Fast, Safe, Accurate Mitre Saw

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Fast, Safe, Accurate Mitre Saw
Perfect for accurate joinery & molding
35N08.02 Fast, Safe, Accurate Mitre Saw

Available 08/01/2020


35N08.04 2 Repl. Blades (18 tpi)

In stock


35N08.05 3 Repl. Blades (2 18 tpi & 1 32 tpi)

Available 08/01/2020


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This is a fully capable Mitring Saw for professionals and hobbyists. Setup and operation are dead simple; you set the angle that you want to cut, clamp your workpiece to the fence, and make precision cuts. The adjustment range is a full 180 degrees. The 22" long blade is held in a rigid, adjustable guide that keeps you locked into your angle as you cut. It is extraordinarily accurate. When adjusted to 45 degrees you can cut a 3 3/4" width board, adjust to 90 degrees and you can cut a 6" width board. This tool is perfect for making picture frames, cutting trim, or simply making accurate cuts from 1 to 90 degrees. Comes with clear instructions and a 22" – 24 tpi blade. Replacement blades are available.

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