Flex. Shaft With Chuck

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Flex. Shaft With Chuck
Work easily from a distance
35N06.01 Flex. Shaft With Chuck

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With its ball bearing design and tough covering, this can be used with any power take-off drill press, portable power drill, or a grinder (if properly equipped). The 54" length lets you easily work a distance away and the 3/8" chuck allows you to use a huge variety of grinding bits, sanding disks, burrs and other small rotary cutting tools. Chuck will hold bits up to 3/8" diameter. This tool is a terrific value.

Note: This flex shaft (like most of this type) is designed only for forward (clockwise) rotation. You may damage the steel cable if you attempt use it in reverse rotation. Made in China.

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Overall Rating
  • Nice Addition

    John Wood, 9/21/2020 High quality. It was just what I was looking for to drill in a tight spot.
  • We'll see

    Lev, 3/8/2020 Was expecting it to be flexible toward the end, it's got a durable handle there that disallows this. It's also about 3 feet long. One person said it is meant to be used by hanging a drill up and using it loosely while the drill is running, I'll try it out to see how it goes, not what was expected though.
  • Happy user

    lewis durrett, 3/1/2019 This is an AWESOME and extremely well made and endurable tool. Not only will I be using it a lot in the work that i do but i am recommending it to everyone that i know as well...
  • Industrial Grade Flex Shaft

    Paul Harris, 1/14/2019 High quality flex shaft product, not the usual "consumer grade" offering of big box outlets. Catalogue does not reflect the robustness of the item, very pleased with product, delivered according to schedule with no added cost incurred by International buyer (UK).
  • Durable tool

    Skidmark5, 5/6/2018 So far, the GW flex shaft with chuck has held up to my usage. I have been primarily using the tool to do a lot of wire wheeling on stuborn corrosion and old paint. In fact, this tool has survived several wire wheels.
  • Sand where no other commercial attachment can

    DWeiner, 4/14/2018 I attached to my deep woodturning hollowing bar via a homemade bracket. this flex shaft now allows me to power sand up to 30” deep inside of hollow forms.
  • Flex shaft w/ chuck

    D.A.M., 4/13/2018 I kept the flex shaft coiled up to use it in an awkward / tight position. It was slow going, forward and reversing when torque wound up the coil, which was easy to control. The hole was bored and project went forward. That's all I needed.
  • Flex shaft combined with electric drill.

    Charlie, 11/2/2016 The flex shaft has worked great for making spoons and other contoured wood objects. I bought it to see if it would work as well as some of the $300. rotary flex shaft machines and it has.
  • Very Handy

    Steve, 3/8/2016 Works great with a portable drill for hard to get to places.
  • Mrs.

    Diana Wilson, 9/6/2015 My husband has been looking for this flexible shaft at several places in our area, but could not find one. He is very pleased with this product and it was delivered within a week of ordering it.
  • Exactly as Shown

    Preston Woodruff, 7/1/2010 I use the flexible shaft with a hand-held drum sander (made from a rolling pin and hook & loop sandpaper) to sand dulcimer sides and other curves. It runs smoothly, has a nice hefty feel, and it's exactly as described in the catalog. Glad I got it.
  • Exceptionally useful and cheap

    Rock, 2/9/2010 I attach this shaft to a small drill press, and with attached drums or burrs I use it mainly for shaping large woodcarvings. It has proven to be exceptionally useful and durable, and a lot cheaper and more powerful than the dedicated flexible shaft units others use. However, the chuck is full-sized, limiting use of this tool for tight spaces. Also, the first unit I got failed quickly, but GarretWade replaced it promptly with no questions. The replacement unit has been operating for two years of moderate use without problems.
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