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Spectacular for outdoor debris
34A01.01 Wide Sweeper/Broom

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Cleaning up loose detritus around planting beds or in the yard requires a light weight, easily maneuverable, wide-bottom broom for fast work. This Sweep has 20" long bristles harvested from Coconut Palm leaves that have fallen off. The midrib “vein” of the leaf called the “Ekel” is then stripped out. These make superb sweeping material which does not absorb water, yet remains stiff and firm but flexible. The whole Sweep weighs only 26 oz. It is totally hand made using heavy natural fiber twine to create the structure. And it’s a great companion to our Outdoors Broom. That handles the heavier stuff. As a companion pair, they excel. Air shipping not available.

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Overall Rating
  • Superb Broom!

    Lynda Conway, 3/23/2019 This is the best broom that I ever purchased for outdoor sweeping. It picks-up bird food out of driveway, garage floors and sidewalk crevices. Superb!
  • Lile

    Phyllis Hatcher, 12/13/2018 Great tool! Picks up pine needles and leaves out of the ground cover. Love it!
  • Clean Sweep

    Glenn Chan, 10/13/2017 This wide broom is very light in weight and great when sweeping leaves into a pile or on a concrete sidewalk clean-up.
  • Clean Sweep

    Glenn Chan, 10/13/2017 This wide broom is very light in weight and great when sweeping leaves into a pile or on a concrete sidewalk clean-up.
  • Perfect for sweeping a large porch!

    Heather D., 10/13/2017 We just added a large farmers porch to the back of our home and were looking for a quality broom that would not only quickly sweep this large area, but also dislodge leaves and debris from between the tight floorboards. This broom performs exactly that and is a pleasure to use. An added bonus is that it looks great too...fits in perfectly with an antique house!
  • It works

    Anita, 6/26/2017 Only giving four stars because I expected the bristles to be fuller. It seemed kind of sparse to me. However when I took it out to sweep the pavers it really did a good job on an uneven surface and with heavier debris. So as long as those bristles/ fibers last it is a good tool. I couldn't find one this sturdy in any local store, plus it has a really nice design. Maybe I'll take it for a ride. jk ; )
  • Everyone needs a good broom

    Jane Ellen, 6/24/2017 Just the best performing broom I've ever owned! Love giving these as house warming gifts! Unexpected and always greatly appreciated.
  • Amazing Outdoor Broom

    Charles S, 12/23/2016 We purchased this broom to replace our current garage/outdoor broom. We saw a video about this style of broom on the internet. After viewing that video, I immediately placed an order for one broom. Our broom arrived today and it performed amazingly. Both my wife and I tried sweeping various areas of our walks and deck. Our only wish for the broom would be to have the handle be about 2"-4" longer. Our other regret is that we should have ordered two of these brooms.The broom gets into the driveway expansion joints and really gets the debris out. I think that this is because of the design of the bristles. The sweeping end of the broom is narrow and that allows the bristles to really get into those cracks.
  • Not just for flying any more

    Steve Andrews, 7/9/2016 When you go to a small town post office to pick up a package that is labled BROOM and you know the postal clerks you get a ration about test flights, riding home, etc. But the truth of the matter is this is no normal broom. A single stroke clears debris and if you happen to be using the broom on a deck the individual straws/sticks of the broom get between the spaces of the decking and it is clean in one stroke. We live in the woods so there is always leaf litter, sticks and stuff to remove. Very good unit, very glad we bought this broom.
  • Wide Sweeper Broom

    D. S., 6/14/2016 If you don't have one of these brooms, you're missing the boat! My wife insisted on a second one although the first one has been through the mill and doesn't even look used. Best outdoor broom ever!
  • Our Best Broom Yet!!!

    Carla Wilkerson , 5/17/2016 We bought this broom for use on our Ranch and it was a great choice. There are so many nooks and crannies around our property that need attention and this broom is the right size and sturdiness to get a lot of our jobs done.
  • Great Product

    Bill, 5/6/2016 An amazing broom if you can believe it. This broom will actually want to make you sweep! I live in Florida and we have a lot of leaves - all year round - and this broom is super. Get it - you'll not regret it!
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