“Family Peacemaker”

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“Family Peacemaker”
classic aid for group decision
83R05.06 “Family Peacemaker”

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This handsome little brass item slips into any pocket or bag and helps settle all kinds of turn-taking conundrums. Unscrew the cap of the brass cylinder and check that the number of brass pegs inserted into the holes matches the number of people involved. Then pass the “Peacemaker” around, and have each person pick a peg—the hidden numbered markings deliver the rankings without playing favorites.

Whether taking turns at board games, golfing, or arguing over who gets the final piece of pie at holiday dinners, this cool little device will cut through the conflict and maybe add a little fun in the bargain. Make sure to keep one on hand this holiday season—makes a great gift anytime of year.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Toy Contains Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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  • Where has this been all my life?

    Belinda Perez , 12/1/2020 This little gadget is fantastic! The quality is more than I expected! I bought this as a gift for my son who is a licensed counselor. He will be using this when having a counseling session with the child client and their parents!
  • Great product, way smaller than you'd think

    Andrew McLoughlin, 4/26/2020 I really like this item. I bought it to help teach my daughter some math skills. We are playing games like "find the difference" where each of us pulls two rods, and we subtract the smaller from the larger. We play a game where we each draw three rods, then we try to build a number, with our rods, that's as close to the number made by the remaining rods as possible. We have dozens of math games.

    The tool does the job, but I thought, from the picture, that it would be about half again as large as it is. It works, but it's uncomfortably small. Obviously the chess set pictured is diminutive.

    Knocking off a couple of stars because the picture was misleading, for size.

    The quality of the machining is great, and the product feels durable.

    Buy it, but know that the canister is the size of a shotgun shell.
  • Worth Its Weight In Gold

    Don Ternes, 5/3/2019 We have 5 grandkids from two families that frequently stay with us including a week every summer. As the name implies, grumpy grandpa expects much quieter visits ????
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