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Bestseller Folding Long Blade Knife
More than just a wood handled fishing knife
09A03.08 Folding Long Blade Knife

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It's unusual to find sturdy folders this long. This is one of the very few that we have discovered. Many are on the "thin blade" side, which limits their usefulness. This long blade folding knife has a 5" sturdy blade 5/8" wide with a solid back lock. It's long and strong at the same time and we like it a lot. Pakkawood grips, overall length closed 6 - 1/4". There's a lanyard hole for security.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:

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Overall Rating
  • Real good

    Samuel, 8/23/2020 Real good, especially for the price. Well worth it.
  • Surprising bargain

    Gail, 7/11/2020 Large folding knife useful for so many tasks! Definitely a bargain.
  • Long knive

    Pigman , 6/1/2020 Beautiful wood ,lock up is very good, blade is centered, very smooth, nice apple,tomato slicer
  • The Smallest Big Knife You Will Find

    Robin, 5/22/2020 Excellent knife. The smallest big knife you will find. Slender enough yet fits the hand well. Fits the pocket even better. Great action, good lock. The wood is beautiful instead of the all to common plastics out there. Most knives this size are war clubs. This is truly a gentleman's knife. Arrived very sharp. Easy to do intricate work. Perfect for a concealed blade should the need arise
  • Superb Knife

    Ken, 5/9/2020 Quite larger knife than I expected. Quality made with a locking mechanism and attractive. Useful for almost anything you can think of.
  • Happy

    Dean, 4/18/2020 I bought this for my adult son. He is a knife enthusiast. He really likes it and he keeps it in his overalls pocket. He really enjoys it and that makes me happy.
  • Long Blade Knife

    Steve Larkin, 4/3/2020 Clearly well made, sturdy. Great size for a folder.
  • Quite a bargain.

    Thomas Hall, 4/3/2020 Great knife. Well made, very sturdy blade for a folder. Quite sharp as received. Only issue I have noticed is the outside of the blade at the hinge is ground too a sharp angle. It catches in my pocket and undoubtedly will catch my hand one day. Will grind that down a bit.
  • Good knife

    Techspider , 4/2/2020 It is heavier than expected but good, sturdy and sharp.
  • heavier and more useful than I thought.

    Jim Matthews, 2/17/2020 This knife is much more of a knife in the picture indicates. It is heavy and when the blade is open it is long and sturdy which is useful for me because I use it for slicing up large apples to feed the horses so I was pleasantly surprised at the size and weight of the knife.
  • Beautiful, hefty and well balanced! Gorgeous knives!

    Denise S. Wood, 2/6/2020 I purchased these as "decorative additions" for two historical heritage shelves. However, though I don't have any background in "knives" as a collectible item, just from handling them, they are absolutely beautiful, hefty and the blade and blade locking system is solid. A very beautiful addition to my home library.
  • Whoa!

    Gregory Knox, 2/5/2020 This is a beautiful knife, well made and a welcome addition to my knife collection. Have to say, though, it is a little scary when opened. Stand back, it is indeed a long bladed knife.
  • Nice piece

    Vladimir Fialkovic , 1/27/2020 Knife is what i expected, no brands...
  • owner

    Stephen German, 11/5/2019 for the price these are excellent; they are great steak knives and look impressive when used; have actually taken them out to eat and people are impressed and ask
    where to get them
  • Nice knife

    James, 7/12/2019 Beautiful knife and very functional . I use it several times a day.
  • Great Knife

    Alistair Crannis, 6/1/2019 This is and excellent knife with multiple uses. It has a great edge and the locking is solid.
  • Folding long blade knife

    John, 3/30/2019 This is a very good knife , I put it right in my camping kit. Could be used as a fillet knife in a pinch. Great all around food prep blade, folding saves space in my kit.
  • Folding long blade

  • Folding long blade

    Joseph Roman, 2/11/2019 Wow ,more then I expected for the price sturdy & great looking ran it through my ceramic crock sticks a few times , great edge, thank you !
  • great knife

    frankye fletcher, 2/9/2019 this knife is way better than what i thought, very sturdy, well built, i am definitely buying from this seller again and again, highly recommended, you won't be discouraged
  • Does what I need it to.

    Marshall, 2/5/2019 The knife is much larger than I expected, but this is my fault. I neglected to read the description thoroughly. Not too much of a problem.
    I bought this to use as a letter opener, and it does the job nicely. The blade is not wicked sharp, but it's sharp enough to slice open an envelope. I can sharpen it if I need to. Strangely enough, the knife feels heavy and substantial, yet cheaply made at the same time. But what else can one expect for $14?

    All in all, this is a pretty decent knife for the price. I'm satisfied.
  • Just what I expected

    AmyC, 1/25/2019 I bought two of these knives for my sons' birthdays. As earlier reviewers mentioned, it's a pretty big knife, but it seems well made and substantial. I think my sons will be pleased.
  • Knife

    Dylan, 1/13/2019 Great, super big knife. I love it for backpacking and hunting/fishing.
  • Nothing special, a bit disappointed.

    sheldon, 1/6/2019 1-Larger than expected.
    2-Dull when received, had to sharpen before it would clean cut paper.
    3-On the heavy side for a knife it's size.
    4-Material not marked on the blade as are all my other knives.
  • Solid

    T. Boldt, 12/19/2018 Solid blade, nice wood, longer than I thought it would be. I'd love to be able to buy a horizontal knife sheath for it.
  • A very good looking knife

    Robert Boese, 9/13/2018 Very good looking, and should make a good all around utility knife. I had ordered this along with other items. Also attempted to order a similar knife shown s a close out item. Regretfully a service rep. needed to inform me that the close out item, though shown available, was actually out of stock.
    I received this knife, and a push drill in the same package. Was surprised when several days later, a second 09A03.08 that I had not requested arrived. This need not be a problem. I will gift it to a friend. As others have written about, this is too large to be a everyday carry item.
    It seems to be very well made. It likely will make a great general purpose utility knife knife to keep in a tool box or car. The finish on the first knife seems perfect. The second appears to have had two of three center pins that must have been found to have excessive length. These were filed, or sanded smooth to be even with the wood. Regretfully the sanding scratched the wood in four places, that were not refinished, or polished out. This should be easy to fix. It seems somewhat odd that this knife has no brand name, or identifying of where it was made.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for reviewing the Folding Long Blade Knife. We're sorry about the confusion in ordering. If you would like, please feel free to send the second knife back to us, and we'll have our product specialist inspect the replacement before sending it to you. The knife is made in China.

  • Folding Long Blade Knife

    Paul , 5/7/2018 This is a solid long bladed knife. It's sleek looking, solid and fits nicely in ones hands. I needed to sharpen it a bit but that's fine. I think it's well worth the sale price of $14 and change!
  • A stunning knife indeed

    Ecat, 2/23/2018 Despite the clear photo in the catalog and the specific description, with dimensions, I was surprised, but pleased, by the hefty size and weight of this very good-looking and well-made folder. As someone else has remarked, it's not for table use but is being put to use in food preparation at my camp. One star deducted because the catalog did not indicate "Made in China." I would likely have bought it anyway, but I prefer knowing beforehand and having the choice.
  • Beutiful Piece of work

    Richard, 1/31/2018 Absolutely love this piece, a strong and long filet knife that is a favorite in my collection very well built. Thank you!!!
  • I Dare anyone to find a longer stronger filet knife out there??

    Welty, 12/29/2017 I love this knife. Long strong and sturdy for it's length. elegant in its handle.. Beautiful Piece. Thank you.
  • Super-sturdy knife

    Adam Rochmes, 11/14/2017 This is a fillet-style knife. I was unprepared by how large and heavy it is--way too big to use as a personal steak knife as I'd intended, but I was won over by its beauty, toughness and smooth operation. A very good value that I estimate would cost 2x or 3x its price from a knife specialty dealer. Just be aware, it's not a pocket knife unless you've got really deep, really strong pockets.
  • Folding Long Blade Knife

    Barron Morin, 10/17/2017 Exactly as described in the catalog. Well-made solid piece.
  • A value

    J. Martin, 5/26/2017 Nicely made and nicely finished, this large folding knife is a value.
  • Quite the stiletto

    Steve, 5/22/2017 If my name was Borgia and I was walking around Renaissance Italy I would want one of these for protection. This is a very long knife with a blade a little heftier than a filet knife but still reasonably flexible. I plan to keep it close on wilderness canoe trips and hopefully not need it on a charging bear. Far more likely, it will help carve wood shavings for the evening campfire. It should work well there. And if we catch some fish? It should do the fileting chores quite nicely.
  • great for the money

    Bill Fay, 2/7/2017 awesome knife, just as pictured, great for the money
  • B- Workmanship

    Chris, 12/9/2016 This is very large and even measuring out the 6-5/16" closed length before I purchased it, didn't help size this up. It's no pocket knife. Folded it has the circumference of a golf putter. Open it's huge. A bit heavy to use as a portable knife for eating/camping. Not really sure I know where I'd use this and may return it. As mentioned, the pins are not completely flush with the wood handle making an otherwise good looking knife appear unfinished. Mechanically it's very well made and locks tight with no wobble. If you're looking for a general purpose/utility knife with some heft to it, I'm not sure you'll find a more sturdy folder than this one.
  • Good stuff!

    Bill Sampson, 11/11/2016 This is much more knife, of far greater quality, than the price would suggest! Much satisfied! This will likely become my most used knife (and I like knives)
  • Ok knife

    James Hudson, 10/31/2016 Wish the pins were smoother. And bolsters need polishing.
  • Folding knife

    Jay thomas, 10/22/2016 Larger than expected, but pleased with purchase.
  • Too Big!

    David, 7/31/2016 It is much larger than I had considered. It seems to me that it would be helpful to suggest it is not a pocket knife.
  • Good website

    Leon J. Lee, 7/4/2016 Good items. Good service
  • Large folding knife

    Ben, 6/14/2016 Good garden knife and other uses
  • Sharp and sturdy

    John, 5/24/2016 $25? Can't be beat for this price. Some say to large/heavy for personal protection but at 6 oz. not a problem. So it sticks out of my back pocket a few inches...don't mind at all. Very well made.
  • Folding long blade knife

    Don Shipley, 5/10/2016 Larger than I expected, but excellently made. Love it.
  • Yes

    Brandon Stafford, 4/20/2016 Good quality, sharp. I like it.
  • Two is better than one.

    David, 4/17/2016 I bought this knife on the buy-one-get one deal. I knew they were going to be
    big, and they met expectations.I go on remote hunting trips. I keep one in my
    truck glove compartment and one in my kit.
  • Stout Knife

    Rod, 4/17/2016 Stout and sharp right out of the box. Looks good and is well balanced for it's size.
  • Quality

    Michael Slayton , 3/4/2016 Should have read the description closer, it's huge ! Much to big for everyday use. I keep it in my desk to open packages. All that being said it is an excellent quality knife. A slightly thinner blade and body would make more functional for everyday use.
  • Nice Knife

    Mark, 8/5/2015 Very nice and sturdy, I like the quality.
  • A Beauty

    Ed, 4/6/2015 My first thought when first viewing this knife was how good looking it was. Then I opened the blade and was equally impressed by the sturdy feel and construction. In the end I can simply say that this is a lot of knife for the money-good looking, strong, and useful.
  • Nice Knife

    Mark Larkin, 1/2/2015 Nice knife, but it was far too large for any practical use I had. Returned it.
  • I Want More

    David, 11/20/2014 This is a great knife, especially for the price. Excellent quality, very solid, very sharp. Will be getting more for stocking stuffers. A good knife for cleaning game birds and trout. This is a good deal.
  • Long Blade Knife

    Joe Meiller, 11/8/2014 The knife is a good deal for the money. As stated in the ad, it is well-made and a snug fit where the blade meets the body, when open. That was my main concern, and the knife lived up to g.wade's description. I bought several as gifts for son and grandsons and I am most pleased with their finish, fit and value. Thanks, Joe M.
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