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Extra-Thick Solid Copper Frying Pan, Stainless Steel lined
$ 75.00 240.00
The exceptionally even-heat of Solid Copper cookware is the stuff of legend. It is what the best French chefs have relied on for almost 200 years. Solid copper cookware will enhance all of your cooking. Ours are made from exceptionally thick, 2.5mm copper throughout. To improve the nonstick properties, the inside is lined with Stainless Steel, which also makes them easy to clean. All handles are heavy-duty solid iron.
Although on first blush the cost exceeds ordinary steel or iron pots, this cookware will last, get even prettier with age, and prove its value for generations. The 9½" Frying Pan is 1-5/8” deep. The 11” Frying Pan is 1¾" deep.
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