“FenceFins” Steel Fence Post Plates

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Winter Sale “FenceFins” Steel Fence Post Plates
Solid, dependable, easy to use, and a great cost saver
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These unusually designed fence post base plates are a great alternative to heavy concrete bases or hiring expensive professionals. Just nail the pair of “V” plates onto your post, placing the top edge 2' above the post’s base. Then set in a narrow t-shaped hole, easily dug with spade, shovel, or post hole digger. Backfill to just cover the plates. Tamp the dirt firmly as you fill. These will fit posts 4" x 4", which work well for fence panels up to 10' long and 6' 6" high. Galvanized square twist nails recommended (not included).

Good fences make good neighbors, but the process can be a little daunting for the beginner. This is a strong, reliable alternative that’s easy enough for the average person to use, for excellent results that will really last. Instructions included.
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