Firewood Splitting Wedge

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54A03.14 ‘Twisted’ Splitting Wedge

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54A03.44 ‘Twisted’ Splitting Wedge (2)

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The practical purpose of this unusual ‘twisted’ aluminum Splitting Wedge is that it distributes the force of a blow in two directions at once. Great for knotty hardwoods and tight-grained logs. Forged in Germany from high quality, aircraft-grade aluminum. While aluminum might seem counter-intuitive for an object that is constantly struck by a heavy steel hammer, it will give rather than splinter when struck. The tops of steel wedges tend to mushroom over time, and the resultant overhang can break off and, in essence, become flying steel shrapnel. The 45-degree twist and barbed, anti-friction guide ribs help prevent bounce-back and make driving easier. Measures 8” x 2-1/2” x 2”.

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