Forged Garden Hand Fork & Transplant Trowel

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Sale Forged Garden Hand Fork & Transplant Trowel
Hand-made in Holland with superior materials & craftsmanship
69A01.14 Transplant Trowel

Available 12/10/2020

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69A01.16 3-Tine Hand Fork

Available 12/10/2020

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Premium quality garden hand tools made of boron steel forged in Sweden, with shock-resistant and nearly indestructible European ash handles, by a firm making tools this way for the Dutch agri-business since 1898. Expertly turned and polished handles (each with a lanyard hole) are well-balanced and a pleasure to hold. Tough beveled blades with a burnished black patina are sharp, durable and will not bend under normal use.

Forged Hand Fork breaks up even the toughest clay-laden soil with a 2-1/2” wide head and 3 extra-thick pointed & beveled tines. Ample spacing between the tines allows clumps and pebbles to easily fall through. Excellent for aerating even clay soil. Length, 10”. Weight, ½ lb.

If you’re going to choose only one trowel for your garden chores, the 13-1/2” Transplant Trowel may be the perfect choice because of its versatile size and shape. It’s narrow enough to make an excellent transplant tool and for working in confined areas, with a long, pointed blade ideal for planting bulbs and enough belly to be an everyday planting tool. Head, 7” x 2-1/2”. Weight, ½ lb.
About DeWit
DeWit tools are a direct connection to the time when the best tools often came from the village blacksmith. Innovated and evolved from experience and made to last forever, a DeWit-made tool represents the closest possible connection between the tool maker and the tool user to be found in today’s global market. Willem de Wit opened his blacksmith shop in Kornhorn, a small village in northern Holland, in 1898. He did all the things a country village blacksmith did back then – he was a farrier, repaired kettles and sold bicycles. When his sons joined him the business grew, making tools for agriculture. A DeWit tool came to be known to combine good design, skilled craftsmanship and the very best materials, and soon their spades and hoes were in demand all over Holland. The 4th generation of the de Wit family today runs the company by the same principles and standards. Skilled hand forging may be augmented with modern techniques and equipment where appropriate, but the essential connection between the designer/maker and the user endures – only now the de Wits listen to gardeners and farmers from all over the world. And their continued insistence on only the best materials can be readily appreciated in the use of FSC-certified ash handles and Swedish boron steel – the same steel used on a popular brand of bulldozer blades!

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Overall Rating
  • Trowel Heaven

    Thom Thacker, 9/11/2020 The last thing I ever thought I would do is write a review about a trowel, but here we are. If, like me, you have ever been frustrated with cheap trowels that bend, don't last, and worst of all, can't do the job, this is the trowel you have been dreaming of. It is perfectly balanced, forged to last for generations, and aesthetically pleasing to look at when you use it for the various tasks it is meant for: transplanting, digging, and rooting out stubborn weeds. It's a tool that all serious gardeners would be remiss to not own.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize Winner September 2020 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Thom!
  • You can’t have too many great hand tools!

    Burton Gillies, 8/7/2020 I haven’t used the hand fork yet. It was purchased to use as bait for locating the fork I already had but misplaced. The quality is similar to the smith and hawked tools of yesteryear.
  • Best Trowel

    Rick Risch, 6/7/2020 I will treasure this well made tool.
  • Bring on the digging!

    George , 6/7/2020 There is ZERO chance my lovely wife and over-zealous mother-in-law will bend or break this trowel as has happened to previous implements. This is our first garden in our first house together and this trowel will last here as long as our garden does!
  • Best ever hand trowel

    Laveryne Gray, 6/6/2020 This is the best trowel I have ever had for digging out weeds and transplanting. It also works great for planting bulbs. Don't have to worry about it bending when digging in clay soil.This is the second one I have purchased - my gardener apparently was using it to weed my flower beds and it must have gone out with the weeds.
  • Perfect for prying weeds up & out!

    Lisa Lentz, 4/16/2020 This is the tool I have been looking for. Great for digging out some the most persistent of weeds.
  • Best overall hand tool

    alphawoof9, 3/30/2019 Great tool for getting the deep weeds like wild onion and dandelion. Excellent for deep aeration and transplanting. So much better than trowels and other hand tools.
  • Love it so much, I bought it twice!

    Kathy Guest Shadrack, 6/9/2018 I love this trowel. It's handsome, it's very well-made, it's sharp and it's a workhorse. So when I lost mine, despite having wrapped the handle with fluorescent duct tape, I was shattered. I ordered another one the same day. Of course, I located the first one on a stone step (not buried, as I feared). I'm not sorry I have a spare.
  • Hand Fork

    Raymond Cato, 4/20/2018 Excellent heavy duty enough to do more than advertised. It is my the first tool that I use now.
  • Transplant trowel

    Bob, 5/12/2017 Extremely well made.
  • Impulsive buy is now my favorite tool.

    Kathy Guest Shadrack, 9/23/2016 Mine was a middle of the night purchase, sleepless... impulsive. I found an article on the "best garden knife ever..." and followed that rabbit hole. I ordered the knife and then the trowel which looked equally impressive. I am a lover of garden tools. This is now my very favorite - hands down - garden trowel. It is no nonsense steel with a beveled sharp edge. It is pointed for getting through my clay and slate soil. It will not bend and break like most do. It might even get cleaned and sharpened the way you're supposed to. I have already put it to use in my most awful garden where it did me proud. I love this trowel, bought in the middle of the night on a whim.

  • Transplant trowel

    Donna, 7/16/2016 This is an indispensable tool in the garden. It is sturdy and hardworking, absolutely essential for our tough, stony soil. I ordered an extra just in case anything happens to my first one; I can't imagine being without it.
  • Transplant trowel

    Vickie Armstrong, 6/29/2016 Haven't tried it yet but looks like it won't bend like the others I've had.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    If you are not fully satisfied with the trowel, you may send it back using the return label. We have a 90 day return policy. We want our customers to be completely satisfied.
  • owner

    Doris, 6/25/2016 While gardening, I run in to many rocks and roots. Love sharp edges to remove roots; dig out rocks.
  • transplant trowel

    Larry Cox, 5/31/2016 The true beauty of this tool is it's obvious high quality and anticipated durability. A perfect gift for my sister, a newly certified Colorado Mater Gardener
  • Great Craftsmanship

    todzyla, 5/8/2016 Extremely well made. Got the full set as a Birthday present for my wife and she loves them!
  • Rock On!

    Patricia Flood, 4/13/2016 I live in glacier country on a small organic farm, but one of our biggest crops are rocks. Every year more sprout up and I am constantly digging them out of the ground. This is why our area has so many stone walls and our property is no different. I've used shovels that have broken trying to get under and lever a rock up. This sturdy little tool has been indispensable ever since I've gotten it. Right after it arrived I out it to work. It's so well made. I tried another tool I bought to use for the same thing and it simply bent. Not this hard worker. I also used it to divide the roots on sims of my perennials. It cut right through the roots. I'm sure I'll find lots of other uses for it as time goes on.
  • Dig Deep

    Patricia Flood, 4/13/2016 I LOVE this tool. It's incredibly well made. I've bought other trowels that bend when put to hard use. I'm an avid gardener and couldn't be happier with the quality.
  • Well Made & Good Design

    Kevin, 3/28/2016 Very sturdy and well made. Good design. Will be effective in use in tight areas with rocks and roots.
  • Dutch Transplanter

    Jeff, 5/21/2015 This is a well made garden tool. I have been buying tools for a few years and have never been disappointed in the quality of there tools. Shopping elsewhere if you pay cheap you get cheap. Buy good tools that will last.
  • Deserves A 10 Plus

    Rob, 2/19/2014 Strong, solid tool: deserves a 10 star rating.
  • Transplant Trowel

    Mike, 1/11/2014 An excellent quality tool, much better than what I had been using.
  • No More Bent Garden Tools

    Bev, 12/30/2013 Hand tools from my local garden center bend under the weight of just a shovel full of earth so I went to Garrett Wade to find a durable tool. I bought the transplant tool which is strong and functional. Fabulous quality at a reasonable cost. Don't waste your money on tools that will not last a day in the garden; go right to these Dutch hand tools for a tool that will last a lifetime!
  • A Bit Pricey but Worth The $$

    Philip, 7/31/2013 Have been using the tulip trowel and the hand fork for some months now, and they're the best of their kind I've ever owned. Fork is great for loosening soil under weeds with spreading root systems. Tulip doesn't hold as much dirt as a regular transplant trowel but is indispensable for digging in heavily planted areas because the sharp triangular tines are great for cutting stubborn roots. Both are unbelievably sturdy, and the steel appears to be a rust-resistant alloy.
  • Rock & Root Trowel

    TK, 4/1/2013 Hands down the best garden trowel I have ever owned. Forget the fact that it is build like a tank & made with premium steel. Planting bulbs, flowers, transplanting, cutting thru roots are things I have used this for but if you have ever had to repair a broken sprinkler pipe in a well established, heavily rooted, hard soil, this thing is fantastic. You can also re-sharpen the edge to your liking. Very well made.
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