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New Flower Seed Scatter Cans
For a gorgeous palette of flowers
66C02.01 Pollinator Flowers

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66C02.02 California Native Poppies

Available 03/31/2020


66C02.03 Cut Flowers

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These handy Flower Seed Scatter Cans are coffee can-sized containers filled with a selection of three kinds of flower seeds. Easy to use, you simply walk around your garden/yard, shake seeds into your hand, and scatter. We offer three types of flowers that will grow well all around the country. Note: these are all packaged with organic rice hulls that help space out the seeds when scattering. Shake well before using, and look for directions and tips on the can. This is a very efficient way to bring a huge variety of color to your flower beds, lawn or nearby field.

1) Pollinators provides food, shelter and habitat for honeybees, butterflies and other pollinators. These are annuals, and include a colorful variety of flowers. Cover 700 sq. ft.
2) California Native Poppies are drought-tolerant and the perfect choice for hot, dry climates (but will grow anywhere). Their vibrant orange hue will add a riot of color to your yard and garden. Cover 600-700 sq. ft.
3) The Cut Flower mix produces blooms throughout the spring and summer for an endless bouquet to brighten your day. A very colorful mix. Cover approx. 450 sq. ft.

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