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New Flash Gordon Rocket
45B01.85 Flash Gordon Rocket

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This retro Flash Gordon Rocket is a tin collectible that will conjure the adventures of the space hero. Flash Gordon has been around so long (1934) and in so many incarnations (daily comic strip, live action films, animated tv series, etc.), that his name might be better known than his story. His origin tale features two sidekicks (a mad scientist and his girlfriend, Dale Arden) who attempt to save Earth from the planet Mongo and its ruler, Ming the Merciless. This is a contemporary tin toy, made to look old, that can zoom along the ground via friction (i.e., you run it backwards along the ground a few times while holding it, then let go and it moves forward). Flashy red and yellow detail, like painted lightning bolts and graphic racing numbers, make this is a lovely, nostalgic toy for your office desktop. Pure Fun.

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