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Flexible Linear Lawn Sprinkler
$ 79.9
The sturdy, durable Linear Lawn Sprinkler is built to last by a well-known German manufacturer of top quality professional irrigation equipment. A classic area-sprinkler design, it is made with a 100% cast metal body and base. The oscillating bar sprinkler head is fitted with 22 precision heads. Operating within a wide pressure range, the sprinkler is suitable for almost any locale and flexible enough for both residential and small commercial applications.

Four distinct coverage areas can be pre-set and locked-in on the rigid poly rotary control knob. While irrigating only needy areas conserves water and saves money (in an era of advisories and rationing), full coverage over large areas is also possible when demanded – up to 2400 sq. ft. of lawn and garden can be efficiently irrigated (requires a minimum of 2bar of pressure to operate effectively). See the table below for pressure-coverage-flow data.

Includes a stainless steel cleaning needle (cleverly stored in the end of the sprinkler bar) for removing mineral deposit build-up in the sprinkler heads, and comes with Garrett Wade’s all-brass Quick-Change hose fitting. Highly recommended.
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