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Leather grips make them especially comfortable
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19S02.29 Leather Grip Bypass Pruner

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19S02.31 Leather Belt Holster (Bypass Pruner)

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19S02.36 Leather Grip Trim Pruner

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19S02.37 Leather Belt Holster (Trim Pruner)

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19S02.70 Bypass Pruner + Holster

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19S02.80 Trim Pruner + Holster

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In our opinion, there are none that are better. The premium Pruner is 8" long and is made using the finest forged steel and precisely ground by the in France maker (a medium-sized family company that markets primarily in Europe) for smooth, fast cutting. The real leather grips indicate the measure of respect that the maker insists be given his work. A belt-loop leather real holster is also available to keep the tool at the ready by your side.

The smaller 6" Bypass Trimming Pruner is made from the same materials but the smaller size of the cutting jaws dictates that limited cutting capacity and are therefore not as elaborately ground as are the Premium Pruners. Nor do they need to be as the virtue of this smaller size is its maneuverability and its ability to work in tight spaces during close trimming. It's a very popular tool for these reasons. This Pruner also has a real leather holster but it has to be carried in the pocket as there is no loop for a belt to be threaded through.
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Overall Rating
  • Misses the mark.

    Bobby, 1/2/2017 These will work well for short, simple projects, but the leather doesn't go high enough up the handles and will end up giving blisters. Otherwise I like them, because they are built well.
  • Superior French hand pruners

    Patrick Trown, 12/28/2016 I bought these for my loyally French wife who is delighted with the quality, ease of cutting and the simple design of the handle lock. They compare very favorably with the acknowledged best, the Felco F-2 Classic. Hopefully they will last as long.I, and others in my family who purchased from Garrett Wade, felt that the shipping charge was too high, compare with other on-line sites. Either it includes a hidden charge or the company needs to negotiate a better contract with UPS or someone else.

  • French hand pruners

    Charles Morgan, 9/6/2016 I have had these pruners for ten years now. The only difficulty has been the spare springs for the return. I have tried to contact Garrett-Wade several times to purchase these spring units without success because without the ability to replace the spring, I would need to purchase a new pruner just to have the spring assembly.
  • "I love these guys

    alfonso R. Bagnera, 6/27/2016 i used this pruner for the first time today to thin out my badly overgrown lemon tree. It does a great job on both green and dead branches of varying sizes. It cuts them with very little effort. I find the leather handles very ergonomic for my small to medium sized hands. I had to stop pruning since I was having so much fun.
  • Jr Sized Trim Pruner

    Philip, 3/12/2014 Having used the full-sized bypass pruner for several years (still going strong) I decided to get the smaller trim pruner for harvesting fruit and herbs. It may not be as large as the other one but there's nothing light-duty about the way it's designed and built. And boy, its sharp. If you wash the tool regularly with soap and water as another customer recommends, I suggest that you waterproof the leather grips -- the MinWax" combo oil/wax for furniture is ideal. Be sure the handles are thoroughly dry before applying, a cotton swab is fine to spreading it on, a couple coats may be necessary. Let dry before recoating, and several thin applications are better than just dolloping in on real thick. (the stuff is good for preserving wood handles on garden tools, too)
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner March 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Philip!!
  • French Bypass Pruner

    Steve Trecker, 1/27/2014 This pruner is truly terrific. It cuts cleanly, and without a lot of effort. Expect the time necessary for tree and bush pruning to be substantially reduced. I recommend keeping it clean by washing with soap and water, and, if necessary, a non-scratch scouring pad (though it can handle a heavy duty scouring pad too). Also, after use and cleaning, try putting a light coat of Tri-Flow" lubricant on the exposed metal parts, to keep them corrosion free and functioning smoothly. "
  • Great for Household Bouquets

    Barb, 12/28/2013 I like fresh flowers in my house at all times and these pruners are perfect for arranging those bouquets. Very nice feel and perfect size. I have yet to find anything --even Christmas greenery that these pruners don't cut with ease.
  • Tops In Form and Function

    Philip, 7/30/2013 Have been using mine for about a year, have absolutely no complaints! A relief after being frustrated with shears from mainline retailers that just don't last more than a season or two. I don't understand another reviewer's complaint about his not being sharp, mine could cut newsprint cleanly right out of the box, and still can. Blade is stainless but has a very durable edge, have only had to dress it up with a fine honing stick a couple times so far.
  • French Gardening Pruners

    Sherriffbell, 4/13/2013 I was expecting these pruners to be great. They are not super sharp nor do the blades occlude well; there is a gap. My hand was aching after only a few cuts. They are pretty, and may last a long time, but they work no better than cheap K Mart ones. Sorry.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments on the Leather Grip Bypass Pruner. We are sorry to hear you are not fully satisfied with them. Please feel free to return them for a full refund. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Excellent pruners

    Steve, 11/18/2010 I have had a lot of pruners from the hardware store that work one season. Then, the jaws get stuck, the spring won't work, and after much frustration you toss them and buy another set. I had a previous pair from this manufacturer that I bought while in Europe, and when I saw these in Garrett Wade I jumped on them. They are very sharp and cut well, everything works, and you will not be replacing these next year. This is a very high-quality, effective tool and are a pleasure to use.
  • Great Cutters

    Bob Parker, 3/28/2010 Very high quality cutter. Holds an edge well. Have used mine for three seasons now, and have had no issues with them. The holster is difficult to use because the opening is not supported, and the edge hangs up on the cutter when you try to put it in; I'd prefer a different design, and would not buy it if I were to do it again. But the cutter is very good.
  • Form vs Function

    Mary Jo, 3/11/2010 3/12/2010 Pruners are beautiful,Last Spring lost closer spring, sent back larger size spring which would not allow for closure and affected pruning closure, do not recccomend at this point , will evaluate customer service response next. MJO

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    The Leather Grip Bypass shears are our most popular hand pruners which we've enjoyed selling (and using) for many years. We keep a supply of replacement springs which we provide at no charge to customers who give us a call at 800-221-2942 (ask for a tech). The plastic tips must be completely seated for the spring to fit correctly. Thank you for your comments. Give us a call if you have any problems with your new shears.
  • Shears need improvement

    Steve Trecker, 10/27/2009 The shears are very high quality for cutting. I have done a great deal of cutting of shrubs and other vegetation for about 20 years now, and these are my favorite shears ever. However, the leather handles came off; they need to be attached with stronger glue, or some other adhesion system.
  • Smooth and Easy

    M. S. Bradburn, 4/18/2009 Smooth and Easy
  • Very Nice

    Tom, 4/15/2009 This think cuts and cuts will last you for ever.
  • As fine as a good burgundy

    Tom S, 4/14/2009 As fine as a good burgundy, but as expensive!
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