Four Hammer Set

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Four Hammer Set
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88H03.07 Four Hammer Set

Available 10/10/2020


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This set of four Craft Hammers is such a great value, it's impossible not to consider them a must-have. Grab one of these for a variety of crafting jobs, or for tapping in picture hangers and those pesky cable-wire clips. The variety is persuasive: a square head tack hammer, a round face solid brass hammer, a mini-ball peen hammer, and a tiny detail hammer. The wood handles are all about 9" long and the heads are 1-1/2" to 2-3/4". They are best for light duty / delicate work.

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Overall Rating
  • Perfect

    Mark, 7/27/2020 I was scriptural until I saw them. This is a perfect set for small projects in the shop. The hammers are well made, but the handles are bare wood. I took the two me to sand and hand rub with oil. There now perfect.
  • Handy

    Ken, 6/14/2019 The hammers are good for small nails or tacks/Also good for shaping light metal.
  • Mini Hammer Set

    Kevin Richard, 12/28/2018 When I first saw this set in your catalog, it immediately brought back the memory of my grandfather's workshop in the 1950's. I bought them as a xmas gift for my friend who has been making custom birdhouses and mailboxes as a side job. He said he really needed a set like this and was simply thrilled to have received it. I like to personalize my gifts and this was a winner.
  • Hammers

    Roy Whitehead, 11/20/2018 Great for small projects
  • Good Hammers

    Jeff Lesiecki, 11/19/2018 These hammers are perfect for the delicate work I need to perform
  • Right size for watch band repair.

    Larry G. Dickey, 11/14/2018 Great quality right size for putting watch bands back together.
  • Great buy

    Jason, 11/11/2018 Perfect for the small woodworking/metal working projects in my shop.
  • Tools and Service

    Don Gradin, 10/30/2018 I'm a professional model maker and you can't beat these tiny hammers for anything from 1/8 down to 1/87th scale. Shot the handles with a little 320 paper and put them to work.
    Had a mix-up on the original order but found that Garrett Wade Customer Service is just as awesome as their tools!!! KUDOS!
  • Ryguy

    Ryan, 6/22/2018 Good for little jobs, and maybe some medium jobs, they will serve my purpose well. Mine were attached firmly and the handles are finished just fine. I don't foresee having any problems with them.
  • Nice tools. Heads are on tight.

    Kirk, 12/16/2017 Some reviewers have noted that the heads are loosely attached. My set is properly staked and they are nice and tight. The wood handles feel a bit furry, but I plan to wax them with Renaissance Wax (get from Woodcraft). The hammers are small and light in weight, but just the ticket when that is what you need.
  • Great all around small hammer set

    Owl, 12/13/2017 They are well made with quality wooden handles. The hammer heads fit tightly to the tang with no movement what so ever. They are also well balanced so tapping down smaller items like tacks (with metal head) works like a charm. The brass head works great when you are tapping out a retaining pin or a bearing without marring the surface of the piece that you are working on. With the three shapes and two types of metal they are very versatile in what they can do. You will find a million (and one) uses for these small hammers.
  • Hammer Set

    Deb Crump , 8/11/2017 I love them I haven't used them yet but my next project I will use them
  • A great little deal.

    James Tocco, 4/24/2017 Great little (very little) tapping hammers for various shop uses. I have been using them to make small adjustments on plane blades -- perfect. They arrive with unfinished wood handles that, for me, needed a clean up and sanding to feel better in the hand. They are a bit frayed where milled to fit the metal heads -- and three of them had a loose fit -- annoying on any tool -- and the lack of finishing makes them look cheap. It was simple and quick enough to pull the heads off, sand and clean up the handles, epoxy the heads back on and coat the raw wood with Tung Oil. Now they look and feel like hammers I’ve seen at 3 times the price. All-in-all a great little deal.
  • Palm Ratchet: A quality tool

    John Rochelle, 4/12/2017 The Palm ratchet set has an excellent finish to it. Perfect for working in small spaces. It's not a question of if that situation is going to present itself. Be ready with the right tool for the wrong place.
  • Small Hammer Set

    Craig, 4/3/2017 Perfect size for a small intricate work. Heads where quite loose on 2 of them, little adjustment and linseed oil on handles they are great.
  • Plans

    James, 3/5/2017 Haven't put these to use, just yet, but I plan on using them when building jewel boxes
  • Smaller than expected

    Stan, 12/17/2016 Looked good, so I ordered. Then when ordering I noticed they were on sale for half price, so I cancelled the full price item and kept the half priced one. Cute little hammers, but a little smaller than I expected. Hard to find little hammers like this. I still like them.
  • Small Hammer Set

    Thomas, 7/8/2016 Set is exactly what I was looking for. The brass hammer is great in doing pin setting in fishing reel refurbish and cleaning. They also save lots of pain and anguish when setting tacks and pin nails in wood working projects . Carpenter hammer hurts fingers to much.
  • Nailing, tacking, shaping or bending solution

    Barbara C. Thompson, 7/6/2016 I purchased these to use with my jewelry making and twig furniture making. This set solve just about any nailing, tacking, shaping or bending job I can come up with, and are holding up well ;with care should last a long time, just don't expect to drive 16d nails into oak, not for heavy duty time jobs.
  • small hammer review

    Tom Hughes, 6/15/2016 Nice set of small tack hammers. These are ideal for small hobby projects and I also used them for attaching saw tooth hangers on my scrollsaw projects. . They certainly beat using a large carpenter hammer for such tiny nails. If you are a hobbyist, by all means order these for your craft.
  • Four Hammer Set

    Frank T Hunt, 6/7/2016 They are perfect for use with hobby items and with clocks when I repair them. The length of the hammers is also very important so you can deliver a solid tap.
  • Fell apart

    Steve, 5/30/2016 The heads of these hammers can be polished and groomed just fine. The problem is the handles might hold up if you soak then in boiled linseed oil right away. All of mine got very loose within just a few uses and when I wedged them again they broke off at the base. All the head popped off eventually and I had to mill new handles. Ok for me bit if you don't have a shop, Don't bother with these hammers.
  • Big bang for bucks

    Yuriko, 4/22/2016 I got these hammers to give to my honey who is a serious collector of 17th - 19th century clocks. The handles are a little rough and dry, so I sanded them down and soaked them in oil They looked gorgeous (and very pricey) after the simple treatment. More significantly, the variety of shapes and metals and size are perfect for working with old clocks, with their variety of woods, metals, glass, and cloth. The handles are just the right length to deliver solid, controlled taps.
  • How cute yet functional are these?

    Dianne DiGregorio, 3/7/2016 How cute yet functional are these? Extremely. For super contronl on the power you need to specific sizes of hammer heads, you will never use a shoe or end of a butter knife again. (Yes, I have!)
  • Knock Knock

    Steve, 8/9/2015 Just has advertised. Real nice for small framing projects or if you have to use little force. Great set.
  • Small and Hobby!

    Jack Mc, 7/10/2015 C'mon nit pickers! The words SMALL and HOBBY are right there on the item title! These are great for what they are, but don't expect to be driving framing nails with these.
  • Hammer

    Everett Haldiman, 12/21/2014 Very good hammers. I have one in my possible bag for shooting. I have them at my work table and they are small enough for the jobs. Thank you.
  • Small Hammers

    Ed Hester, 12/9/2014 Exactly what I wanted. Very nice hammers.

    Marvin Howard, 12/8/2014 I really can't stop looking at these small hammers! They are the answer to a model-makers prayer! I build LARGE SCALE ship models that use replica wood planking (such as those on your Chris Kraft and Bounty model Jolly Boat" kits) to create the outside hull surfaces and decks for these hyper accurate museum-quality models. These 4 hammers give me the PERFECT tool for EVERY phase of construction needed for these intricate projects. The hammers themselves remind me more of jewelry than they do of tools. I applied some rub-on polyurethane to the already handsome but unfinished handles, and they now look even more valuable (like I said, I am proud to own them and just enjoy admiring their overall quality and functionality! I NEVER could find a set of such high quality tools ANYWHERE ELSE! THANKS AGAIN GW!"
  • Must Have for Classic Car Renovation

    Glenn Sexton, 4/25/2014 I love old cars. As anyone who has ever worked on an old car knows, sometime parts need to be re-build, modified, or crafted from scratch. There are often times that I need just a tiny bit of persuasion to make something come together or align. After spending a lot of time working on a component, the last thing I need is to mar (or worse - break!) it. I have found these little hammers to be perfect for helping with that little tap. The brass face is strong but non-marking and the various shaped heads fit almost any situation. They feel good in the hand and are solid little tools. A good investment!
  • Tap Tap Tap

    Ron Fraley, 1/22/2014 These were just the thing I needed to tap in fine brads and make minor adjustment.
  • Nice for Price

    Mike, 12/7/2013 Impressed with the quality of the heads for the price. Seems well made at almost any price. Handle appearance and texture were my only minor comment. Will probably light sand and oil them.
  • MR

  • Very handy for small projects.

    Richard Munson, 9/13/2013 Just the right hammer for tight places and tiny nails. Saves your fingers from the big hammers!
  • Hammers

    Joseph W Dryer, 4/23/2013 Even for small work, these tools too lite and flimsy. One may be useful, but 4 not so much.
  • Step Down in Quality

    Richard Clemow, 4/16/2013 These hammers are cheap, the handle fit to the heads is very poor and I should have known better than to order these and expect quality for a paltry price. This review will either be edited or most likely deleted by the catalog staff.
  • Small Shop Hammers

    Dan Demichelis, 3/27/2013 Received as another freebie / bonus. I suppose that if you are someone who assembles models these might be useful. Other wise they are far too light to hammer anything larger than a thumb tack.
  • Light Hammers

    Dale Payne, 2/25/2013 These were made on the small side for light delicate work. If used for heavier items, they will not work/last. Great for hobbyists, but must caution that the wood is extremely DRY. I suggest that a small brad, or two, as a wedge then a soak in warm water or oil so the wood will swell. Be cautious of rot though.
  • Must Have for Delicate Work

    Manny Martinez, 1/15/2013 These Hammers are a must if you do any delicate work. I use them personally for my clock work and for the intricate moving of material. I would recommend these hammers to anyone who needs the right tool to get the delicate job done.
  • Unique tools

    James Carlisi, 6/15/2012 These tools will come in handy for sensitive work in woodworking and they are very good tools.
  • Still Waiting

    Umbras, 3/11/2012 Terrific Garrett Wade promotes customer interaction, but, it would be great to get the merchandise first. Small hammers were and are still listed as back-ordered, and we have not, as of GW's requested for our review, received the shipment. Expect, however, tools will be excellent.
  • Good Working

    Daniel, 6/7/2011 These excellent small hammers are ideal for small constructions.
  • Poor

    G.T., 12/30/2010 Lowest quality junk.
  • Sized Right

    Tim, 9/20/2009 If you're doing light work where control and finesse is required, then these hammers are a great value. I first thought that the handles were disproportionately large for the hammer heads. After using them, however, the handles proved great for controlling the position and force of the strikes. Make sure you size them to the job and you won't be disappointed.
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