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54A03.14 ‘Twisted’ Splitting Wedge

Available 04/15/2021


54A03.44 ‘Twisted’ Splitting Wedge (2)

Available 04/15/2021

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The practical purpose of this unusual ‘twisted’ aluminum Splitting Wedge is that it distributes the force of a blow in two directions at once. Great for knotty hardwoods and tight-grained logs. Forged in Germany from high quality, aircraft-grade aluminum. While aluminum might seem counter-intuitive for an object that is constantly struck by a heavy steel hammer, it will give rather than splinter when struck. The tops of steel wedges tend to mushroom over time, and the resultant overhang can break off and, in essence, become flying steel shrapnel. The 45-degree twist and barbed, anti-friction guide ribs help prevent bounce-back and make driving easier. Measures 8” x 2-1/2” x 2”.

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Overall Rating
  • Makes splitting a lot easier.

    Emerson, 1/1/2021 I am able to split 24 inch+ wide,hard logs with this wedge. This isn't possible with regular wedges. I really appreciate light weight. One suggestion would be if edge could be a bit sharper. I normally have to use other wedges to start the hole. Then I can secure this wedge inside.
  • Perfect Wood Splitter

    Shawn, 10/19/2020 The spiral shape helps make short work out of splitting logs and branches. Being aluminum it's also light weight, which helps when transporting tools into the back of my property.
  • Grandpa would be proud!

    Jeff, 5/15/2020 Wow.... I sure wish I had this German made Aluminum Wedge 40 years ago. It would have made life much easier following Grandpa to the woods to cut and split wood. The skill of wood cutting and splitting along with a life full of hard work ethic has stayed with me ever since . I have tried many a splitting wedge from the advice of friends, and nothing compairs to the Garrett Wade wedge. The twist in the wedge splits the hardest of wood like butter. Thank you to Garrett Wade for making this old guys work out a little easier. The products you carry are top shelf!
  • Great Wedge

    Thomas N. Burson, 4/13/2020 I am seventy, split wood since I was a teen. Nothing compares to this wedge. It makes splitting green wood far easier. Does the work of two wedges in half the time and half the effort. Wish I had something like this wedge far sooner.
  • Great Wedge

    Thomas N. Burson, 4/13/2020 If you split wood, particularly wood not completely seasoned, you want this wedge. It makes splitting wood faster and easier. It can do the work of two wedges with half the effort and half the time. I have split wood since I was a teen. Now seventy I wish I had this wedge a long time ago.
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