“Farmer’s Dagger”

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“Farmer’s Dagger”
A Dutch take on a classic Japanese digging tool
69A01.23 “Farmer’s Dagger”

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Those of you familiar with Japanese tools may note the similarities between this beautiful gardener's knife and the Japanese Hori Hori, or digging knife. This Dutch version comes from a 4th generation company in Holland who have been producing beautiful, innovative gardener’s tools since 1898. Keep this at your side. It's an exceptionally strong and stiff digger that will cut and saw through the toughest plant root systems – even bamboo. 13” long overall, with a 7” blade made of 5 mm thick (almost 1/4”) hardened boron steel and an oiled ash handle.
About DeWit
DeWit tools are a direct connection to the time when the best tools often came from the village blacksmith. Innovated and evolved from experience and made to last forever, a DeWit-made tool represents the closest possible connection between the tool maker and the tool user to be found in today’s global market. Willem de Wit opened his blacksmith shop in Kornhorn, a small village in northern Holland, in 1898. He did all the things a country village blacksmith did back then – he was a farrier, repaired kettles and sold bicycles. When his sons joined him the business grew, making tools for agriculture. A DeWit tool came to be known to combine good design, skilled craftsmanship and the very best materials, and soon their spades and hoes were in demand all over Holland. The 4th generation of the de Wit family today runs the company by the same principles and standards. Skilled hand forging may be augmented with modern techniques and equipment where appropriate, but the essential connection between the designer/maker and the user endures – only now the de Wits listen to gardeners and farmers from all over the world. And their continued insistence on only the best materials can be readily appreciated in the use of FSC-certified ash handles and Swedish boron steel – the same steel used on a popular brand of bulldozer blades!

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Overall Rating
  • Well made farmers dagger

    Raymond Cato, 4/20/2018 Very well made. I was doubtful at first, but when I got the product pleasantly surprised.
  • farmers dagger

    don clifton, 8/19/2017 This thing should be considered a survival tool. It is a great digger and will stand up to all the hitting and slashing you can give. I like it.
  • Good to have

    Edwin Baldwin, 5/6/2017 I bought it to be a gift. The recipient was delighted to get it.
  • A bit pricey, but worth it.

    Andrew M, 9/6/2016 This take on the traditioinal Hori Hori is of excellent quality. The handle is very sturdy with a hole near the far end for a thong and held securely to the blade with two peened rivets. The Boron steel is extremely hard and holds an edge forever, once you put an edge on it. Only complaint is that the factory edge is fairly dull and required some work before it was just how I wanted it. It would also be nice if it came with a sheath.
  • Great garden knife

    David, 5/27/2016 This is going to become a favored garden tool. Heavy knife that will hold up to cutting through roots and digging in heavy clay soil. Wish it came with a sheath.
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