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Foul Weather Kettle
$ 11.85 147.30
Invented decades ago in Ireland, this kettle allows the camper or fisherman to bring to a boil up to 1-1/4 qts of water (Large Kettle), using just some shavings or a handful of twigs. It operates just as well in windy rain as on a sunny day, functioning as a hollow-center chimney surrounded by a double-wall boiler.

The Small Kettle holds 22 oz of water (about 1-1/2 pt, or 2 large mugs) and the Large size holds 65 more (1-1/4 qt.). Both kettles are made of 16 gauge aluminum (1.6 mm thick).

An Accessory Kit is available for the Large Kettle, comprised of a cooking pot (30 fl oz / 0.85 L capacity, 5-1/4" diam); frying pan(pot lid); 2 piece grill/grate and gripper handle. The 3" deep cooking pot is shown on the fire grate inside the base of the Large Kettle. The Accessory Kit for the Large Kettle does not fit the Small Kettle, which has its own Kit, comprised of a cooking pot (16 fl oz / 0.45 L capacity, 4" diam); frying pan (pot lid); 2 piece grill/grate and gripper handle.

A stainless steel folding Pot Support is now available. This fits both sizes of kettle. It supports a pot above the chimney, thus utilizing even more of the heat coming from the burning fuel. When folded it can be stowed inside the chimney. (Please note that the Pot Support is only available as a separate item: it is not included in either of the Accessory Kits.)

Made in Ireland.

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