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powerful german-made chopping tool
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The Forest Axe is a hefty, full-sized tree chopper with a 31-½" handle, a 5-½" long cutting edge and an extra stout neck. This is the biggest axe in our selection, with its 8-½" head (from edge to poll) inches longer than comparable axes. When you hold this axe, you just know it’s up to all of your felling and limbing tasks. It feels substantial in the hand—but not too heavy. The added heft of the longer and thicker head creates momentum on the swing, making the job go quicker. The woodchips will be flying.

The handle is European ash, a wood traditionally used for long tool handles, for its durability and shock resistance. (The same reasons ash is commonly used in baseball bats). A red steel safety collar protects the top of the handle from potential damage caused by overstrikes. Made to our specifications in Germany by a well-respected foundry. Highly recommended. An excellent value.

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Overall Rating
  • Forest Axe and “Tomahawk” Hatchet

    Ken Karsh, 1/17/2019 Quality product, ordered as a Christmas Gift.
  • Forest Axe and “Tomahawk” Hatchet

    Ken Karsh, 1/17/2019 Quality product, ordered as a Christmas Gift.
  • Arrived on time, as advertised.

    Joe Hill, 11/12/2018 Arrived on time, as advertised.
  • Not satisfied

    Brett , 7/21/2018 The ax head was not secure and kept moving when we used it to chop our small trees. It took hours of working on it to fix.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Forest Axe and "Tomahawk" Hatchet. We're sorry to hear that the head was not secure. Sometimes due to weather conditions, the wood will swell or shrink but it sounds like it was something else, in this case. Please feel free to return it for another which has been inspected by a product specialist. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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