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62C01.01 Rosewood Sheath Knife

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62C01.02 Micarta Sheath Knife

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62C01.20 Extremely Handsome Sheath Knives

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We admit it - we love nice knives. Here are two classic looking nicely balanced knives at a good value which we like a lot. The blade of The Black Micarta handle knife is 5-1/2" and the blade of the Rosewood handle knife is 5-1/8". Each comes with a black sheath. Imported.
Micarta Sheath Knife Specs
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Woven Nylon
Rosewood Sheath Knife Specs
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:

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Overall Rating
  • Beautiful, but having to send 1 back.

    Barry, 9/19/2017 Is a beautiful knife. Ordered two. Unfortunately the brass end cap on one of the knifes was not glued well and was loose in the box. I am returning the knife for a replacement. Hopefully the replacement knife goes through better quality control.
  • Too bridle

    Dennis A, 9/8/2016 Looks real great, no doubt about it. I loved the look and decided to buy one. Blade was little too thick when I first got it, but it looked same cool like on picture. I took it for camping and after free chop tests it broke, right between handle and blade itself. It held edge pretty good, thought. But it's too bridle.
  • Mr

    Ed, 8/26/2016 A pretty little knife, but I expect it will prove fairly useless when put to the test, The pommel cap was detached when the package was opened and had to be epoxied back into place. The hollow ground edge needs a good deal of honing before it will be sharp enough to do any real work. It is, however, reasonably thick for its size. Finally, a proper sheath will have to be made for it because the Velcro retaining strap of the furnished sheath cannot possibly keep the knife secure and safe due to the contour of the handle and the flimsiness of the strap.
  • Extremely handsome sheath knife

    Tom Hirth, 6/11/2016 Knife is adequate functionally so far, but fit and finish is lower quality than expected from Garrett Wade
  • Marginal Quality

    W. Carty, 3/3/2016 Marginal quality and the handle finish is not smooth. There are ridges between the wood and the steel rings -- not very comfortable and suggests that the handle was assembled without a proper finishing step. Not a great knife and will not become a "go to" as the quality is just not there.
  • Hilt Cap Came Off In Box

    KK5LU, 3/4/2015 This knife arrived in a box of items. Its brass hilt cap had already come off and was loose in the box. It is attached only with glue, and only half of the hilt had any. While the blade and handle seem to be functional, this indicates quality control leaves something to be desired.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Rosewood and Micarta Sheath Knives. We are sorry to hear that you had trouble with both.  It's possible that you received ones that were defective. Please feel free to return both for either a refund, or an exchange. You may enclose a note stating that you would like our technician to inspect them before sending them. We will address these issues with the manufacturer. Thank you for your feedback on this. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • UN Happy Camper

    Glenn Metcalf, 3/1/2015 Returned this and ordered a different knife. The butt plate is only glued on the the base of the handle. Mine fell off when I opened the box. While a little super glue may have made it as good as new" (well better than new actually) I opted to return the Knife. To me it would not have been the same."
  • Marginal Quality Items

    Michael Kessel, 2/28/2015 My family is new to Garrett Wade and there product lineup has peaked our interest in a world where there seem to be 10 catalogs delivered daily. This is the first of 6 purchases that did not live up to expectations and puts a slight doubt in my mind about GW product quality.
  • VERY Beautiful Knife!

    Marvin Howard, 12/8/2014 After reading several reviews about this knife, specifying quality issues, I was a bit skeptical about ordering one. I NEEDN'T HAVE WORRIED! This is a BEAUTIFUL, WELL-MADE KNIFE. I don't hunt, so I don't know how well it would stand up to a 2000 pound grizzly or if it could gut a rhino, but its currently one of the most beautifully functional box and letter openers I've ever owned. Sharp out of the box, beautifully balanced, and just BEAUTIFUL! This knife gets lots of attention on my desktop and generates a whole lot of pride for its owner!
  • Very Nice For The Price

    Gavin, 10/21/2014 Very attractive knife at a great price (especially on sale). Finish is a tad rough on the handle; overall a solid knife. A black leather sheath would really complement the handle, but the utilitarian nylon sheath it comes with is adequate.
  • Rosewood - No Brass

    CB, 3/4/2014 I received the short version of the rosewood knife. In taking it out of the packaging, the butt cap fell off. Found rust on the underside of the cap, easy to tell the metal is not brass. Blade was loose in the handle, and quite thin. Too much flex in the blade. Garrett Wade was great about exchanging the knife. Was sent the larger version (pictured here). Still very disappointed that butt cap is only brass-colored. Not sure how well it will last. Sheath is stiff cloth - could suffer serious poke-thru in the field. Overall disappointed in quality of product.
  • Beautiful Blade

    Chris Huning, 1/12/2014 The pictures do not due this knife justice. Very nice and sturdy tool as well.
  • Knife Black Handled

    John Arata, 8/9/2013 There is no tang to prevent ones hand from slipping onto the blade's edge. Looks good, feels good and I didn't have long to bring up the edge I prefer. Overall a good value.
  • Very Good Knife

    Samuel Phillips, 3/22/2013
  • Rosewood

    John Russell, 1/21/2013 Knife may be a little on the light side but believe it will hold up for uses I have intended for it.
  • Good Knife!

    Dennis, 1/17/2013 I like this knife, like quality of the work and still. Comfortable keep it in hand. Useful for hunting.
  • Value

    Kurt Gürsu, 1/3/2013 This is an interesting knife. The handle and the blade are very balanced. First look gives you a very positive impression over all. The minimalist brass parts also complement the rest of the knife well. The blade thickness is much less then I expected but it is a decent quality metal. Handle shape is perfect for the size of the blade and the type of work it can be used for. I think, it could be a nice knife for small tasks for camping purposes. I would not buy it for things like battonning or anything more then minimal wood shaping. It should do a decent job with skinning but I would stop there. It would probably be a better idea to ship this knife with out the sheath. It is really not good. Over all for the price this knife is sold it is an excellent buy.
  • Sheath Knife

    Steven, 3/9/2011 Looks great, however when I got it I found it to be very cheaply made, the frist time I took it out of the sheath the thin brass cap came off in my hand. Also light as a feather, disappointed.
  • Decent Knife

    Jacob, 1/18/2011 Recently Purchased this knife. Upon receiving it I found that the brass end cap was only glued on, and had fallen off during shipping. Rather than returning it and getting another knife with a glued on part, I ended up taking the knife to a friend who drilled and tapped the tang inside the handle, and added a screw to hold the end cap in place. -1 star for gluing a metal part onto a knife, but beyond that, excellent product.
  • Beautiful!

    Anita Licklider, 11/27/2010 My first thought was WOW! It is a gorgeous knife! I wish it had a leather sheath to carry it in but I will work on finding one! In examining the knife it appears to live up to the Garrett Wade standards of excellence!
  • Rosewood Sheath Knife Excellent

    KnifeGuy, 11/10/2010 I recently purchased the rosewood handled sheath knife and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this knife. At this price point this knife exceeded my expectations.
  • Excellent Buy

    Alan Taylor, 11/5/2010 Very well made tool. Strong blade, excellent handle and great appearance. One of the best and good value for the money.
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