Forest Axe and “Tomahawk” Hatchet

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Forest Axe and “Tomahawk” Hatchet
powerful german-made chopping tools
American Hickory Handles - Made Exclusively for Garrett Wade
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54A03.07 Forest Axe

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54A03.13 Tomahawk-Hatchet

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This pair of handsome, quality woodcutting tools are the happy result of our new partnership with a 3rd generation forge in Germany. The Forest Axe is a full-sized tree chopper, with a 31" Ash handle, a red steel safety collar and an extra thick neck. The “Tomahawk”-Hatchet with its 15" handle has a strikingly broad curved head with a rear poll for driving wedges. Great for making kindling, clearing branches, etc. Both are an excellent value.

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