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Clearance Folding Metal Shovel
For The Trunk Of Your Car
A compact, emergency problem-solver
69B01.03 Emergency Folding Metal Shovel

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69B01.30 Emergency Folding Metal Shovels (2)

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Probably all of us that live in the country would like to have a versatile, wide emergency shovel in the trunk. The problem is that they tend to take up a huge amount of space. Well, here's one we found that doesn't. Made with an aluminum blade it is a full 27" from handle to tip when extended but folded up it takes only 16" of space. The shovel is 10" wide, so it will do serious work, and takes up almost no room at all when stored flat in its cloth case. It's inexpensive and really recommended.
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Overall Rating
  • Decent construction, easy to use, sized nicely, works well on fresh snow, not so well for packed

    Ordinary Guy, 12/29/2020 Construction feels good, durability seems decent, not very stout, but feels perfectly acceptable for an emergency shovel. We used this to build forts this weekend and the paint has already started chipping off. Also, it doesn't feel as strong as my old military issue e-tool, but I don't think it's been designed to be as strong. Very good for fresh snow, but the more packed the snow, the flimsier it starts to feel. If you need to dig out a few tires, this should do the trick. Not sure what's so hard about assembly - remove from case, unfold, tighten, use.

  • Good Product

    John, 1/28/2019 Order and shipment very smooth, very punctual. Shipped within a few days, received it shortly after. Product seems very good quality. Sturdy. Very interested to see how product holds up long term. Would definitely recommend and no doubt will recommend. Very pleased with product and shopping experience. Will come again for sure.
  • Thankful - Piece of mind

    Lori Smith, 1/25/2019 Thankyou for this item! I'm very happy to have it - it gives you piece of mind for emergencies. I hope to never have to use it... (finger crossed) But, If I need it I will be very thankful!
  • Sturdy and portable

    Ken Krasowski , 5/12/2018 I was researching numerous websites for an emergency foldable shovel. When I looked at GarrettWade the description of the product was exactly what I was looking for. When the shovel arrived and to my surprise it was exactly as described. The shovel when extended was extremely sturdy and folded easily. Was also glad that it came with a cover case. Glad I ordered the cost saving package of two shovels.
  • Folding steel shovel

    Jim conway jr, 12/26/2016 Great emergency shovel,I bought 2 of them and gave them to my wife and daughter for Christmas ,they loved them easy to assemble .
  • Snow shovel

    Doreen, 10/9/2016 Looks OK for emergency use only. Poor directions on assembling it. Should be helpful if needed.
  • Snow Emergency

    Fred, 9/8/2013 Got one for every car - durable /compact / fits easily under seat - great quality.
  • ChuckyD, 3/21/2013 The last time we had a big snow in Kansas City Metro was 2010; then nothing until 2013, when we had two whoppers in a week - each was over 12 inches, not including drifts. We bought 2 of these shovels, one for each vehicle, even though both have 4x4 drive. 4x4 doesn't help much when it gets that bad. Now we feel a little better prepared for the next surprise.
  • Folding Snow Shovel

    Neff Basore, 1/2/2013 Nice for the price and is excellent for travel and emergency use.
  • Snow Shovel

    Patrick, 1/2/2013 Looks like its well made. Having said that I hope that I am never in a position to have to use it.
  • In An Emergency O K

    Robert Seddon, 1/23/2012 Not really heavy enough to be a full time snow remover, but would be great if I get stuck or in an emergency.
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