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New French Made Nail Files
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Acrylic has long been used as a shatterproof replacement for glass, and the bathroom is the absolute last place you’d want to be doing any delicate and dangerous cleanup when you break something. That’s why this acrylic nail-file set is the perfect upgrade to the glass file. These double-sided files shape nails beautifully with the same fine grit as a glass file, and a taper into pointed edge for delicate detail work- plus they won’t shatter. With finer grit than most emery boards, these files are easier on the nails, creating a smoother edge that results in stronger nails and less nail breakage. With proper care, these durable tools will last a lifetime. Not only are they washable, they come five to a set, each one individually sheathed, making them a hygienic alternative to your whole family sharing the one dusty file currently buried in your medicine cabinet.

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