Flat Half-Moon Colander

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Clearance Flat Half-Moon Colander
adjustable, easy to use and is putaway flat
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This unusual colander—basically a half-circle of perforated stainless steel—easily attaches to the opening of almost any cooking vessel to strain off the liquid. Steel clips on the curved edge and a hooked armature grip securely to the outer rims of pots and pans, and the springs allow adjustment in three increments up to 10" diameter. Generously-sized straining holes make it easy to clean without getting gummed up.

All these things make it great to use, but it’s also special in how little space it takes in your kitchen. A colander is a must-have item in almost any kitchen. However, many are sized and shaped in a way that makes them difficult to store in crowded cabinets. Not this one – we were struck by the unusual flat design when we saw it. Store it flat or on its edge in a cabinet, slide it into a lid drawer, or even hang it from a hook.

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  • Perfect!

    Ryguy, 5/22/2018 In the past I've used a big bowl strainer to strain noodles and stock and it's such a hassle, especially with the fine mesh. Mine was looking pretty ragged so I took a look at this. It works really well, and it's so much quicker to rinse off than a fine mesh bowl strainer, not to mention much less obtrusive in my cabinet than a big bowl shaped mesh strainer is. I don't have to wash the mesh out tediously and I don't have to wash an extra bowl. I just pour out the noodle water and put the noodles directly into the serving plates, or pour the stock I make into the container(s) I'm going to store it in. Really happy I impulsively bought this. The accompanying optional copper funnel is great too. It's bigger and sturdier than I imagined from the picture. I believe the strainer will last a lifetime with some care around the springs and such, and the funnel will last a lifetime for sure. The funnel is so pretty it could be used decoratively too, I definitely recommend it if you're cooking stuff that requires keeping the liquid.
  • I want more!

    Isabella, 4/15/2018 Excellent product! I love to acquire unique items that serve just as well as (if not better) than mainstream products. This flat colander is it. I have used this colander to drain multiple times. Set up is a breeze, it works beautifully, takes up so little space, very easy to clean, not plastic (will practically last forever), Made in Italy, etc. Let's just say, I want more and will be ordering more as am afraid this colander will disappear from my kitchen soon.
  • A must for small kitchens

    john, 2/3/2018 If space is a concern(tiny home, boat) this is the best colander solution you will find on the internet. It doesn't say it in the description, but this is Italian. Lemme just say Garrett Wade is the only store that pleasantly surprises by where a product was made.
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