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“Flying Dreamer” Automata Toy
$ 23.5000
This 14" tall wood Automata (mechanical toy) has a look and action that hearkens back to Leonardo da Vinci’s early sketches for flying machines. Turn the wooden crank forward or back and the aviator on his winged chair rocks back and forth as his arms move the graceful wings.

Made entirely from compressed pinewood (even the gears), all parts snap easily out of the wooden templates and the instructions are easy to follow—expect it to take about an hour for completion. This is an extremely fun and (minimally) challenging project for parents and kids to work on together, and a gift that will delight your little ones—everyone will want to take a turn. Not recommended for children under 10 years old, due to the complexity and number of parts.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Toy Contains Small parts. Not for children under 14 yrs.
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