Fireplace Bellows

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Fireplace Bellows
a very simple fire-assist technology
26F01.02 American Hardwood Bellows

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26F01.05 French Fireplace Bellows

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Every fire needs a little bit of help now and then. Getting down on your hands and knees and blowing can help, but your expelled breath is not well directed. Plus, if you are like us, blowing too much that makes us lightheaded. A good bellows does the job efficiently.

Our USA model is made of black willow wood and vinyl, and fitted with a brass nozzle and decorative brass tacks. Our French model (not available again until Holiday 2019) is similar but fitted with a longer, 4-1/2" tin nose and has a gorgeous decorative pattern of concentric circles carved into the Beech surface. 17-1/2" total length.

A double thong on both models holds the handle closed and serves as a hanging strap. Keep your bellows supple by treating the leather parts with oil or saddle soap once a year.
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