Foldable Sewing Scissor

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Foldable Sewing Scissor
Includes a fitted leather case
They take near zero space folded
02B09.01 Foldable Sewing Scissor

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Our French made Folding Scissors are elegant and useful tools. It is exceptionally rare to find them anymore because it takes so much care and experience to make them well. Think about how they are folded and unfolded countless times and must maintaining their precision each time.

While we have seen them in Asia, none of them were really any good. It now appears that there is only one European source for these left: a small, personal workshop of a very experienced master cutler in Nogent, France. It is he who makes these for us.

They are simply beautiful, work smoothly, and fold right up to go in the leather case. We love these, and hope that the maker continues to produce for years.

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Overall Rating
  • Folding Scissors

    Lisa zebrack, 11/15/2020 Foldable Sewing Scissors are great. I wear the fitted leather case that's included on a chain around my neck. I use them but I don't use them for sewing. I use them for paper cutting. I can make fabulous stuff with paper. They cut so intricately.
    If you want sewing scissors, that's great. Use them for just sewing. But if you want paper scissors just use them for paper and they're great. I love them. My art teacher recommended them to me 33 years ago and I've been using them ever since.
    They're fabulous. I have more than one pair. They're kind of pricey but they're worth every penny.
  • Folding Scissors

    Bonnie Vincent, 7/20/2020 I bought this many years ago, possibly 10 years. I lost my folding scissors recently so here I am back to buy another. They are always there when I need them, I've missed them terribly. Folding scissors are of fine quality, very nice leather pouch to store them in.
  • Folding scissors

    Edna Bond, 5/21/2020 I've had folding scissors before but this one is far greater quality. They are worth every penny.
  • Amazing high quality travel scissors when you cant have a knife

    Shane, 2/19/2020 Amazing quality...super expensive but without a doubt the best folding scissors joke...I always carry a small knife but bought these for "carry-on"international travel since I cant carry a knife on airlines or in London,etc, yet still want to be able to open packages and cut things....these things dont get a second glance and have been thru several countries and airports...this is as close to a small travel knife as you can get and still meet airline rules. ..they cut great and snap open and closed with precision...I am honestly suprised at the quality and the fact that anyone even makes such a niche item....probably only folding scissors that exist at this level of quality..
  • Folding Scissors

    Roger, 6/1/2019 Had this product already for 20 plus years and was looking for it for years. Now found it again in the same quality coming from the same company. Needless to say, the producer did not care too much with branding otherwise I could have found the company much sooner.
  • Folding Scissors

    Elizabeth MacKenzie Hebron, 5/17/2019 This is a replacement for a pair of folding scissors that I've had for years and lost. I didn't think I'd ever find another pair like them. I'm thrilled with the high quality workmanship that went into making these super sharp scissors!
  • Perfect traveling scissors!

    Lynn, 3/29/2019 What a lovely pair of scissors! Perfect crosscut and they fold into this tiny leather bound pouch! I love to travel and scissors or cutting implements have been severely limited on the airlines. No More! This perfect pair of folding scissors is allowed by the airlines and the quality is without compare. It is so nice to fly and have a perfect pair of scissors for knitting or sewing. Do not stop offering this wonderful quality traveling product. My sincere thanks.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner March 2019 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Lynn!!
  • Quality & SafetyFoldingScissors

    Doug \wood, 12/18/2018 Very fine quality folding scissors. My wife sews while traveling, so these very safe scissors are a good investment.
  • a thing of beauty

    Robin, 12/13/2018 "A thing of beauty is a joy forever ". These scissors are that but also more than that; they are practical, super well-made, sturdy, and a pleasure to use. They fit in the little case perfectly. They do their job, but do it with pizazz. The only thing that I would have liked is that my case was the brown color that was shown rather than the black color mine came with. The brown would have been easier to find in my purse and, well, I just like the look better and it was part of what sold me on the scissors. One thing; the TSA will confiscate don't let them- keep them at home when you travel no matter how handy they'd be to have on your travels. After all you don't want people thinking that you are armed and dangerous!
  • Love them! So happy!!!

    Noa Mohlabane, 12/8/2018 Love these! Very sharp! Cut so well. So tiny and amazing in the little case!
  • Best folding scissor

    Bernice, 11/11/2018 The niftiest folding scissor. Loved it so much I ordered 2 more for gifts. Wish the items were packed with more packing material, the items I ordered were all loose from the plastic guards, should have been secured with tape. All the scissors were loose in the box, gratefully none were damaged. I have some words for the packer who made up my box all loosey goosey. Otherwise wonderful folding scissor.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Foldable Sewing Scissor. We're glad to hear you're happy with it! We apologize for the way it was packed, and will address the issue.
  • Finally got myself a pair

    Dana, 10/25/2018 Bought some for my mom and sister for Christmas. Finally got my own pair! These scissors are so good. They’re quite sharp and they fold up so small. Definitely a must have for my purse.
  • My 3rd pair

    James Lin, 10/9/2018 Finely made scissors! Compactnand perfect for trips or even “small work”. Lost my first pair to TSA. Got replacement, and now a spare.
  • Best little folding scissors, never dull.

    Diane, 6/3/2018 I bought a pair in CO in 1971 and they were $10.00. That was a lot of money! These are the best little scissors. Never dull up.
  • Fine leather case nearly ruined

    M.J., 8/18/2017 Ordered one for myself, gave it to a friend and now I want another for myself! There is absolutely NO problem with either the scissors or the nice red leather case they come with. The cutting and folding actions are excellent for asmall pair of scissors. MY complaint is with Garrett Wade because they put a sticker almost as big as the entire case right on the leather for their inventory, and removing that sticker was a pain! It left stubborn, black sticky residue all over the back of the case and I had a hard time getting it clean.I wanted it to be nice-looking as the scissors turned out to be a last-minute gift. I didn't want to use a normal label remover because of the long lasting odor and I didn't want to damage the leather or change its color. I finally got it off with sweet almond oil, and a lot of elbow grease but I was surprised that GW would do such a thing to such a fine quality piece.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Folding Scissors. We are going to address this issue. We do apologize for this happening, and are most appreciative about your bringing it to our attention. We will be in touch with you shortly.

  • folding scissors

    Onnette McElroy, 6/10/2017 Love my scissor. Lost the first one and ordered a new one immediately! Cannot do without it.
  • Folding scissors

    K. Rust, 3/4/2016 I bought these as a gift for my husband. Despite the video and all warnings, I wasn't prepared for how very small they are - so I was concerned that they would prove too small for my husband's hands. This, fortunately, didn't prove to be the case , and he loves them. They are very well made, arrive nicely sharpened and the leather case is a very good idea.
  • Perfect Gifts for the Best of Friends

    Michael and Emily Young, 3/4/2016 I have purchased three of these folding scissors to be used as gifts. Now I have ordered two more sets as gifts. The first pair were for my wife, who was totally impressed enough to show them to her friends and never travels without them. I have never been asked to sharpen them and they have never lost the "spring" that keeps them closed and in the really nice leather case. Really precise tools are hard to find. These scissors are in the finest category and will be given to the wife's dearest friends. Perfect gifts and worth every penny. Garrett Wade succeeds again! Thank you! I am a hero for finding the perfect gifts.
  • Pocket Sissors

    Merlin Nicholes, 8/3/2015 These are the greatest pocket scissors money can buy! I've used these for over 25 years and they never seem to lose their sharpness. I lost my original pair last month and was thrilled to find out that Garrett Wade sells them.
  • Scissors

    Dave Chase, 7/14/2015 Top notch tool.
  • Great

    Bob & Kathy Duncan, 2/16/2015 These were amazing folding scissors, just what Bob wanted.
  • Folding Scissors

    D Hassall, 1/7/2015 I was most impressed with my folding scissors. Firstly because I can carry them to classes etc with ease and secondly because I have leather furniture and feel that when closed they will not pierce the leather. They are very good quality. Thank You.
  • Very Nice

    Satisfied Customer, 12/6/2014 These scissors are great, and your service is wonderful all around! Thank you very much!
  • A Class Act

    Bob, 11/22/2014 These scissors are one of the best tools, ever. They are extremely well-made. The cutting action is very smooth and sharp. This is not just a practical tool. It is a work of art. They are precision made. I bought them from Garrett Wade at a discount, but they are worth the full price.
  • Scissor Heaven

    MoxieCosmo, 10/20/2014 Sometimes you just need the best there is...really! While traveling all kind of things come up requiring cutting, trimming, reshaping, and just grand trouble-shooting, and precision is in high demand. Here is your solution - the absolute best in scissors and they are ingeniously designed for travel with the world's smallest foot print. A delight to own and very satisfying to use.
  • Excellent / Compact

    Pedro Correa, 7/25/2014 Great quality but foremost light and compact.
  • Hurrah - The Lost Is Found

    Elizabeth Ajemian, 6/7/2014 After a 30-year stint in my purse, I recently lost my indispensable French (Nogent) folding scissors, bought while residing in France. Pricey even then, much more so now, but to me, priceless. Was thrilled to find them at Garrett Wade. A quality item: ever-sharp, ever-useful for various purposes, beautifully made. No woman should be without them. This purchase is my first with G/W - thank you for making them available. If they are an example of the quality of all your merchandise, I will doubtless keep browsing your offerings. Sincerely, Elizabeth Ajemian
  • Outstanding

    Shaul, 1/15/2014 These scissors are not only nice and compact when folded, but they are of beautiful craftsmanship! Well worth the price as these are not gimmick" folding scissors, I have wasted plenty on cheap ones. As soon as I opened them I recognized the professional-grade weight and quality - super sharp too. I highly recommend these for anyone that needs high-quality scissors, that are easy to transport, in their line of work! "
  • Scissors That Make The Cut

    Janeene, 12/31/2013 These little scissors really do the job and they do it better than any pair of mini scissors I have ever used. They are truly quality from they way they fold out to the way they fold back in so smoothly and tiny. These scissors really make the cut. My Mom and sister are going to want a pair when they see me pull these out of my small handbag the next time someone asks, Does anyone have a pair of scissors?""
  • Little Life Savers

    Warren C. Jones, 12/22/2013 These easily packable scissors are lifesavers for use while traveling. The sharp tips are safely stowed so they won't injure your packed clothing and the scissor's precision cutting action makes them a joy to use.
  • Top Notch Gift

    Lynne Andrews, 12/11/2013 I just ordered three more of these fabulous scissors in their beautiful leather cases just to have on hand for very special people who do wonderful things for me. I am so proud to give a gift that is so well made and so unique. I have carried my own pair for over 35 years and they have never dulled or become loose and they have cut just about everything there is. Thank you Garrett Wade for always having them on hand. I love everything you offer. All special quality and great to the touch.
  • Excellent Scissors

    Larry, 11/17/2013 Very well constructed, operates flawlessly, compact, and readily accessible for use. A handy tool to have readily available. Strongly recommended.
  • Had Them For Years

    Lynne Andrews, 8/20/2013 I still have my very first pair of these exceptional scissors. Bought them over 40 years ago. I have bought several more pair and have two pair waiting for very special people to come into my life. The scissors are beautifully made and will say sharp and last longer than YOU will. People will wait for you to pass they can have your scissors. Perfection is hard to find. Get a pair now.
  • Sticky label on leather pouch

    David Simpson, 8/17/2013 Hi! The scissors are great. I purchased them for my wife as a gift. (She actually picked them out.) But, to my distress, when they arrived, there was a big, sticky label on the leather carrying pouch. Ouch! Please put the product in a zip lock bag or a little box and put the label on that. It's tough getting that sticky stuff off!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for your review on the Folding Scissors. We're sorry to hear about the stickiness factor. We have passed your comments along.
  • Handy!

    Barbara Welch, 6/28/2013 Years ago I had scissors that were similar in design as these are. But in no way were they as sharp and well-made as these are. I feel very lucky to have found these.
  • It takes an artist to make tools for an artist.

    the Artisan Rogue, 4/9/2013 As a traveling artist that does comic conventions and art fairs, it is paramount to me to have tools of all kinds that will hold up and if at all possible, be lightweight yet durable. These scissors far and away have surprised me in performance, sharpness, exquisite construction, and size. Deceptively small when folded, more than comfortable when extended, they fit the bill for my art bag perfectly. Worth every penny I spent on them, I would not hesitate to buy another pair if I were ever to lose these. Thank you Garret Wade for carrying these, and my utmost compliments to the scissors maker in France.
  • A Cut Above!

    David, 4/6/2013 Compared to other folding scissors, these are in a league of their own. They are of solid construction, are scary sharp, and are a highly usable size. Once open, they cut extremely well and function as very good scissors should. The leather storage pouch is itself handsome and well-made. Take note that unfolding them requires a moment of thought and a firm grasp, as the springs keeping them closed have some resistance. That's a good thing, preventing any slack or slop in either the closed or open position, Easy enough, once you've done it a time or two. However, folding them back up demands that you pay particular attention to the instructions provided for putting them away. Follow the simple steps provided, or risk getting needlessly poked or pinched. Be sure and hold the scissor by the closed blades as you fold first one, then the other handle into the closed position. Fortunately, placing the scissors in the pouch and snapping it shut are simply done and danger-free. Now these ARE costly, as far as folding scissors go. Compared to all the other options commonly avaibable, however, these work and work very well. They don't feel sloppy, loose, or cheaply made. And they cut like real scissors, not hacking and tearing through things like the safety scissors my kids used in kindergarten. These are serious and elegant scissors for serious (and elegant) scissors users. Recommend!
  • Wonderful folding scissors

    Maxine Kraemer, 1/16/2013 I love love love these folding scissors. I use them for so many little jobs because they are so sharp and so easy to carry in a purse. Great for getting little fabric samples. I lost a pair about 5 years ago and was never able to replace them, so I was thrilled to see them in your catalog.
  • Best folding scissors

    Jeff J., 9/5/2012 Very high quality. Super smooth cutting action. I use these in my first aid kit for skiing and mountain biking. They pack down small and should not ever rust. They are pretty expensive for a small pair of scissors but the craftsmanship is first rate.
  • Fabulous Quality

    Hannah R. Kuhn, 7/25/2012 My folding scissors that I had owned for over 40 years mysteriously disappeared while in my check-in luggage. I despaired that I would ever be able to replace them. Voila--Garrett Wade came to my rescue with this quality folding scissors in a leather case. I know I have my trusty scissors in my purse whenever I need them.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner July 2012 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Hannah!!
  • Heirloom-worthy

    Willie (Wilhelmine) Shuck, 3/17/2012 These scissors are beautiful and practical. I keep them in a tiny sewing kit that I travel with, though I have not yet tried to take them on a plane and would like to hear from someone who has. The steel is obviously of excellent quality and the workmanship flawless. The only negative" is that the angular thumb and finger holes are uncomfortable. I consider these heirloom quality and have had several pair engraved with the name of the recipient."
  • Extraordinary!

    Karen C., 3/13/2012 These are extraordinarily well-made, solid scissors with a wonderful feel in the hand. They are part of my “everyday carry kit” and are the perfect size to be both compact and yet comfortable to use for all those little daily cutting chores. It sounds like hyperbole, but I find myself actively seeking out things to cut so I have an excuse to slide these out of their beautiful little leather pouch, smoothly snap them into position, and use them. Sometimes overlooked in reviewing a product is the ease of acquiring them: I didn't have to travel to France and didn't have to hunt for them on eBay Ordering them from Garrett Wade was simplicity itself and I knew if I wasn't satisfied, I could return them at no cost to me. Superb products + wonderful service = one delighted customer.
  • Original Post Date: Monday, January 09, 2012<br>Great gift; great to own

    Willie (Wilhelmine) Shuck, 2/1/2012 These scissors are a rare find. I have some folding scissors made in the USA twenty years ago, but they are no longer available. These are not only useful/practical but a keepsake of high quality. Worthy of engraving with the owner's name.
  • fascinating

    Ellen Rasmussen , 12/8/2011 These are a very remarkable invention of a very useful tool for those who do needlework needing precision cutting tools. They are also very valuable for use for those doing needlework as they travel.
  • Folding Scissors

    Lynne Andrews, 6/22/2011 Dear Garrett Wade, This is my fourth and fifth pair of French folding scissors. My own pair,I bought in San Francisco almost 40 years ago and they have had tons of use and are still perfect. I am always so worried that you will stop having them and we will all be worst off for the disappointment. What fabulous instruments they are. Love them being in a 'leather' snap pouch too. Don't ever stop doing what you are doing so well. Your service is excellent and all your wonderful tools are the best quality. Ahhh... but back to these scissors..... they are a wonder and magical to hold in ones hand. I take them out of my purse just to hold them. Thanks for the great and fast service too.

    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner June 2011 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Lynn!! "
  • Wonderful Folding Scissors

    Thomas Van Essen, 1/19/2011 These scissors are great--they are a handy tool and a wonderful object. The just feel perfect. A joy to own and carry around.
  • Awsome

    Steve, 4/19/2010 I had a pair I had puchased while in Interlaken Switzerland. Lost them many years ago. Had been looking for a pair when I came across this pair from GarrettWade. This pair beats the Swiss pair. I flew to the East Coast recently and TSA said I was okay boarding the plane with them. Same for the return flight. This pair is very much worth the asking price. Very much worth it.
  • Awesome EDC

    Clark, 4/18/2010 Great scissors for everyday carry. excellent craftsmanship.
  • Awesome Scissors

    Alexander, 4/18/2010 I am what you might consider a collector of folding scissors. These are perhaps the finest obtainable compact, folding scissors available to consumers. Extremely, extremely sharp. Good for travel and general grooming needs for both male and females. Very nice, high quality leather case that snaps shut securely. Note these are not large scissors, but still substantial, sturdy construction that fold and unfold with ease. Highly recommended. You'll understand the price tag when you receive and handle the product.
  • It's Not Hype (the product copy text nor the other reviews)

    MarkAldonWeiss, 12/10/2009 Yes, do not take them to the airport! It is so true that once you have these you will feel terrible if you don't have them anymore. I agree with product copy text and other reviewers -- except don't get them sharpened. Just use them properly. As for the technical instructions" on how to close the scissors, anybody who cherishes their product and doesn't tend to act like a monkey will intuitively know how to take care in the closing of the scissors. All the asides aside, it is absolutely true that these scissors are wonderfully sharp and have many uses. But they are pricey. If you are a person who appreciates fine quality and superlative performance, these are for you. Also the scissors are so tiny when folded it costs nothing to have them in your purse or briefcase (my case, since my briefcase is always with me). Just remember that airport thing."
  • Trusted Old Friend

    Geri Finn, 10/30/2009 I have been cutting my hair with a pr of these scissors for over 40 years. Nothing else seems to do the trick as well as these they are sharp and accurate. The folding mechnaism is beautifully made, and a nice leather carry pouch makes them so portable. But beware of getting them sharpened at the wrong place. For the first 20 years I owned my first scissors, I had them sharpened every 3-4 years at a reliable store in the Boston area, but when I moved to Florida, I unfortunately used the wrong sharpening service. The scissors still work, but aren't the same. Luckily, after searching the web, I located Garrett Wade and the same EXACT scissors. Hooray, I feel secure again with these trusted little scissors in my closet. They are perfect for my use.
  • Favourite scissors

    Pat Lowe, 4/9/2009 I looked for these scissors for years. They are so compact and sharp and such good quality, they are one of my favorite possessions. You just have to be careful not to try to board a plane with them in your pocket: it would be sad to lose them.
  • Folding Scissors

    Lynne Andrews, 4/1/2009 Four Inch Scissors in a Navy leather case: You probably don't think of this as a tool, but I have had a pair of these very special scissors for over 40 years. I bought me and my sister a pair in San Francisco. Hers were stolen going through airport 'security' and she was devastated. I looked on my scissors to see if anything was printed on them to see if we could find them again, went to the internet and they brought up Garrett Wade. My sister found those same scissors on your site. We were both so excited as we have used them through the years for cutting cuticles, paper, plastic connections on price tags, haircuts, too long shoelaces, tags off of shirts that were scratching us, hair tangles on cats, eyebrow trims for my husband, scratching itches and just taking them out because they feel so good in your hand and now I have my granddaughters begging to use the special little scissors for their craft things. They are always there for me and as much as people always want to 'borrow' them, I don't let them out of my sight. They are like jewelry and travel in my purse at all times. When my sister ordered a pair from you a couple of months ago, I couldn't stand it and I, too, ordered another pair. We women do that, if we fear we will never find them again. So now I have my new ones in the Navy case in my purse and my original ones are in a special place at home. Silly sounding, but these are the best made and most beautiful scissors we both have ever seen. Almost magical in their perfection and amazing strength. I know it doesn't sound like much, but these little scissors are the most beautifully made instruments you could ever have the honor to own. Everyone wants our scissors. Thank you so very much for having them for us. You have some amazing tools and even in this economy, I am tempted to order from you again. Beautiful tools which I don't even know what they are for, but they are ma
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