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Folding Grafting Knives
This beautiful pair of knives will take care of all your grafting and budding needs. The blades on both knives are single-beveled (one flat side). The Grafting Knife has a curved, hawk-bill blade that allows you to score the bark, and in a pinch, can serve double duty as a pruner. The Budding Knife has a rounded end, with a bark lifter nub that is ground thin but not sharp, allowing you to gently lift up the stock as you place your scion. Both 2-1/2" carbon-steel blades are razor sharp and are easy to re-sharpen as you work in your garden. The handle has a waterproof, smooth resin finish.

Wipe dry after each use as carbon steel will rust if it sits wet. Or simply wipe the blades with oil before storage. Overall length on both knives is 6". A nice-looking and utilitarian pair of knives.
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