Fireplace Ash Scoop with Hand Broom

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Fireplace Ash Scoop with Hand Broom
a steel scoop that reaches into corners
36E01.05 Fireplace Ash Scoop with Hand Broom

Available 01/10/2021


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Narrower than a standard household dustpan, so you can easily get into the corners of the woodstove, fireplace, or chimney. Use the Tampico Ash Broom (its fibers come from a type of Agave plant) for daily cleanup up around the hearth, or when ash and embers inevitably fall out of the stove. The semi-stiff bristles are great for lifting caked-on ash. Both implements have wood handles with holes at the end, that can be used to hang on a hook near the fireplace.

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Overall Rating
  • Many uses for this great set

    Rhonda Deese, 7/26/2020 Great brush and mini pan. I use to quickly pick up wood shavings, this set works perfectly for my application
  • Perfect Tool for Fireplace cleaning

    Bill Gamble, 4/6/2020 I waited a long time for this item (very popular ,
    was out of stock ) used it immediately upon receipt and I am excited about it's ease of use in cleaning out winters ashes.Perfect size both the brush and dust pan for access ing all corners and under grate. Thanks for this great product !1
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