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Fireplace Log Splitter
$ 87.5
Low tech, quiet, easy to set up and operate. Not for HD splitting, but absolutely terrific for trimming down split logs that are just a bit too large before dropping in the fireplace - or creating lots of kindling quickly. It's totally portable (keep it in the back hall or on the porch) and lightweight. It'll handle dry logs up to 17 long and 8" in diameter, but to us, it excels in splitting again already split pieces - so you don't have to fire up the big splitter out back or get out the maul or wedge. Really very handy during the cold weather. Highly recommended.

Sales Note: Some months ago, the factory shipped us an order of Splitters that were fine in every respect except that the angle of the pointed wedge that does the actual splitting was too blunt to work as well and easily as it should. As soon as we discovered the error, we pulled that shipment out of stock. After study and discussion with the factory, we asked it to make us a retro-fit wedge designed so that it can be simply dropped over the faulty wedge and restore the tool to its easy, normal function. Those replacement wedges have now come in and will be shipped automatically with all orders for 82B01.01-R. The fitting of the retrofit wedge is very simple, takes only seconds and is completely secure and final once installed. Complete instructions are provided - the alternate photo shows one fitted. The function is the same in either instance.

We are offering our customers for the Fireplace Log Splitter a huge savings of 45% - $40 off the regular price as long as supplies last. Our usual product guarantee applies of course. To get the savings use item # 87B01.01-R for $47.50 when you order. Only 150 units are available. When they're gone, that's it.

Or if you don't want to be bothered with the simple retrofit, just order item # 82B01.01.
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