips when the pruner is ordered. The customer service rep was very helpful however.
  • Poor Execution

    Kat, 5/23/2020 I purchased this item for my large tree in my backyard. The plastic clasps for the anvil are very cheap and does not secure properly to the metal pole. I extended the pole to cut a branch and the clasp released itself and the pole hung from the branch without cutting it. It was pretty high up on the tree so I had to take a ladder to gently maneuver and pull the pole down. The clasp was completely undone even though I made sure it was properly closed before using it. The ingenuity is great-- but the execution is poor. Sadly I will have to return it. I can't run the risk of this happening again- I may not be able t get this tool down next time :(
  • Quality Tool

    Laura, 8/28/2019 Needed something a bit more heavy duty for cutting larger branches and the lopper attachment did not disappoint - it sliced right through them like butter! A little bit heavy with the pruner attached (for a 120 lb woman) but despite this I see myself using this tool quite a lot for my business. Also love how quick & easy it is to swap the heads out. Recommend!
  • Awesome Pole Pruner - Saw

    dplev4, 7/28/2019 This is a lightweight extendable pruner saw that really works. It very easy to change from pruner to saw. Anvil pruner easy to pull and cut and the saw cuts tall branches quickly and flawlessly. No catching or snagging.
    I have to prune my cherry trees every two or three years. I own two pruning saws and two chain saws including an extended pole Chianti’s saw. This pruner- saw is my new go to saw. Easier to change and use than depicted in videos.
  • Pole Saw and Pruner/Tree Trimmer

    Javier M, 5/21/2019 I am extremely pleased and very happy with my purchase of the Jumbo Pole Saw and Pruner, this item is amazing and works like a champ, excellent product quality and does a great job with my Live Oak Trees which had grown real big and started growing some very long branches that were hanging over my driveway and part of my sidewalk, at first when I used it, I thought I would not be able to handle it due to having arthritis on my hands and fingers but it was pretty easy to use and got the job done without hurting my hands and or fingers as mentioned. I would highly recommend anyone, family and friends this product. Thank you Garret Wade for creating such amazing and professional gardening tools.
  • Pole saw

    John, 1/14/2019 The pruning tool is a bit awkward to use. Its heavy when the pole is in its longest position. But it does slice threw limbs up to 1/2" withered no problem. Any larger diameter & mine tends to get stuck . Also the locking mechanism locks when using it in thick areas of branches. The saw is super light & easy to use. It cuts threw limbs of all sizes with just a bit of elbow grease. It is a bit flimsy though & when your at full extension it's hard to keep it in your saw groove. All in all it's a good addition to my array of yard tools.
  • Tree Trimmimg made easy.

    Claudia Hepler, 1/1/2019 This past fall our neighbor helped us saw some overhanging branches with this Pole Saw. We were so impressed that it went on our To Buy List. Merry Christmas to us from us!
  • Service

    paul selz, 12/28/2018 Gave the pruner as a Christmas present, so no review--just wanted to thank you for prompt, very efficient and (most of all) courteous customer service on an item that was not received. You are to be complimented on how well the question was handled. Such service deserves and has earned my future business.
  • I came. I sawed. I conquered.

    Phillip Scuderi, 12/17/2018 This pole saw made short work of some limbs that had grown to overhang my garage. It was so satisfying to use that I secretly can't wait for those limbs to regrow, just so I have an excuse to break it out again. Expect solid construction and superb performance from this tool.
  • Great Tool but Needs a Saw Blade Sheath

    Paul Newman, 11/13/2018 Absolutely spectacular quality construction. I gave this pole saw and pruner just four starts because I believe that a leather sheath for the wickedly sharp saw blade should be included. I have nothing that will protect my fingers from a slip.
  • Favorite New tool

    DJones, 10/25/2018 Love this tool!! Very well made! Professional quality!
    I’ve always wanted one of these & so glad I purchased this one.
  • Great tool

    Leona, 8/19/2018 The pole saw is very sturdy. We have several acres of trees and large bushes so it is really helpful to be able to use the extension in various positions. I am very happy with it.
  • So glad I bought this

    Fionnuala Kenny, 8/10/2018 I've had this for two years now and it is really a beautiful tool. Robust, easy to handle and excellently made. I'm 69 and have no problem using it, even fully extended. So glad I bought this!
  • Jumbo pole saw&pruner

    Kitt Pinthanond, 5/9/2018 Excellent tool
  • Clearing branches over roof

    Robert Fellows, 12/2/2017 The Jumbo Pole Pruner worked as advertised, smoothly cutting through 1 3/4" redwood and blue spruce branches overhanging my roof. On the second pull I did wrap the cord around the handle to provide a grip. The device is well made and a better alternative than the pole pruners in the hardware stores.
  • Pruningmade easy

    John owen, 11/12/2017 Excellent tool easy to use. Fair price.
  • So far, so good

    Karen F, 10/2/2017 First time out, did an excellent job pruning high branches of a redbud tree. The anvil pruner is very solid and the extension holds better than my older bayonet model. Have not yet tried the saw, but the directions look straightforward. My only complaint is the effort it took to open the plastic clamshell.
  • Great tool

    David Holland, 9/11/2017 Unit does a great job. It is a bit heavier than others but has to be to do the job it does. I am 80 years old and have no trouble using it
  • Easy Cut and Pruning The Tools You Don't Want to be Without

    Allan Batson, 9/3/2017 If you have trees you need the XHD Jumbo Pole Saw and Pruner. This is my second one, because the first one was taken from my garage and they left all the other tools hanging. Easy to use and easy to change blades. Buy now because what's in the stores are not worth the money.
  • Heavy Duty Pruner for 78 year old grandmother

    Geri Niemann, 7/31/2017 Very well engineered. Heavy duty and sharp. Even though it is heavy, extension allows pruning of large, high branches. Very happy with this purchase.
  • great in concept, not in reality

    John N, 6/18/2017 I've got palm trees to trim and I thought the 2" heavy duty pruning head would do the trick. Well, it didn't cut all the way through by any means. It's probably fine for small branches, crepe myrtles and the like, but not for anything heavy duty. I returned it after one use. My lightweight corona cuts far better.
  • mr

    roger rilling, 6/16/2017 works great- easy to use
  • Love this tool

    Barb, 5/28/2017 Being a woman of 5' that loves to garden this is a must have tool. I took it out of the box and spent all morning trimming the trees that until now I have only dreamed of trimming. The blade is super sharp and it works much better that a tall ladder and some lopers(which scares my husband) Its a wonderful tool that I recommend hole heartily.
  • Easy for the untrained

    Beuford Durmon , 4/29/2017 Used immediately after arrival, each 'head' worked perfectly and easily for me (totally a novice)
  • Great tool for the yard worker

    Lyn, 4/27/2017 I have found this to be everything that it was discribed. Easy to use and cut everything I needed. Did take some getting use to when extended the handle but once I adjusted to it, worked very well for me. Would and have recommended to my neighbors and friends that work in their yards.
  • Powerful Lopper

    Judson Roberts, 4/9/2017 My wife and I have a small homestead farm in western Oregon, and since moving here five years ago, have come to rely on Garret Wade as a reliable source for high quality tools. This pruner is no exception. I use it each year to prune the trees in our orchard, and the lopper top allows me to do the job much more quickly than a pruning saw alone would. It has amazing cutting power--if a branch, even of hardwood like apple, will fit in the jaws, this thing will cut through it. It is somewhat heavy, so working with it overhead for a long time does get tiring. Also, because it usually takes two hands to maneuver it into position on a branch, once you've done that the cord that you pull to work the lopper jaws will have swung away, out of reach, which is inconvenient. I solved that issue by attaching a two inch long piece of pvc pipe to the pole shaft just below the upper handle, using the clamptite tool that Garret Wade sells (wish GW allowed photos to be included in reviews), and running the cord through that, to keep it always hanging close to the shaft and my hands. I've only used the saw attachment once, but found it easy to switch to from the lopper, an aggressive cutting blade, and sturdier than a lightweight Japanese pruning pole saw I have--the blade on that one has snapped once already.
  • Jumbo saw & pruner

    George Lee, 3/22/2017 Plastic is not sturdy enough. Need a longer than 8' pole. The cutting head is good. Too. Also, I did not receive the gift knife promised in the sale article.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for your review on the Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner. We're sorry that you aren't completely happy with it. We've mailed a return label to you, should you wish to return it for a refund. We apologize that your free knife wasn't included. It's on its way to you.
  • Wondful tool

    Barbara Carney, 1/21/2017 Have not used yet, but I am sure that with the larger anvil cutting head it will be of great value to my lawn service business. I just wish it had a longer than an 8' reach
  • Not for heavy duty use

    Brian Phillips, 1/15/2017 Great cutter, blade and light weight pole but the plastic attachment device of the clipper head and saw to the pole are not adequate. My first afternoon out the cutter head and saw blade came off from the pole and stuck up in the tree half a dozen times. A major pain to try a get the saw blade out of the cut and back on the ground to reattach. The attachment mechanism is some new "patented" method that's cool but not practical but for light work. And this is a jumbo device and the cutter head is heavy and substantial.
  • Marvelous device!

    Jeremy Cantor, 1/15/2017 This tool saved me the cost of a visit from an arborist and the hazard of being a sixty-four-year-old guy on a ladder. Just today I realized I could also use it to snip lemons off our lemon tree, too!
  • Great product

    Amy McIver , 12/28/2016 High quality & heavy duty. Exactly what I expected & very pleased.
  • Great Item

    FarmerGirlAR, 12/8/2016 I thought that both the saw and the pruner attachments worked great for my needs!
  • Excellent tool

    Finn kenny, 11/13/2016 Excellent,first class tool. Heavy duty, so you need strength to operate. Great reach expanding pole and great cutting. Clear instructions for changing heads.
  • Quality

    Jim Olsen, 10/25/2016 High quality. Easy to use
  • Pole saw & pruner

    James DiSabatino , 10/23/2016 The lopping straight blade and the pulley system are by far the best. They make it so much easier to use than other models of lesser grades Thanks garret wade for a superb product.
  • best designed heavy duty tool i ever found

    Raymond, 8/2/2016 best designed heavy duty tool i ever found
  • Thank Goodness for Replacement Blades

    Rudy, 7/27/2016 I couldn't maintain our place without this pruner. The blade did break on it but thankfully you offer replacements. I wish the replacement blade came with instructions as it is not exactly intuitive.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your positive comments on the Jumbo Pole Saw and Pruner. Our technician will be able to answer any questions you have about the replacement blade. Feel free to give him a call at 1-800-221-2942.

  • Pole Saw/Pruner

    charles mcguirk, 7/12/2016 to Joe the technician : Sir it is a five star product, I do wish it had the ratching that my lopper has however lt is still an awesome tool. thank you!
  • Long reach heavy duty trimmer

    C L Kinzer, 6/11/2016 Useful. Seemingly well made. Worked very well for the intended purpose.
  • Good Product

    Roger, 5/20/2016 Solid product, Easy to switch out the saw with the lopper (pruner) a bit top heavy with the lopper. All in all it will get the job done.
  • Pole Saw and Pruner does the job.

    Tom, 5/20/2016 The Pole Saw and Pruner does the job. I also purchased the Pruner Loper at the same time. If the Pole Pruner had the same ratching jaw as the Loper I would give it 6 Stars!!
  • Impressive design more impressive in use!

    Karl , 5/20/2016 Very solid piece of equipment! It will not slide up or down when you stop it at the positions with detents. The power multiplication through the pulley design increases the diameter of branch that can be removed. All in all the best I've ever used!
  • Jumbo pole saw pruner

    Leon, 5/17/2016 I like my new tool. Versatile.A little heavy.
  • Initial Review

    Ronald, 4/3/2016 The pruner works well and is easy to use. The tool appears to be sturdy enough for its intended use. The levers and buttons are plastic and long term durability will be judged in 10 years from now.
  • This is the one to have. Beats all others.

    Sam Theeman, 3/13/2016 Excellent Tool. Lopper Top heavy but works great. Cuts bigger stock than other tools. Saw works great as well. Reach is good. I am glad I purchased this.
  • Quality Product

    John Lyon, 3/4/2016 This is a quality product. I've only used the pruner so far. The mechanical advantage enables relatively large branches to be lopped.
  • This is the best

    Kent, 3/1/2016 There's not much that I can add to all these other 5-star reviews. I've had this saw/pruner for several years. I use it to cut back the limbs of my front yard tree to keep them away from the house. It can really prune 2" branches and you can swap to the saw for larger branches. We had a bad spring hail storm a year or so back. Because the leaves had opened, everyone had broken branches on their trees. I loaned this great tool to many of my coworkers. Every single one of them loved it. I have bought many tools from Garret Wade and have learned that everything they say about a tool (internet or catalog) is 100% accurate.
  • Great saw. Should have bought one years ago.

    Sandy My friends call me McGyver because I'm always changing or repairing things., 12/18/2015 I'm a 75 yr. old woman and bought saw for my work with the Appalacian Trail Club , the 2 oldest cemeteries in Norfolk, False Cape State Park and my yard. Ordered it last week and it arrived last night in time for some major tree trimming this morning at the cemetery. Job would have been impossible without your incredible saw. I was glad to have the video to explain how to change from saw to lopper. Discovered it can be extra easy(for we of the weaker sex) to let one work the lopper and another pull the cord. That way both hands can hold the saw and I think you can move faster. It depends on the situation.
  • Precision Prunner

    Larry, 8/31/2015 I took this out for a test over the weekend for two projects. The first was trimming palm fronds where the 2" jaw allowed me to trim stems that defied my other pole pruners. The cut was smooth and powerful with the leverage from the pulley system. It would be a nice addition if the head were adjustable for a 90 degree cut. The second project was a flowering plum tree and the pruner made quick work of an otherwise difficult chore. The extension mechanism is smooth and the pole very sturdy. While the reach is less than the longest pruners out there , this can trim significantly larger branches than any of the other half dozen pole pruners in my equipment shed. It is a welcome addition to my tool shed.
  • Quality Delivered!

    David Mitchell, 7/31/2015 Unpacked this and immediately put to use and was immediately impressed by the balance and ease of use! Not having to contend with the blade while working close to siding and gutters allowed for a very easy and controlled even trim that elevated my abilities. Ultra smooth mechanism requiring a lot less pull to slice through both soft and hardwood branches. Lastly, really like the non-round wrapped pole for stability.
  • Pole Saw That WORKS

    Dick Dunleavy, 7/26/2015 As usual GARRETT WADE sells a quality product,this pole saw exceeds ALL expectations by consistently performing as advertized with clean cuts,smooth, easy operation! Thanks for a GREAT pole saw/trimmer/pruner!
  • Out On A Limb

    Miles West, 7/8/2015 The engineering of this tree trimmer is superb. I should have purchased a long time ago and saved myself a lot of grief.
  • Great Inovation

    Hughtron, 5/2/2015 I have nine fruit trees and four shade trees in my yard that require almost constant pruning, not only for the health of the trees but the appearance of things in general. My existing two in one pole saw has from the beginning been a constant source of irritation in that one function always interferes with the other, getting tangled in the foliage, and making it very difficult to get into tight spaces. I was initially put off reading some of the negative reviews on this item, but then I reasoned nothing ventured, nothing gained" and decided to pass judgment on it myself. When it arrived the box was really torn up, but the amount of pillows stuffed inside saved the tool from serious damage. The compound pulley system imparts an incredible amount of focused power, even more so than my largest anvil type loppers! I haven't used the saw yet, but the design of the blade with laser cut teeth makes it look far more aggressive than what I had before. Some may disdain the extensive use of plastic, but this current trend to ergonomics makes it lightweight and easier to use. Double locking mechanisms, if used properly, make it very difficult to overstress a connection point. The extension pole is very smooth and easy to use, again with double locks for each adjustment hole. I found the most effective way to use the compounding mechanism (since it's a "long pull") for tall branches was to hold the pole in one hand and "choke up" on the line with the other hand wrapping it around a leather glove a few times for a smooth clean cut. Sweet! I now think this is an excellent example of precision with quality construction throughout. "
  • Huge Capacity!

    Mr. Mumbles, 5/1/2015 A unique, high capacity pruner, with pulleys giving considerable mechanical advantage and a cutting blade having vertical travel, which limits bending of the pole. The cutting head is steel, so it is somewhat heavy and the pole doesn't give quite as much reach as some others. Perhaps a Garrett Wade peculiarity, but the unit was delivered with absolutely no instructions nor any warranty information! One must figure out how to unfasten the pruner in order to attach the saw. Plastics are used to fasten the blade and pruner to the pole, but seem to be of high quality and good strength. For heavy duty lopping, this is a sound investment.
  • Good, With Some Noteable Reservations...

    John, 2/3/2015 Had held off, despite wanting his for a while. Finally bought it and used it ~6-7 different occasions. Cutting is a breeze, with parts moving smoothly (so far. BUT, pole diameter is, in my opinion, undersized. Biggest negatives though are that the cutter actually slips into the pole with only a (very) short (~3), stubby plastic piece. Cutting branches which this tool is designed for should have longer and more durable piece. Also, although this may be quibbling a bit, is that the latching mechanism can become unlatched when up in high working around dense branches. (This has happened 2x) Not fun to "fish" around trying to slip pole back onto the (short) plastic stub to retrieve the cutter...Does it cut more/better than other models? Absolutely. Are there some design deficiencies? I think so."
  • Good Pole Pruner

    Ken Stevens, 12/11/2014 Very good compound pole pruner with the minor drawback that the head is heavy for more horizontal pruning.
  • Best Pruner For The Price

    David Kermode, 10/25/2014 In 32 years of home ownership, I have had to purchase several pole pruners to keep my redwood trees from growing over my roof and rain gutters. The HD pruner from Garrett Wade is the best quality and best performance pruner that I have found, and is well worth the low catalog price. I don't understand any of the few negative reviews that I have read. The adjustable length pole is long enough to cut anything within a safe distance from the ground. Any longer and the danger would increase from heavy limbs falling on you, and a longer pole would be harder to control when the limbs fall. It definitely cuts larger diameter limbs than the pruners available from the big box home stores. The double pulley system and long pull length makes large limb pruning easy, where with small pruners it would be impossible. The saw blade has very large teeth for much easier sawing, and has a hooked end that keeps it from slipping off of the limb being cut. I think that this pruner's quality and performance makes it a bargain at this low price.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner October 2014 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, David!!
  • Jumbo Pole Saw

    Retiredelect1, 10/22/2014 Nice tool. I would have given a 5 star rating but it's not as powerful as I expected. I tried to cut a one and a quarter inch locust tree branch and I thought the tool was going to break. Maybe it was me being a wuss--I don't know!
  • Jumbo Pole Pruner

    Mike Reynolds, 10/20/2014 Needed a good quality pruner and saw so I thought I would give it a try. Have not tried it as of yet but seems to be quite sturdy and well made.
  • Too Many Flimsy Plastic Components

    Derek, 9/18/2014 First use was very excited. Cut up to 1 1/2 branches. But after using about 5 times this past year, all the small flimsy thin plastic parts started to break apart. Plastic for pulley broke. Plastic that guide the rope broke off. The plastic that locks the extension pole wore off. Now I am regretting buying this expensive pruner. Note that I am very gentle with this pruner. Unlike my other pruner (all metal)I never dropped or slide down the tree of this pruner. The saw is worst than the $39 at the home center. Not recommend this pruner.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner. We have sold hundreds of these with much success. However, it sounds like yours is the exception. We'll contact you separately to get a new one shipped out to you ASAP. We are sorry for the trouble. All our tools are back by a 90 day money back guarantee and one year against defects. If you have further questions, please call our 1-800 number and ask to speak with our technician."
  • Incredible Hulk Pruner

    Dave, 8/19/2014 I got this for Christmas. I already had a what I thought was a good pole saw pruner. Not even close. This pruner is amazing. Not sure what it will cut but I've gone above 2 inch's. It never binds or jams. Locking extensions is also a great feature. Yeah Santa.
  • Broke On First Use

    RWB, 3/25/2014 This seems like a great tool, BUT... the plastic piece that holds the pulley rope for the pruner/lopper CRACKED completely on first use. It simply could not withstand the tension. We did like this tool very much -- the pruner,the saw & the extension of the pole -- until it broke. We are exchanging it, at Garrett Wade's recommendation, and will try again. Keeping fingers crossed. But this could just be a flawed design.
  • Overrated

    John, 1/13/2014 This is not durable enough for professional use. Mine was showing wear after only 3 days. The actual cutting capacity for green wood is about 1.25 inches, IF you can make a perpendicular cut. If you can only get on the branch diagonally, the limit is about .75. If you exceed this size, The blade will bind in the cut, and the spring is not strong enough to retract the blade. In 3 days, I had to climb trees about 8 times to pry open the jammed pruner. "
  • Pole Saw

    Don, 1/6/2014 Works quite well but wish it was longer. Bought it to cut Palm trees and had to climb a ladder on some. An accessory extension would be nice to have for the high ones.
  • Jumbo Pole Pruner/Saw is AMAZING

    Jeff Hickman, 12/15/2013 This is my NEW FAVORITE Tool! After struggling with the regular Pole Pruner/Saw I've had for 15 years, I decided there must be something better. A quick web search showed me the X.H.D. Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner. This was exactly what I was looking for! The cam lock/lever to keep the extension in place resolved my biggest complaint with my old one. I had to use a pipe wrench & channel lock pliers to tighten the worn out twist lock (& NO Replacement parts were available). The design of the cutting blade also enables you to EASILY cut anything that fits in the opening. Not like the puny 1 opening on other models. We just took down two 18 year old Bradford Pears (over 45' tall) & we used the pruner to cut off almost every branch of the trucks. Another feature that makes this one step ahead of any other model is the quick adjust feature with the pull down handle on the cord. Move the pin, take up some slack on the rope & your handle is now in position for maximum power. Never again will I need to tie knots in the cord to shorten the handle/rope! I haven't used the saw yet, but the quick change from pruner to saw is great. I also like the small hook on the end of the blade, which will be handy to give a pull on a branch that is still hanging on. This is my 1st purchase from Garrett Wade & it is surely NOT my last. I see a number of tree & shrub pruning tools I look forward to owning as my old tools start to lose my favor. Not to mention the great assortment of woodworking tools I hope to own. I wish I had found Garrett Wade years ago!"
  • Tunnel Maker

    11Bravo, 11/18/2013 Using this pruner and 2 hours of my time, was able to clear tunnels through several mature trees for telephone and cable lines, filling up 2 large trash barrels in the process. Now back to a straight path" from pole to house, rather than a series of twists and turns from YEARS of growing branches pushing and pulling. No aches in arms or hands, testament to the power advantage of the pulley. With green softwood (e.g. Mulberry tree), easy work cutting through some stout branches. Once positioned, the vertical travel allows you to make the cut as the blade does not twist. Having it within the hook makes pulling down the cut branch straightforward. The slide lock extension mechanism vastly superior to the twist and lock of cheaper pruners. Fully extended, it is a bit top-heavy, but maybe that's just my aging arms... With harder wood, still handled fairly easily. I did not have any real trouble positioning the head, even with the "extended arm" lever design, in TANGLED branches. GREATLY appreciated is the SEPARATE saw head, so that it did not interfere while using the pruner head. Likewise, being able to remove the pruner head, made the pole a lot lighter when using the saw. Used the saw several times to cut through some larger branches. Some undesirable saw flex, but a bit of careful positioning, and making sure of a straight back and forth pull, minimized that. Securing mechanism gives a solid feel to both heads once attached."
  • Nice item fragile parts

    John McKenzie, 11/17/2013
  • Gerimedic

    Michael Young, 11/15/2013 I received this pruner almost the next day, unpacked it, and like most guys with a new tool, took it on a trial run. I also took the less expensive pruner, also Garrett Wade to compare. The heavy duty model will handle considerably larger branches and cuts more cleanly. The extension lock is truly indestructible and works better than the junior model. The removable separate saw blade is a real improvement. However, I did trade the saw blade on the new tool for the blade on the older model because the older blade cut faster; maybe because it is coated.
  • Jumbo, Saw, Pruner

    Alan, 11/3/2013 No doubt about it the best pruner I've ever owned. Highly recommend it. Makes cleaning up around shooting houses a snap". "
  • A tool that gets the job done fast and easy.

    Steve Milburn, 10/20/2013 My wife and I keep on our private property a large landscape garden containing many trees and bushes. None of the previously used commercial pole pruning tools did an adequate job, often jamming on cuts or breaking at stress points. Then we came across Garrett Wade's Extra-Capacity pole pruner and saw. This relatively light weight device is easy to manage, while being a really heavy duty" cutter-excellent results every time! The materials and mechanics engineering are exceptionally high quality It allows clean cuts, quickly and efficiently, without a lot of operating strength effort or stress. The design is perfect! Garrett Wade has us as continuing satisfied customers for their quality tools and equipment. "
  • Great design and quality

    John R. Call, 10/11/2013 Our property has thousands of trees -- mostly live oaks, red oak, post oak, cedar, cedar elm, pecan, and walnut. Our concerns are keeping all of them trimmed and healthy. Clean pruning cuts make the incisions much easier to seal (absolutely essential on our ranch where oak wilt is a permanent danger), and this powerful tool makes clean, fast cutting a breeze. I particularly like the non-integrated" design -- that is, the fact that the pruning saw blade is separate from the pruner head. Other designs that incorporate the saw as a permanent part of the head cause the two tools to interfere with each other as one or the other is always hanging up on nearby branches. The quick-change design makes changing from the pruner to the saw and back again very fast and quite secure. This is a strong, quality tool that does what it is supposed to do. It isn't perfect, but it is as close as one can expect in this imperfect world."
  • A fine tool

    Rick Turner, 10/6/2013 Impressive gear action slices thru branches much bigger than I thought it would. Does exactly what it should!
  • Use Rating

    John, 9/16/2013 The tool works very well. I like the way it breaks down for easy storage! It appears to be very well made.
  • Lopper

    Tom Marsh, 9/6/2013 This pruner is a very stable cutter. I am amazed at how easy it is to cut a large limb. And the adjustments for length are so easy. I will and would recommend to a friend.
  • Not What I Expected

    DJ, 7/11/2013 Saw and pole extensions are fine. The anvil pruner though is very heavy and unwieldy at extended pole lengths. Also my unit may be defective as the piece that holds the anvil lever mechanism to the pole does not hold it to the pole. So as you pull the rope, it simply comes off the pole and doesn't cut the limb. I am trying to figure out whether I have a defective unit, or am using it incorrectly, but the unit does not come with instructions and there is no website from the manufacturer. I will call Garrett Wade and hopefully this will all get corrected. not happy.
  • Handiest Tool for Trimming and Pruning

    David Mesirow, 7/5/2013 Given the vegetation the Pacific NW, this is, clearly, one of the handiest tools to have available, no matter the size of your property. It is versatile, efficient, and, most important, not cumbersome.
  • Best Pole Prunner

    Laszlo B de Simon, 7/1/2013 I've had pole saw/pruners before but this tool is light years" better then any others. The workmanship and design make this not only an excellent cutting tool but much easier to use! I would highly recommend purchasing this tool and getting rid of all the other pole pruners you've ever owned. It's telescopic handle and good balance enable efficient cutting at greater distances then ever before."
  • My tool

    Mery Valencia, 4/5/2012 This is a marvelous tool to take down all the branches you do not want and very easy to handle, I only need to be a little bit taller.
    Thank you
  • Satisfied Customer

    Robert Lemoi, 3/15/2012 As customers before me gave this a high rating, I am doing so also. The two iunch branch cutter does as advertised and works much better than previous ones that I purchased in so called bargain outlets. You cannot go wrong with this one.You get what you pay for, so forget the higher price. Buy it you won't be sorry. The majority of customers who bought it and gave it good reviews such as myself cannot be wrong.
  • Love It

    Lynn, 5/16/2011 This is everything it said it would be, (although the opening of the cutter is smaller than the stated capacity). The big surprise was the quality of the saw -- like cutting through butter. I have the two loppers by the same company and they just make wonderful tools. Thanks for finding them and making them accessible.
  • light weight

    Scott, 3/15/2011 This is in no way a X.H.D" pruner. Would defiantly not recommend to someone who is looking for a true "Heavy Duty" pole pruner. Used it extensively this past weekend and I was truly disappointed in it's performance. "
  • Jumbo Pole Saw Pruner

    John Cole, 3/13/2011 The pole saw and pruner is more or less as advertised. While functional, there are a few aspects that are less than ideal. The mechanism for changing out the saw and pruner is awkward to use and could be improved and the pruner itself is difficult to maneuver if you have a number of limbs that are relatively close together.
  • Super Duty

    Bob Doyle, 3/3/2011 Just received this pole trimmer today and it surely is impressive. I believe it will do all that the others who have reviewed it said it will do. It really is thought out well the only thing that I was taken aback by is the fact that it is made in the Far East. Then again it has a LIFETIME WARRANTY, so I would just take if for granted that the Canadian family firm who markets it will stand behind the tool no matter where it's made.
  • A Great Trimmer

    James, 12/24/2010 Time i saw this pole trimmer..i knew it would work great for me and it has...so glad i saw and bought it !
  • Best pruner

    Mark Sainsbury, 12/19/2010 This is much better than your average pruner. The handles locks in position, so there's no slipping. The pruner is very powerful - much less effort is needed. Having the saw and the pruner as separate units makes it much easier to perform each function: sawing without the pruner in the way, and pruning without the saw in the way. Highly recommended.
  • Top Grade Tree Tool

    Joan Kennedy, 12/15/2010 My husband has done tree work as a profession in the past. Our son is doing the same now & is receiving this as a gift. The quality straight out of the package is excellent. It appears this tool will provide the performance needed by a professional to assist in the east of trimming safely.
  • Tree Trimmer

    Doug Cook, 11/26/2010 I purchased this as a Christmas present, so have not been able to evaluate use. But, looking at the unit, it looks very well made, has a mean looking cutter, and from all aspects, I anticipate this will do any pruninig job quite well.
  • superb

    Keith, 7/10/2010 a very superb tool......works quite well.
  • Jumbo loppers get the job done

    DeeAnna, 6/26/2010 I purchased the jumbo pole pruner along with the anvil and bypass loppers as a set (11G12.10). We have used a variety of loppers and pole pruners to maintain our wooded property over the years. Some work okay; others (including name-brand expensive ones) have failed miserably. We are both getting a lot of use out of all three tools -- each has its own particular strengths. I like the pole pruner because it's not an all-in-one saw and lopper – the saw blade and the lopper head are quickly interchangeable and lock securely in place on the pole. That means you aren't dealing with extra weight or extra gadgetry on the far end of the pole as you try to position the pruner to make a cut. The pole also extends or retracts quickly and easily. Once you get it to the length you want, the pole locks securely at that length. I also like the extra capacity in the lopper. Even if you don't expect to typically cut 2 limbs, the wide opening and the particular design of this lopper make it easier to hook the lopper over smaller limbs."
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