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Bestseller Extra Heavy Duty Screwdriver Set
Historically the most rugged wood-grip screwdrivers in the world
The good the bad the ugly
05R01.03 Extra H.D. Screwdriver Set

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05R01.30 Extra H.D. Screwdriver Set (2)

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These heavy-duty tools have an unusual history. Originally made in the USA, they were standard equipment in all US Army tanks, but disappeared from the market over 20 years ago. Now we have found them again.

You can do absolutely anything with these tools - turn, pry, excavate, pound - whatever you can come up with. The four are 6, 8, 10 and 12". Solid forged steel from tip to top with rugged lacquered wooden grips - not very pretty, but then again you don't have to "baby" them. Imported.

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Overall Rating
  • Okay for the cost

    Keith, 8/5/2020 Definitely heavy duty and a bit crude, but I kinda like that. However, all four screwdrivers have the exact same blade size. No phillps heads at all. Those are things I didn't notice when ordering. Not sure why anyone would need four screwdrivers with the same blade. They do have different handle lengths, but still doesn't exactly seem like a "set." More of a bunch of similar screwdrivers bundled together.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Screwdriver Set

    Robert Taylor, 6/11/2020 Decent quality. Rough finished pine handles would have been better in oak or maple.
  • Heavy Duty but not usable

    Richard, 5/22/2020 I ordered three sets - one for me and one for each of my sons - because these looked like the set my grandfather had. The ones I received do, indeed, look very rugged. However the quality is poor. The description states, "lacquered wooden grips" but, as others have noted, the wood is rough and unfinished. I could have fixed that myself but what makes them unusable is the tip, which is a full 1/16" and far too blunt to use in any normal slotted screw head. I had no choice but to return them.
  • Buy them as pry bars!

    Evan, 5/10/2020 These make FANTASTIC pry bars. Beat on them however you please. They are metal from end to end with a striking cap that is literally just part of the rest of the metal driver. One star taken off because you have to sand and finish the wood grips.
  • Heavy Duty Screwdriver Set

    Richard Whitesell, 4/10/2020 Wood inserts and finish not the best.
  • Great heavy duty tools

    Bkeepr Tom, 4/1/2020 Same screw drivers issued with the Army's M-109 self-propelled howitzer, and for a reason: they're tough and functional. I've bought 3 sets of these from Garrett Wade over the years, and they've stood the test of time. I use them to screw and unscrew, as well as for pry bars, and in a pinch, as a punch with a hammer to remove large corroded pins. By the way, I've bought 3 sets not because they broke, but because they grow legs and walk!
  • These are the Greatest

    Jeffrey Murray, 9/28/2019 The handle are a little rough, but that gives you a better grip. The heft of these gives you the feeling that they will last a lifetime or two. The design and feel are a perfect fit for the toolbox of my 1/8 scale live steam locomotive. I’m sure that I will be using them for mostly prying. The look is the greatest.
  • Superior screwdrivers heft and quality like one I had over 130 yrs old.

    Leard Huggins, 8/18/2019 Perfect match to a large screwdriver I have from my GrandDad. I’m 73. He gave it to me when I was 10 years old. I have used it for everything imaginable. A chisel, a pry bar, I’ve never found a slotted screw It would not turn it fit the slot.
    I have looked for smaller mates for it and now you have made that possible. Thanks. Now that I have seen your are of equal quality I plan to give a set to my Son and all my Grand Kids.
  • I really love these!

    Adelbert, 6/13/2019 You just cannot get good, strong, durable screwdrivers anymore. The cheap ones break before you have them for a couple of seasons. These will last a lifetime!
  • Tank Screws

    W, 5/4/2019 Not meant for automotive flatheads, but look to be excellent as pry and chisel type of work. Very light sanding and some beeswax sealer and these are now part of my overland gear.
  • Needs better wood inserts

    K.S. Bernier, 1/25/2019 I like the heaviness oh the steel, for big slotted screws and prying but, I probably will make oak handles.
  • Good but not for screwing

    Colin Barnett, 1/20/2019 Heavy duty screwdrivers can be used for anything. They look a little too thick for most screws, plus I never use flat head screws, so I won't be using these as actual screwdrivers. But I have already used them to pry things apart. They also look nice.
  • For you soft handed snowflakes

    Nate, 1/17/2019 These screw drivers are designed to be rough as guts. They're 2 pieces of wood on a piece of steel. Meant to last a lifetime. The handles arent too rough, your hands are too soft. Think tank mechanics were whinging about the rough handles while trying to fix a moving tank in a warzone? Probably not, because men don't mind manly screwdrivers.
  • Screwdrivers

    J Overcash-Dudley, 1/3/2019 I too was disappointed the handles weren’t finished , had to sand them down and will stain the them. I purchased these because my dad had a set like these. If they are as sturdy as my dad’s, they will last forever.
  • Excellent workmanship on these tools.

    John, 12/12/2018 Great item. Reminds me of the great workmanship of tools that were made a long time ago. They will last forever.
  • Unfinished rough wood

    Julian, 8/4/2018 These will last forever but the wood is unfinished and needs to be sanded. I was really disappointed at how they feel. I oiled them but they are so rough I’m sure one would give me splinters. Why? They should come like they look in the picture. They don’t. They seem very sturdy but since it’s a set- should have different heads?
  • Excellent no-nonsense driving, prying, pounding tools

    Butch Lawson, 7/19/2018 Bear in mind that my set is more than 40 years old. I have pounded and pryed and twisted and generally abused these things for longer than I care to remember. Other than showing paint stains and gouges in the handles from gripping them with channel-locks, pipe wrenches, vices, etc, they are still as useful and straight as when I bought them. The shape of the grips is perfect for using more force than the fastener was designed to withstand. They were a good buy then and, although having a rougher finish now, would still be a good investment if you are aware of their lack of precision. Sometimes a man just needs a strong, basic, prodding and prying instrument and you don't want to risk your fancy screwdriver set. These are it in sizes that are extremely useful.
  • Heavy Duty tools

    Jack Elliott, 7/14/2018 Great set for heavy duty work can pound, pry without damaging. Much more than a screwdriver.
  • took some work to become useful

    Ed Cannon, 7/5/2018 The driver end are all the same size. I went back and looked at the picture and okay that's on me. The wood is finished poorly. I sanded the wood and refinished the wood with stain and oil so now they are a lot prettier and useful. Expect to spend some time with these.
  • Different than expected, but plenty durable

    Geordan , 6/30/2018 I had used an old original that these are based on but lost it so I was excited to see a set offered. The surprise is that all the heads are about the same, except the smallest which is a few mm narrower. So unless you regrind them, you have 3 of a kind that just have different lengths and one shorty that is a little smaller. That is disappointing, but I can and will regrind them. Once that is done and the handles are sanded and oiled I am confident they will last just about forever, so that is the tradeoff. Very inexpensive and durable, but you should expect 3 (or nearly 4) of a kind without regrinding and finish work.
  • tank screwdrivers

    Russ, 12/11/2017 tips are all the same size readily fixable. Handles rough so I sanded them and applied boiled linseed oil and now much better. Have a older screwdriver that looks like the large one but with a square shank.
  • the terminator of screwdrivers

    Carlo, 12/4/2017 I have 30 years worth of screwdrivers in my drawer: rusty, bent, worn down tips, cracked handles. Screwdrivers I reground for rejuvenation or custom screws. Old American quality ones and new hardware store imported junk. My father's hand-me-downs and every screwdriver left behind by every handyman that ever did work at my grandmother's house. Everybody knows that screwdrivers get pressed into service well beyond their intended purpose -- prying, poking, punching, stirring paint, whatever. These aren't pretty (unless you're into the Soviet-bloc look), but you'd be pretty hard pressed to kill one. You could hammer one of these into a utility pole. Maybe they were issued to tankers because they could survive being run over by one. 50 years from now they'll be in my son's tool box, still ugly and still ready for more abuse.
  • Head size all the same

    Tad, 11/20/2017 These are rougher than even I thought they would be and I read all the other reviews. The heads are all the same size also, just the handle size is different. I will have to grind the tips myself to make appropriate sizes. The metal isn't smooth like the picture either, they still have the machining lines from top to bottom and the metal is not comfortable to grip like smooth metal drivers should.The handles look like an 8-year-old made them, They are not formed like the picture, but look like they were finished with a draw knife. Sad, but they are not worth the cheaper price and might not be worth half the sale price.The only redeeming value is the metal is heavy and the tips are well formed.
  • Wouldn't do this again

    Deborah Quinn, 10/15/2017 The handles are pretty rough. One of the heads has some sort of hardened material on it that looks like dried varnish ?!?! I guess it will buff off. The ends are not what I expected them to be either. Not nearly as thin as I expected. I guess I wasn't sure what to expect. OK for the price but not sure I will have screws that have a head so thick I could use them.
  • Poundin screwdrivers

    Gordon, 10/10/2017 I bought a set of these at a flea market probably 30 year ago. I called them my poundin screwdrivers. they are tough and you don't ruin you good screwdrivers. I used them a lot and I did not wear them out or break them, I left them behind somewhere and did I miss them. so surprised to see them offered again. I could not resist. I would say a specialty tool.
  • Good bones

    Dockside Dave, 10/9/2017 I have one of these that is very old, so I was pleased to get four more at this price point.Everyone agrees these are not up to the usual Garrett Wade standards for fit and finish. But they have a unique and appealing design, and they are massive! Just picking one up makes you want to use it, and the oval handles promise all the torque you could wish for. Even the smallest one, 3", is a real fistful. They are beefier than the old one. Because the tips are poorly ground, more like a cold chisel than a screwdriver, you have the opportunity to put a custom grind on each one for a specific purpose. For instance, to fit the nonstandard screw sizes found on your antique motorcycle?
  • Thanks for note about the handles

    Tom A, 9/4/2017 Thanks for the note on the screwdrivers that the handles were a slightly lessor quality. Still very functional at a great price.
  • Good, but could be better

    John R., 8/11/2017 Good solid set of screwdrivers. BUT, as the vendor indicated, ther handles were rough, requiring sanding and tongue oil, and the metal had some burrs requiring filing. Still, good to go for the reason purchased.
  • Not as good as in the past but still great!

    Cynthia M. Sazama, 6/6/2017 I have to agree with the vendor. These screw drivers are not of the quality crated in the past. I received a set of these screw drivers 25 years ago and they are of a much better quality than those received in this shipment. However, with a little sanding and some teak oil, they are greatly improved and will last at least another 25 years. Not as shipped in past but still a great set of screwdrivers for the price.
  • Great heavy duty feel!

    David H Arrowood, 5/29/2017 Like the heavy duty feel. The handles have a good grip.
  • Salty seaman of the seven seas

    Clifford Case, 3/17/2017 I carried one of these on my belt next to my knife for over twenty years as a merchant seaman working oil tankers and cargo ships. Considered de rigueur aboard ship. Absolutely necessary for daily work.
  • Extra H.D. Screwdriver set review

    Fred Swendeman, 2/18/2017 As you said, the "Extra H.D. Screwdriver set did not meet your standards or the standards of the original set that I bought (and partially lost) some years ago. However, you reduced the price and the set seems to be functional and likely to meet my needs.
  • Great tools Usefull and Good to Look at too.

    James Cook, 2/17/2017 I've always wanted a set of these screwdrivers. They will look great on the tool rack on my bench. Any imperfection that I find is easily corrected. They will be well used.
  • Legacy Renewed

    Vincent Skilling, 2/5/2017 My late Father had a set of these tough screwdrivers. They were handed down to me and over the years some "disappeared" from my tool box. I was extremely delighted to find them in the Garrett Wade catalogue and purchased a set. The wood is not as tough as my Dad's. I have used them as pry-bars and chisels - great versatile and tough tools.
  • sturdy screwdrivers

    Michael J, 1/20/2017 great screwdrivers, made to take the abuse not for precision gunsmithing. I love mine so much I bought my sons their own to pass down
  • Life time of use

    Chance, 1/2/2017 Heavy duty screwdriver that will last a long time and can tamale a beating. The discription was right on. Wood fitment could be better but will not detract from the useablity of the product. Very happy.
  • perfect screwdriver

    Mike, 12/20/2016 The description was completely honest as the handles require some re=working to make them comfortable ...however the quality of the steel is quite good so its is a good value for the money
  • questionable quality as advertised

    griff, 12/6/2016 finishing of wood handles not the greatest. One screwdriver handle cracked before being used and is being replaced, otherwise, they are incredibly solidly designed.
  • Quality Lacking

    Jayme Johnson, 11/28/2016 I would echo what Bill, 8/27/2016 said about the handles and tip grinds. I'm in the process of refinishing the handles with spar varnish and will encourage those to whom I'm gifting them to grind the tips to their desired shape and size. Hoping they're otherwise 'bulletproof'. I, too, have the 'original' Irwins and these don't really compare in quality.
  • Awesome tools!

    Susan Estevez, 11/7/2016 Love these screwdrivers so much that I give them as gifts at every opportunity. I've had a set for 20 years. Awesome tools!
  • Product as described!

    Dick, 8/7/2016 Finishing on the screw drivers as described is poor quality. Wood handles are fabricated from soft wood & have no finish, however, I knew this prior to purchase. I am in the process of giving them a proper overhaul and finish. .
  • They don't compair to Irwin originals.

    Tom, 7/4/2016 I didn't have one of the 6" screwdrivers in my original Irwin civilian not military versions of these drives I bought sometime in the 70s so I figured I would buy this set and fill out the set. As stated often the handles leave a lot to be desired. Poorly fit very soft wood gaps in the fit filled with some type of wood putty. I sprayed the hands with a clear finish to help protect the soft wood. I'm glad I didn't order a second set. They are OK, the description needs to be updated to reflect that the hands are no longer lacquered. If you own the originals these aren't really a great copy.
  • Awesome!

    Patty, 5/1/2016 The toughest set of screwdrivers I have ever seen! They were shipped promptly too.
  • Potentially-great product marred by substandard handles/finishing

    Dave, 4/5/2016 Unfortunately I have to agree with the general sentiment regarding the handles: they're light-weight, poorly/roughly finished and unsealed/stained, and the rivets protrude enough to be annoying.

    I'm happy with the rest of them: they feel great and are beefy. But until I put on my own handles they're substandard. Hopefully pulling the existing handles won't require much effort--replacing them with a reasonable wood, and finishing them to be comfortable and durable, is a requirement to make these tools the workhorses they're touted to be.

    The description is also factually incorrect--the handles are neither rugged nor lacquered at all; plain, unfinished, relatively soft wood.
  • Nuff Said

    C Dinegar, 3/13/2016 I have a set like this that I picked up at a yard sale years ago. My neighbor was in Patton's 3rd Army, and he, like so many other men kept his issued tools. And they are the exact same as the set I received when I bought my "new" set from you, also quite some time ago. Rough? YOU BETCHA!!! And that's how these were ALL made. Rough. Not highly finished or polished. We were at war and what was made was made well, but quickly. And they WORK.
    They do what they are supposed to do. Nothing more, and nothing less. But one thing that they are, and that is better than any other screwdrivers in the world, as far as I'm concerned. And I was telco lineman for many years. And I know from really tough tools. And THESE ARE THE REAL GOODS.
    Nuff Said.
  • Sort of

    Mark, 1/26/2016 Handles just unfinished pine, not as pictured at all. Very stout though, more suitable for prying rather than turning screws.
  • Cool

    Mark Faris, 9/30/2015 My grandpa Andy's basement was like a cave. All rough-hewn stone. That's where he had his workshop - a magical place where we'd spend hours building and repairing all kinds of household doodads. Toys, too. Tools were all over, including a set of screwdrivers just like these. Not only functional. But cool, too. And nostalgic.
  • Rough and Ready

    Jeff, 8/24/2015 Heavy, thick shanks, forged and blue, just the way I like my steel. At last, quality drivers that are as rough as I am! Bravo!!
  • Rustic

    J Pong, 5/27/2015 Nice looking but a little more rustic than I had thought. Handles definitely need to be oiled. Also heavier than I expected but still useful. More for looks than actually using day to day.
  • Not Quite As Shown

    Bryan McKinnon, 3/18/2015 The screw drivers are sturdy enough, but the handle wood is crap. It isn't fit very well and it looks like a beaver chewed the finish off, or maybe a belt sander. I 'm going with the beaver. The attempts to fill in the beaver teeth marks with some type of low grade wood filler ( or beaver saliva), just makes it look worse. I plan to remove the wood and replace it with something more durable and appealing. I may, or may not use a live, wood chewing animal to fit the pieces in place, not my usual method, but who ever made these seemed to think it was a good idea, so what the heck...
  • Great Metal

    John W. Whitworth, 2/28/2015 These screwdrivers are made of beautiful steel. The metal in each piece is excellent. As a set, the sizes are perfectly graduated. The wood in the handles fits nicely; however, the handles could and probably should be made of finer, harder wood. Still, a little sanding and a lot of dirt and sweat may add a perfect patina. If not, it will be very easy to replace the handles with a nice hardwood or stone. To me, that is the measure of a really good pieces. The blade can be used for any task, and if the blade is chipped, it can be milled back into proper shape easily. Also, the wood in the handles is clearly what makes the price of these beautiful screwdrivers so attractive. You couldn't find a better buy!
  • Solid, Maybe Not Too Pretty

    Alan, 12/29/2014 I bought a set of these about 20 years ago. They have been used and abused since then. I've hammered on them, stood on them as a pry bar and generally abused them for two decades to no effect. No splits in the wood, no metal chips. Not really that pretty, but they do the job!
  • Sloppily Made Screwdrivers

    Mark, 12/27/2014 These screwdrivers are substantial but I expected a better finished product. Two of the wooden handles were about 3/8 inch short. The resulting gap was poorly filled with some kind of filler but this was poorly done leaving gaps in the wood handle. One of the handles had a crack in the wood. How long before it falls out? Gobs of red lacquer everywhere. Someone did not take pride in their work when making this product. Garrett Wade should consider demanding a better product from their supplier. Or clearly state in the catalog these screwdrivers will arrive in rough" condition.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with the Extra Heavy Duty Screwdriver Set.  Since the item was a gift, I could not find the order in our system. Please send us the order information, as well as your address, and a return label will be sent to you immediately. Your comments have been passed on to our purchasing department so they may look into this matter further. We appreciate that you brought this to our attention."
  • Heavy Duty Screwdrivers

    David, 12/26/2014 Finally! Something that lives up to, and beyond, it's description! Gave these to my brother-in-law this Christmas.....he (and everyone else) loved them. Heavy in heft, with hardcore wooden handles. Thank you!
  • Only Half A Set

    Raleigh Mashek, 12/21/2014 I remember these screw drivers in my grandfathers tool box, so I bought a set. They are wonderful. Sadly there's no Phillips head version.
  • Excellent Product

    M. Larkin, 12/20/2014 These are excellent heavy duty tools. I purchased them as much for their history as for their functionality. My WWII veteran father-in-law remembers these well.
  • Screwdrivers Set

    Cheryl Daly, 12/20/2014 Got them due to their history. My husband was a tanker in the army. Wood handles not as dark as they look in the catalog but extremely heavy duty.
  • Rock Solid Tools

    Frank Morganti, 12/14/2014 These are solid and very tough tools.
  • Extra HD Screwdriver Set

    Gordon Herschel, 12/12/2014 They are indeed extra heavy duty and will turn screws, open paint cans, pry stuff apart, dig weeds, break into cars... They'll only get better with age and judging from their initial appearance should last a long time.
  • My Father's Choice

    Ed, 12/9/2014 My father had a set of these which he kept in his shop for many years; they mysteriously disappeared after his death some 40 years ago. When I saw them in your catalogue, I placed an order primarily to honor his memory. I was so pleased with my own set that I ordered 2 more as Christmas gifts to my brother and brother-in-law. It's like owning history. I really like these.
  • Ergonomically Beautiful

    Carole McLaughlin, 11/16/2014 The screwdrivers fit my hand and are beautifully durable.
  • Hefty

    Thomas, 10/23/2014 These are sturdy and built for the toughest jobs. They are fun to use.
  • Great Classics

    Todd Valentini, 10/20/2014 Just like I remember Dad's being! Solid, well made, heavy duty.
  • Sturdy

    Dennis, 3/17/2014 Excellent, very STURDY Blade Screw Drivers, Wish you had them in Phillips.
  • History In Your Hands

    Lawrence, 1/26/2014 I grew up with this style of screwdriver, so a set for myself and one for a contractor friend who also grew up with this style driver. Good quality and thick blades that can be custom ground for a particular use.
  • Great Screwdrivers

    Ron Fraley, 1/22/2014 First introduced to me by my father, these screwdrivers were able to take a beating and still work. Glad I got them.
  • Ex Heavy Duty Screwdrivers

    Robert, 1/14/2014 Some of the most solid screwdrivers I've ever used. You most likely will not break these. The finish of the wood to the metal is a little rough. But they still feel good in my hand. One small problem though. The tips of the drivers are not square. All four are/were at a noticeable angle to the shaft, making them difficult to use. A few minutes with a hand file fixed them though.
  • Wow! My Favorite Tool!

    Wayne Czypinski, 1/2/2014 I was amazed and excited when I found that you carry these screwdrivers. I have an old one of these that got passed down to me from my great aunt. It is the first tool I reach for when I'm going to do a fix around the house. I have used it to dig, pry, chip, chisel and, of course, tighten & remove screws. It has taken more than it's share of abuse and keeps working. The grip fits the palm of the hand & doesn't slip. The full steel tang allows you to strike it with a hammer and lever it under items that would send other tools to the trashcan. Your description says They are not pretty", but their simple, durable design are a thing of beauty to me. They feel like an old friend in my hand make me smile. So wonderful to have a set of these remarkable tools at such an economical price. Thank you for finding them. "
  • Great Screwdrivers

    Alan Carroll, 12/28/2013 These are solid well made screwdrivers. Besides their quality they are very beautiful. They make a great gift.
  • 'Extreme' Screwdrivers

    Steve Jensen, 12/2/2013 These screwdrivers are indestructible! I bought a set years ago; they're great for unscrewing rusted fasteners, removing paint can lids, prying open packing crates, any job that requires a bit of leverage. Their only fault is their attractiveness to my sons (thus my purchase of a replacement set).
  • Customizable Workhorses

    Chuck, 11/23/2013 Real no nonsense screwdrivers that fit screw slots. The design of the handles handles allows for customizing with any wood of my choice.
  • Looks & Feesl Great

    Pamela Doherty, 11/22/2013 I bought 2 sets as Christmas gifts for my son and my husband. They look and feel great, my son put them on his list so I'm sure he will love them.
  • Beefy Tools

    John, 11/9/2013 Set is really beefy and nice handles.
  • Strong as an ox!

    Richard Munson, 9/13/2013 These screwdrivers are some of the best from the past. With a full tang they can be pounded on if necessary but handle normal duties with ease. Just wish they came in Phillips tips.
  • Old Tanker

    Ed Gale, 7/20/2013 Gifts for my son and son-in-law to remind them and me of when I commanded tank units in the 60's. A great, sturdy tool that the crews treasured, kept rust free and never lost.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner July 2013 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Ed!!
  • Original Detail Missing

    Tim, 5/20/2013 Have an original which came out of my Grandfather's workshop. Was about to order a set for my friend when I realized that the original has a square shank which is useful for using an adjustable wrench on for extra torque to large fastenings.This feature is missing on the remake.
  • Dear hand me that manly screwdriver please.

    Frank, 5/16/2013
  • Screw Driver Set

    John, 4/12/2013 Attractive and functional set. Great addition to any tool chest.
  • Retro Beauties

    ML Caswell, 3/28/2013 These are so handsome as well as effective in so many ways that you want to leave them on the workbench so your neighbor will comment on them when he comes snooping around to see what is NEW! (OLD)
  • Damn near bullet proof

    Doug, 3/26/2013 I recently received another set of these. My first set is close to 15 -20 years old and still working well, just keep them dry. They feel good and work well. This set is going to stay at our summer place.
  • No Regrets

    Glenn Koenig, 2/27/2013 These are some really nice tools, I added some personal touch to mine by sanding off the original finish, giving them a quick work over with some fine grit sand paper and giving them a nice application of linseed oil, man that made all the difference, I also used a metal file to bring one of them to a finer edge for really getting into tight spaces. I like putting a a little work into making the tool personalized, it really gives me a connection to the tool. My only gripe is that the wood is not perfectly formed and there are MINOR gaps between the metal and wood, but if that's what it takes to keep the price down I'm all for it, this is really a great value. I even took the largest one and put almost all my weight (170lb) and really leaned into it, and it had no problems, still straight as an arrow. Thank you Garrett Wade!
  • Perfect Drivers

    Art Gumbus, 1/7/2012 The Garrett Wade set of Perfect Handle screw drivers is just about as close as one could get for a modern version of the old H.D. Smith Perfect Handle drivers. The set is composed of 4 flat blade drivers. Each driver is well made and is shipped in oiled plastic bag assembled in a thin cardboard box. The fit and feel of the drivers is good and is easily improved as follows... I just rub the wood with 0000 steel wool which knocks down any varnish whiskers. The result is a great feeling wooden handle. Overall I give these reproductions 5 stars and applaud Garrett Wade for searching out and carrying them.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner January 2012 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Art!!
  • Worthy of a display case

    Mel Travers, 12/31/2011
  • Can Be Improved

    John T., 12/25/2011 I agree with Bob that packaging has a lot to be desired a Garrett Wade would be smart to listen the suggestion it be improved. Mine arrived very dirty in plastic bags. I also agree with the comment that if one is going to give them as a gift, I would recondition the tools (at least wipe the dirt off the tool handles) & repackage. These are not made with the care of a USA made tool but functional, tough, and a good value. A handy person can also make them into a very nice looking set of tools with a little bit of effort. (Stain & finish the handles, touch up the rough grinding work)

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post about the screwdriver set.

    We are sincerely very sorry to hear that the tools arrived dirty and not packed very well. We have forwarded your suggestion to our warehouse manager. They have been oiled by the manufacturer but have made it known to him that around the holidays it is very important that an item arrives in clean condition.

    Thank you for bringing this oversight to our attention.
  • There's Nothing Like Old-Time Tools

    Eric Johnson, 3/22/2011 These four screwdrivers are the best of the well-remembered old-time tools that my father and grandfather used every day. I like the feel of the rounded wood handles. I was delighted with their appearance, and even the smell of the light sewing machine" oil that protected them in shipping."
  • Real Tools for Real People

    David A., 3/1/2011 Shaped like a zeppelin , tough as a tank and worthy of building or maintaining both . One solid piece of cold hard steel runs form the tip, all the way up the shaft where it slips into your palm as though it's hardwood handle were created for your firm grip . Old school and mean looking . So tough the first time I went to use it the screw got scared and twisted itself in . Set of four , one each of six , eight , ten , and twelve inches ... depending on preference or who's measuring .
  • History

    Jeff F, 2/3/2011 I believe these were originally made by the Irwin Tool Co., in Wilmington, OH. (Home of the infamous Irwin Auger Bit.) Subsequently sold to American Tool, then to Rubbermaid. No longer located in Wilmington, OH (near Martinsville where it all began.) These screwdrivers are real brutes. The kind of tool you want in your truck toolbox if you're stranded somewhere.
  • Form vs Function

    Bob Riverwood, 2/3/2011 I ordered from GW 25 years ago, thought of them as a quality house. In fact, I remembered these screwdrivers from the print catalog, so when the birthday came up of a friend who is remodeling his house, they were one of the first things I thought of to give him. I found them on the web & the choice seemed to be approved by the gods. They arrived quickly. After that, it was downhill. Not the shipping carton but the item box was cheap thin cardboard & ripped. Each driver was packed in a plastic sleeve. The metal butt of each driver had been ground, and very carelessly. I taped the box, wrapped each driver in the grey pulp paper placed into the shipping carton as cushioning and I wrapped them in gift paper and gave them to him with an embarrassed explanation/apology.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    The Extra Heavy Duty Screwdrivers are not pretty", and unfortunately that includes the packaging. In some circumstances, this set may not be the best choice for a "gift", and your disappointment, Bob, is understandable. In all fairness, though, the best half of the story may be still to come, when your friend calls up to thank you for giving him an incredibly indestructible set of cool-looking screwdrivers that he'll never run out of uses for. We hope you'll let us know when he does because we'd hate for another 25 years to go by before hearing from you again. Thanks for the note, Bob."
  • old time screwdrivers

    Mark, 1/11/2011 What a neat set of useful, heavy duty screwdrivers...just like my father used to have. I'll save these and give them to my - someday.
  • Best gift for the men on your list

    Mary, 12/29/2010 This is one of the best gifts to give to the men on your list... and even some of ladies.. The heavy duy screw drivers are both functional, well made and beautiful... every home, apartment or even a dorm room needs a few tools... this one is the best
  • Should have Ordered Two.

    Skip, 12/29/2010 These are the drivers you need in the shop. You can crank and pry with these all day. I'm getting a set for my Brother too. One of those hard to find fun tools.
  • Great Tool

    Jimmy Harvey, 12/21/2010 I have owned a set of these screwdrivers for over thirty years and they still get a lot of use. The best tool bar none for removing hinge pins. I just sent a set to my son in law, I'll bet he eventually hands them off to my grandson.

    BETSY BARKER, 12/16/2010 Reminded me of my daddy. He served in WWII then became a carpenter for all his able years. Thanks for things that spark our memories of days gone by!
  • Hard Working Screwdrivers

    Scott Wagner, 12/13/2010 These have to be the toughest screwdrivers I have ever owned. I never worry about pounding on them when using them for uses a normal screwdriver could never handle, prying open cans, or for puncturing any surface. I am confident I'll be passing along these badboys for generations.
  • Priceless

    Ken Ellis, 12/6/2010 This is the 1st set of screwdrivers that I can honestly say they will be handed down to my grandsons and to their kids. To me that is PRICELESS. They are that good. This set is for the man who loves good tools and uses his tools daily. Thanks for having and offering this great set. One of a kind for sure.
  • Screwdrivers

    Harold McKew, 12/4/2010 These are exactly like the ones my grandfather gave to me many years ago, and exactly what I wanted to give to my son. They are handy, durable, and a very good addition to the working tool box.
  • Great

    Rick Wheatley, 11/11/2010 These screwdrivers are the best, are phillips made this tough available for purchase?
  • Missing one

    John M. Sandor, 7/11/2010 Great screwdrivers to reproduce, have a set similiar I use at work as a Millwright given to me by my father. But what about reproducing the 14-15 long one with the no. 8 head that is my work-screwdriver sometime light pry bar?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Some of our best products are suggested from customers. We will discuss this idea with the maker this fall.
  • Heavy duty

    John Mason, 4/15/2010 When you need a 'HEAVY-Duty screw driver that really does the job, count on this set. It not only feels good it works."
  • Another

    Frank Foster, 3/3/2010 My father had a very similar screwdriver. He said it was part of the factory tool kit of a Cadillac touring car that his father had purchased in the early 1920's. Unfortunately we were unable to locate it after he died.
  • Great screwdrivers!

    McTaggert, 11/25/2009 I have had a set of these screwdrivers for years. They are comfortable, very well built, high quality tools. I expect to pass them on to my kids. Highly recommended!
  • The 100 Year Screwdriver

    Larry La Mont, 11/19/2009 In the 1970's, when another company sold Hard to Find Tools", These were sold as the "100 Year Screwdrivers" and were sold with a 100 Year warranty. I still use these every day. They should have called them Millennium Screwdrivers! "
  • Past experience.

    Derek Blair, 11/19/2009 My grandfather had this same type of screwdriver in England before I was born in 1930. I remember using them. They are as good as any others. I wish that I had them now.
  • Tough as a Sherman tank

    Matt, 10/29/2009 I first encountered these screwdrivers in the early '80s as an M-60 tank crew member. These tools are as tough and well-made as the ones I used back in the day. I seriously doubt if I can do anything to damage them.
  • Great

    Kevin, 8/15/2009 but no phillips head
  • Workhorse

    Chris, 6/3/2009 Nice and heavy, I use these all the time.
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