Extra-Long Buffalo Shoe Horns

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Bestseller Extra-Long Buffalo Shoe Horns
Very useful for older folks with stiff backs
Beautifully Made
88D01.04 10" Polished Shoe Horn

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88D01.05 14-1/2" Polished Shoe Horn

Available 02/15/2021


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Made in from genuine, highly polished natural buffalo horn, these long shoe horns help you get your shoes on in the morning. We all know how they work so little more needs to be said. A perfect complement to the Shoe Shine Box, which comes with one - but it is only 7" long.

Please note that these are made from a natural product, and some individual variation from the average length should be expected.

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Overall Rating
  • 11 1/2" polished shoe horn

    Marianna Wright, 12/2/2020 very pleased
  • Shoe Horn

    Kris Franklin, 11/28/2020 I was looking for a shoe horn for my husband as a Christmas gift. I haven’t given it to him yet but after looking at many shoe horns yours was the one I chose.
  • A Functional & Beautiful Tool

    Jean, 10/30/2020 This shoe horn is proof that the tools we use every day can be beautiful as well as functional. It works like a charm and the craftsmanship is exquisite. But then, I would have expected nothing less from Garrett Wade. Their products never disappoint..
  • Helpful Shoe Horn

    Glenn Wargo, 5/30/2020 The Buffalo Shoe Horn is everything I expected. I have a number of metal components in my body. This shoe horn helps with the revision knee replacement, in morning while dressing
  • Showy shoehorn

    Tina, 12/9/2019 It is a work of art as well as a fully functioning shoehorn. My 95-year-old mother loves it!
  • Great shoe horn

    Justin R, 9/19/2019 I bought the 14 1/2 long shoe horn,awesome quality for a great price too!sturdy and easy to grasp.i highly reccomend
  • Overall a good product

    Anthony, 8/19/2019 It works very well I enjoy the length of the horn I was not liking the fake leather tassel and it is a bit off in the angle so the right side does dig in a bit. Overall a good product I like the natural Buffalo horn over a plastic lookalike
  • The Best Shoehorn Available Anywhere!

    Charles G. Roller, 4/23/2019 We purchased TWO of these beautiful shoehorns - one for home and one to carry when traveling! The quality is exceptional, and the beauty of these polished horns is exquisite. They are both functional and also objects of art. You will not be disappointed when purchasing these beautiful tools.
  • Well made, attractive, strong shoe horn

    Barb, 1/10/2019 I gave this shoe horn to my husband for Christmas; he wears a foot brace which makes it difficult to put on a shoe. He has tried other shoe horns, but they haven’t lasted. This shoe horn is the best! It’s nice looking and well made. He loves it!
  • Perfect and stylish

    Kelley, 12/30/2018 I bought this for my husband to help with his custom made Alden boots. He loves it and says it’s not only very helpful but also gorgeous.
  • This is a very rare find indeed!!

    Paula Niman, 12/29/2018 The exceptional craftsmanship and overall attention to detail are simply not often found these days. I was so taken with the sheer beauty of the horn as well as the finish that I knew this would ultimately be kept out to be admired as a sculptural piece & not just put away in a closet somewhere. These shoe horns are works of art.
  • A very useful product, and high quality

    Kendal, 12/27/2018 I bought this as a gift for my Mother-in-law. It was high quality and greatly appreciated. It's very useful for individuals with back pain or arthritis. Shoe stores used to gift these with shoe purchases. The longer one is great for shoes and boots.
  • Shoehorn bliss

    kay, 12/24/2018 For a tall man such as my 6'4" son it was a perfect gift. Many tall people get backaches frequently. This was an unusual gift and perfect. Very pretty
  • Works great and looks great too

    Dana, 12/10/2018 Needed long shoe horn for my pair of shoes it worked great and looks great on my dresser.
  • Great gift.

    Mrs. S., 11/26/2018 The perfect gift for the older man that has everything! Functional and a cool thing to own, although a bit pricey.
  • Shoe horn..

    Randall D. Case, 11/11/2018 I just wish it was made in the USA.. other then that ok.. I just though it was made here..
  • A shoe horn anniversary!

    Jackie Lamia, 8/21/2018 I bought this for my husband as one of his anniversary gifts (10 years!) and he loves it! The quality is great and it's gorgeous! Effortless to use and has a classic look that anyone will love!
  • Super cool

    Ryguy, 6/22/2018 Very pretty. I imagine the coloring is can be pretty varied on these...probably.. because mine is somewhat more boring on the inside (in comparison to the picture), but that said it is very colorful and swirly on the back side... which I have no problem with. I think it's super neat, and much classier than a plastic one. This is one of those things you don't really realize you want until you get it and marvel at how cool products made from natural components are hanging up on your wall.
  • Shoe Horn

    Rose, 6/15/2018 Bought it for my husband. He loves it.
  • No bull buffalo shoehorn

    John, 5/8/2018 Truly, a pleasure to use, and to have. Makes getting into my chukkas effortless, and beautiful to look at. Got my mom and each of my boys one. Unamimous our feelings. Beautiful and really helpful. Almost wish I had more feet so I could use it more.
  • Perfect!

    Bill, 5/8/2018 Perfect for the older person, plus it has a great look. Perfectly functional.
  • Best shoehorn, best shoe-horning experience!

    George Gonzalez-Rivas, 5/4/2018 This shoehorn works great, long and strong enough to get you into deep/tight boots. But it's also a thing of beauty in itself. Thick handle, lovely natural horn... what can I say? I actually ENJOY using this each morning. Is that wrong? ;-)
  • Best shoehorn I have ever owned!

    Eric Parra, 4/13/2018 Beautiful, polished, and strong. Barely even need to bend at the waist to slip on my shoe with this 10 inch shoehorn from a seated position.
  • Shoe Horn

    Joe Abrams, 4/9/2018 WOW! finally a shoe horn that works so well and does not bend or break. I LOVE IT!
  • Defective

    HJ, 12/11/2017 There is a small crack and deformity in it so I will have to return it. It would be nice except for this.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments about the Buffalo Shoe Horn. We're very sorry to hear that the one your received had a crack in it. Our product specialist will make sure to send you one in mint condition.
  • A new favorite shoe horn!

    Mabelle Pizzutiello, 11/28/2017 I have loved shoe horns since I was a little girl and would watch my dad put his shoes on. As a student nurse, I would use one to put my shoes on and continued through my nursing career. None were as beautiful as these shoe horns. They are a wonderful length and sit on my nightstand!
  • A daily indulgence in elegance

    Adam Rochmes, 11/14/2017 It's very attractive, sturdy, and comfortable to use. It's a daily delight to use a tool so elegant.
  • The real shoe horn

    Alan P Neuman, 11/4/2017 The real item, puts the meaning back in the term shoe horn. Very nice quality product.
  • Attractive and Functional

    Jane Young, 10/24/2017 I purchased these for the occasional hospital patient, who after surgery needs assistance with putting on shoes for discharge. They look very impressive and work very well. As patients love them and ask to take them home, I will order a few more.
  • Great Shoe Horn!

    S.T., 10/22/2017 Very nice shoe horn that is made very well. Nicely polished and looks as great! I will be giving them out as gifts.
  • xtra long buffalo shoe horn

    tom c, 10/2/2017 It works as well as being beautiful. I'll be ordering more as gifts.
  • Shoe Horn

    RAM K SOMAN, 9/19/2017 Beautifully polished shoe horn.Excellent quality.
  • Classy Shoehorn at a Great Price

    Tim, 5/21/2017 When I unwrapped the package and saw this shoehorn, I thought wow. It is both beautiful and practical. If they could talk, my dress shoes would say the same. too. Great product, great price, and great service. Thank you GarrettWade.
  • Quality product

    Marsha, 5/15/2017 Recent purchase was my second of this shoe horn - first for me (love it) and second for a gift. Quality product!
  • buffalo shoe horn

    Dean Adams, 4/18/2017 Just like the one my Father had! Very nice! A great gift!
  • Great shoe horn

    Brent, 3/27/2017 This is a high quality product at a great price. It is a real horn shaved or cut to make the shoe horn.
  • Buffalo shoe horn

    Kevin Walsh , 2/4/2017 Best shoe horn. Have a beautiful pair of boots that were really hard to get my feet in. This made it so easy. Resl strong and looks great.
  • Classy

    Rita Buonanno, 1/15/2017 Best shoe horn I ever owned

    John Woodruff, 1/2/2017 EXCEEDS ALL EXPECTATIONS!
  • Classy!

    L Rounds, 12/23/2016 Super pretty but masculine. I bought it for my dad who has everything... I can't wait for him to see it!
  • Show horn

    Jean, 12/17/2016 Good
  • Wonderful for the elderly

    Suzanne Flippo, 12/11/2016 Love this! It is great for my father who can not bend over like he he used to!
  • Shoe horn

    F. Clegg, 12/7/2016 For those of us who are older, the long handled shoe horn makes it a lot easier to comfortably put on shoes. It is also very handsome to look at.
  • Great product

    Phillip W. Golden, 12/4/2016 Works great
  • Nice item

    Robert Thomley , 12/4/2016 Very sturdy and visually appealing. Perfect size and works exactly as it should.
  • Shoe Buffalo horns

    Chuck Fuchsel, 10/31/2016 partner has back problems, this shoe horn is just the right size for her to get her shoes on.
  • Flawless

    James D. Brown, 8/12/2016 My first one had a flaw, like a knot in a piece of wood. This one is flawless and works great.
  • WOW!

    Robert, 7/12/2016 A perfect length for people like me that have spinal stenosis. I have been looking for the extra long shoe horn for a while. Most of them are NOT of the quality of this shoe horn. I have limited flexibility after 4 back surgeries and 2 fusions.
  • good buy

    Chuck, 7/8/2016 I love this shoehorn...easy to use and just the right length
  • Outstanding.

    J Gallo, 3/5/2016 Outstanding! Almost impossible to find shoehorn of this quality--except at Garrett Wade. Pays to go through those catalogs.
  • A top quality product...

    Gary Chenett, 3/5/2016 This shoe horn was made as they used to say " like they used to make things the good ole days" I am a disabled Veterans with severe back injuries, This top quality Shoe Horn sure help me get my boots on so much easier. They sold me what they advertised, That's unusual now-a-days also,
    You have gained a good customer for many years to come.
  • Here's Yer Tool!

    Mike Monnett, 3/4/2016 OK, here's my confession. I'm getting a little older, my loafers' heels break down when I get sloppy about putting them on, and I'm starting to really, really hate plastic. Lastly, I'm desperately trying to never again buy anything made in China. Hear that, GW? One of the reasons I spent a small fortune on your shackle security locks (great locks, by the way), is that they're made in Finland. Anyway, the shoe horn is great. Horn, not plastic, and works well. Not made in China.
  • Excellent shoe horn

    Howard P, 3/4/2016 Excellent horn, shoe horn. Just long enough for me. Very well made, and pleasing to hold.
  • A hornfull of memories

    Barnet Fagel, 3/4/2016 My Father had one of these shoe horns 60 years ago and every time I use it, I am reminded of him and I smile with a tear in my eye. I bought two of them, one for my son.
  • 14 inch Shoehorn is Perfect!

    Dawna Jennings, 8/23/2015 The 14 inch shoe horn is perfect! The workmanship and real real horn materials made this a great gift for my husband who has been struggling with a new pair of "slip on" shoes. Thank you Garrett Wade for having such quality items!
  • Long Shoe Horn

    Carol, 8/15/2015 This is a great artifact but I rated it 4 as it would be desirable to have something added to it and make it longer. I gave it to someone who has back problems and is not able to bend down. If sitting down, it works fabulous. What is great about it is that it is not plastic, but a real cow horn.
  • Long Shoe Horn

    Carol, 8/15/2015 This is a great artifact but I rated it 4 as it would be desirable to have something added to it and make it longer. I gave it to someone who has back problems and is not able to bend down. If sitting down, it works fabulous. What is great about it is that it is not plastic, but a real cow horn.
  • Great Gift

    Gary Plummer, 7/16/2015 I sent the 14-1/2 in. shoe horn as a gift. My cousin was so impressed with it. He used it and found it excellent. His wife was impressed with it's attractiveness. Thanks again for a very useful and attractive item.
  • Real Shoehorn

    Mel, 3/16/2015 I purchase the smaller version shoehorn and it is really nicely done and eliminates having to bend over as far as necessary with most conventional shoehorns. It was polished out nicely but one small caveat. When I pulled off the country of origin sticker it removed the finish surface so I would probably leave the sticker in place.
  • Shoe Horn

    Sharon, 12/31/2013 Wanted a shoe horn that was attractive enough to leave out. This one is nice looking, feels good in hand and works well. Will order more for gifts.
  • Shoe Horn

    Hampton Woodhouse, 12/15/2013 I have been looking for an authentic shoe horn for some time. I have had a plastic one for a while but it is not the same. You see I remember my Dad having an authentic shoe horn when I was growing up back in England in the 60's. He always said use a shoe horn son so that you do not break the back of your leather shoes. I have always remembered that sound advice from my Dad so.... I am happy that I have at last found an authentic shoe horn. Who knows it may well turn into an heirloom. My Grand son has cottoned onto the idea of using a shoe horn!!!!
  • Shoehorn

    Clint, 1/4/2013 Purchased for my elderly mother to assist with her shoes with minimal bending over this piece is a huge help. It is quality made and looks beautiful. Thank You
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